Diabetes II: Return to health after first weeks of using autopathy

19.11.2014 | Krystof Cehovsky | info@cehovskykrystof.cz

Man of 50 years of age came to me for consultation in the middle of May. Seven years ago he was diagnosed with type II diabetes – lowered sensitivity of body tissues to insulin. Since the medical diagnosis he has been taking all the time Amaryl, 3x a day. The blood glucose test results were between 7,4 – 11. He has a high blood pressure, for which he takes once day a medicament prescribed by the physician. Since three years, he has been suffering once every two months from diarrhoea that takes 2-3 days. Since 2 years he has been having an erection problem.

After the initial consultation I recommended the following doses AUT:

  • 1st week: 1,5l  daily, boiled saliva one day,  boiled breath the following day
  • 2nd week 1,5l every second day, boiled saliva alternating with boiled breath
  • 3rd week 3l every second day, boiled saliva alternating with boiled breath
  • 4th week 3l boiled breath only, every second day
  • 5th week 4,5l 2x a week, boiled breath
  • 6th week 6l 1 a week, boiled breath
  • 8th week 8l 1x a week, boiled breath

During the follow-up consultation not quite 2 months later I could take the following notes from his report:

The blood glucose is stable at around 6 – normal level in a healthy person. (The measuring takes place always at the same time during the day). The physician recommended to him to reduce the doses of Amaryl by 70%. The blood pressure returned to normal levels and he stopped taking the medicine. The diarrhoea did not occur during this time. Nor did he experience any erection problems. A slight ache appeared under the right shoulder blade. He felt vital and fresh. He made a very content impression.

After this consultation I selected the following doses AUT:

To continue with the initial doses using the method of dilution from breath (without boiling) and to increase the dilution every week by 1l. Frequency of use 1x a week.

When he came to the next consultation at the end of September he arrived at the potency of 16l and reported stabilisation of the improved condition from the previous period. In comparison to the last consultation, he reduced the doses of Amaryl by 1/3. The problems that he had mentioned at the first consultation no longer returned. Now and again he experiences an ache in the knee or other joint.

For the period until the next consultation we agreed on the following applications: to apply 1x in 14 days a dilution from non-boiled breath 18l, with subsequent applications according to subjective feelings – single application at first signs of a problem.



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