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24.2.2015 | Dr. Josef Jermar | josef.jermar@seznam.cz

This contribution was presented at the Conference on Autopathy 2015. 

I got the first experiences with healing with the aid of autopathy after 2008, when I suffered from rheumatic arthritis. Due to pain in all my joints I could only walk with crutches, I had difficulties even with things such as combing my hair. My hobby was music, which I played actively. Stiffness of the joints presented barriers even to this hobby. I was hospitalized several times in various clinics from Liberec to Turnov, including Rheumatology Clinic in Prague. The improvement was however always only temporary and my mental condition deteriorated. Then I tried physical therapy with Mrs. Helena Kovarova. She recommended amongst other things the autopathy bottle. And so I learned about the existence of autopathy. Because I wanted to attend to my healing myself, I bought the books written by Jiri Cehovsky and after I had studied them, I registered for courses on autopathy I-III, later also for the advanced course. Since 2011, I have not missed even one conference on autopathy. I will be happy to share here some of my experiences with you.

First about my arthritis. The physicians have treated me with corticoids, analgesics, antidepressants. In spite of this, my condition improved slowly and only for a short time. Just before Christmas 2011, I got arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation. Applied was electrical cardioversion. Prescribed were additional medicaments – for the arrhythmia, high blood pressure and further anti-depressives. Additionally I was also treated at the Pain Center.  My inflammation markers – CRP have reached the levels 205 and even higher. Mrs. Helena Kovarova had recommended to me to use autopathy – saliva diluted with 1,5 l water, 1x a day. I gradually increased the dilution to 3 and 4,5 l. I was determined to help myself. After having completed the courses, I increased the dilution to 6 l 2x a week, then with boiled saliva, and continued with increasing the dilution with boiled breath up to 18 l once a week. After one year of autopathic self-treatment, I could put away the crutches, but I still took corticoids. My weight increased, for which I blamed the lack of exercise and the corticoids. I was still very unsure in walking and I used a walking stick. Another year of treatment went by. Just before Christmas 2014, I went to a rheumatologist for a check-up. The blood tests were very good – everything negative. Now I use a walking stick only for longer walks, just to make sure.

I use autopathy now only for acute pain in the knee that resulted from an accident – boiled breath diluted with 5 l – intuitively. It is enough to use it once and the pain is gone.

In the year 2012, my wife suffered with the carpal tunnel syndrome on both hands. The physicians recommended surgery, which we put back to a later time. We applied autopathy using boiled breath, initially diluted with 3 l 2x a week, gradually reaching 15 l 1x a week. In the autumn of the same year, my wife requested another medical examination. The doctor asked her, if she already had the surgery. Everything was in order.

At the age of 8 years my granddaughter was strongly hyperactive and she suffered with atopic eczema. We applied boiled breath diluted with 6 l 1x a week, after one month 12 l once in 14 days. Everything adjusted itself after four applications. Now we use Prana 1 for the maintenance of my mental condition and the occasional colds, or at signs for an atopic eczema. We proceed starting with a dilution of 1,5 l, gradually after 4 days, increased each time by 1,5 l, until abatement.

At his 3rd year of age, my grandson suffered with frequent fevers during colds. To heal this, quarter of a year of boiled breath in the dilution from 3 l to 12 l was sufficient. Now, during rhinitis of cough, one application of boiled breath diluted with 10 l suffices to free him of the symptoms.

A female friend of my relative hat at the age of 35 dreadful family problems. She got divorced, had been having disputes with her ex-husband, her grandmother died, later her mother. All this brought her psychically totally down. We applied boiled breath gradually diluted with 1,5 l up to 10 l. After three months, she got back to normal.

A case of my good friend aged 61. In the middle of the year 2012, he was diagnosed with cancer in the right liver lobe. A tumor of the size 60 x 40 mm and two small ones sized 1,5 x 20 mm. He is being treated at the IKEM (Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine) and the hospital Na Homolce.  He receives palliative treatment. In January 2013, doctors gave him the life expectancy of 3-4 months. As he had hepatitis in his youth, no transplantation of the liver was possible. He suffers from psoriasis, is always tired, the soles of his feet ache, usually he gives up.

Four years ago, he had undergone a surgery of the varicose veins on legs. He received a full disabled pension. He gives me the impression of being resigned, indifferent, he does not believe much in autopathy. He is also being treated by a healer. I have given him the web address of autopatie.cz and waited. He knew about autopathy, but he could not decide to take action. Therefore, I approached it though his wife.

