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15.3.2015 | Giovanni Sammartino |

Contribution from the Conference on autopathy 2015

I will present three cases, although in the wider circle of my family and friends there are many more, starting from small children barely able to spit into the bottle to a grandmother of 80 years, who after boiled breath (1,5 l 1x a week) enjoys her life and is in a very good condition. From each method I have selected one case – an uncomplicated, simple and successful one.

Starting with autopathy – without boiling

Me, 2003  – problems: approximately 3x a year antibiotics, anginas, inflammation of the nasopharynx, inflammation of the right hip joint, styles repeatedly on both eyes, acne, feeling of dryness of the nasopharynx, chronic inflammation of the tonsils – abscesses, problems with eyes, measured half a dioptre, pains in the joints.

Autopathy from saliva, 6 l, a feeling of an enormous flood of energy, detached view and distance to everyday problems. Autopathy applied one day after the onset of the inflammation of the nasopharynx, at that time fever of 39°C in the evening, in the morning 37°C, after 3 days the inflammation was over. Then came several reverse symptoms, the effect lasted approximately 3 months. Increase of dilution to 12 l, I always recognised when to repeat double quantity, until I finally arrived at 50 minutes under flowing water (spring or filtered).

All ailments disappeared within less than a year, eyes were without symptoms within 4 months.

Serious spinal and breast injury  – a skiing accident in 2004, autopathy speeded up healing. Healed without any lasting problems.

Repeating autopathy with a higher dilution had led to repeated reverse symptoms: inflammation of the nasopharynx and the sinuses, which got better by themselves within 2-3 weeks.

Without health problems until the year 2010.

Autopathy with boiled saliva (BS) and boiled breath (BB), detoxication

Woman aged 61 years, Sudeck’s syndrome, gradual deterioration in health, step by step.

When young, she had anginas 8-10x a year for the period of several years (antibiotics), at the age of 17, surgical removal of tonsils, after which the anginas never came back, she never had high fever again. Instead, strong migraines had arrived, she became psychically unstable, diagnosed with angina pectoris at the age of 40. Then a tumour in the petrous portion of the temporal bone with pressure on the optic nerve, two operations within two years due to the increase of the tumour, radiation therapy and a surgery of the thyroid gland. In 2011 a wrist fracture and further development of the Sudeck’s syndrome. After a stay in the Rehabilitation Center in Kladruby, persistent pain and stiffness.

Autopathy bottle:

1st week BS 1,5 l

2nd week BS 1,5 l, alternated every second day with BB 1,5 l

3rd and 4th week BS and BB after 3 days 1,5 l

5th till 8th week 1x a week BB 3 l, alternated with BS 3l

9th till 12th week 1x a week BB 6 l, alternated with BS 6 l

The migraines disappeared already after one week and the pain in the wrist after two weeks, feeling and motor ability returned in full scope.

Prana 5

A high school student, 15 years of age.

During the last year often ill, gets practically after each stressful situation a throat ache, patches on the tongue, headache, tiredness, depression.

Receives homeopathic treatment, applies autopathy BS, without marked improvement.

Application of prana 5, 45 seconds under a water filter (1,5 l), immediate increase in energy, feelings of an energy-shower till the waist, enjoys life as before. Within a week a reverse symptom – a throat ache that disappears in a couple of days again, then a headache, which also disappears. She immediately started with training her favourite sport karate again and was 3 weeks without problems, charged with energy, her acne got 60% better and disappeared from her forehead and the face…

Relapse after 4 weeks, one week of decreasing energy, depression, headache.

Prana 5, 1 l, recurring feeling of an immediate surge of energy, this time reaching down till the lower extremities, flood of joy of life, happiness and inspiration (she is studying piano and creative disciplines at the high school), all of this stronger than ever before. She is always under strong pressure, she exercises her hobbies practically every day, has her study and private duties until the evening. She is happy, joyful, has a feeling that after 7 weeks she is returning to her previous good condition (of course, this is also due to the adaptation to the physical demands of the karate training) and she has a more detached view of things, she no longer gets nervous from each complication…



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