In January 2013, we made the first appointment. He got an autopathy bottle and the recommendation of applying boiled breath in the dilution of 4,5 l once a day, for the period of three days. Additionally, he should drink 5x a day a glass of water with a half a teaspoon of cooking soda. Moreover, he was instructed not to leave out the prescribed medicaments and take these as prescribed! He started at the end of January. After the first applications, the palms of his hands started itching, which ceased after one day. One after the other, his legs swelled up, but this also gradually ceased. He drank too little, but he could walk better and started slowly to believe in autopathy. We changed the type and the procedure of the application to an application of boiled saliva diluted with 1,5 l in the morning and in the evening boiled breath 1,5 l, daily. The soda remained.

In March, he began to feel better, although he maintained that it is only a slight improvement. Nevertheless, he started walking the dog in the evening and the psoriasis began drying up. I recommended boiled saliva 1,5 l in the morning, and at midday and in the evening boiled breath 1,5 l, daily.

In April came small improvement and he got diarrhea. He stopped taking the soda. New recommendation: in the morning boiled saliva in the dilution 3 l, at midday and in the evening boiled breath 3 l. Soda 2x a day half a teaspoon in a glass of water. At the end of April, he uses only one crutch, started to work in the hothouse in his garden, planted plants, his leg aches. He is making plans for planting potatoes. In May, he was in the hospital for tests. The tests were negative, only found was insufficient number of platelets. Liver screening had shown that the tumors did not increase. We used a new bottle. He has been working at home, painted the walls. From the psoriasis only pink skin areas remain. He already goes alone to the medical check-ups, walks the dog, babysits his granddaughter, who brings him sometimes near “a heart-attack”. At the end of May, the psoriasis reappears, in a worse state than at the beginning of the autopathic applications. He was at a medical control at the hospital. The tumor has decreased by 8 mm. A case of manifestation of the Herring’s law – from inside to the outside. I recommended the dilution of 4 l , 3x a day.

In July, we changed the application to a boiled saliva diluted with 6 l in the morning and in the evening boiled breath, diluted with 6 l. At the end of September and in October, we already went picking mushrooms in the forest together. In September, he replaces the bottle. The next consultation was in December 2013: he added on weight, he has a good appetite; he still takes medicaments for the regulation of the blood pressure and palliative medication for the tumors. The dilution remained the same. He replaces the bottle. In January 2014, a change from boiled saliva with breath, diluted with 12 l.

Examination in the hospital in March shows small quantity of fluid in the abdominal cavity. He gets additional medication for the reduction of the fluid.

April 2014: we change the frequency of application to every second day. Again a worsening of the psoriasis, perhaps a reaction to the change in application.

In June, the bottle is replaced. Autopathic application remains unchanged.

8.7. 2014: The psoriasis disappeared completely. The main carcinoma in the right liver lobe had decreased from 60×40 mm to 20×15 mm, several smaller ones remained. All clearly outlined. He was hospitalized with renal colic in a local hospital. After his dismissal, I recommended to him saliva with breath without boiling, diluted with 18 l, 2x a week. To support his kidneys, I suggested the herbal mixture of Goldenrod, Galium, Lamium galeobdolon in the relation of 1:1:1 – one teaspoon of the mixture in a cup, pour over boiling water and let brew for 10 minutes.

At a consultation in August, he already felt much better. A new dilution 20 l saliva with breath without boiling, until the next bottle replacement.

Bottle replaced at the end of September. Slight appearance of psoriasis. I think it could be that in more complicated cases the bottle should be replaced more frequently. Continued with the dilution of 20 l.

Consultation at the beginning of December. The cancer markers show strong increase, up to several 100x. Panic breaks out! New control tests are to be made. In the middle of December he gets the new results – fortunately they show only a minimal increase of the markers over the normal level. We changed the bottle and returned to the combination of saliva and breath, in the dilution of 20 l, 2x a week. Consultation at the end of January 2015. He feels better, sometimes during changes in weather, he experiences swings of mood and pains in the legs. Who from us sixty-three years olds does not feel weather changes in the joints! In the case of a stagnation of the illness, we will change the method of autopathy, at the beginning probably to a diluted stool, later to application to prana. The treatment continues.

 A note from the redaction of autopatie.cz:  Dr. Jermar is an economist. His contribution presented here is a shortened version. Its full version, together with all other contributions to the conference, is available in a CD-recording (in Czech language).




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