Autopathy Step by Step – a Summary

26.5.2016 | Jiri Cehovsky |

This article contains a summary of the main principles of the use of the autopathic dilution made in the Autopathy Bottle, which are described in detail in my book Get Well with Autopathy. For full understanding please study the book. You can print the article and add it to the volume as its integral final part.

In the course of 14 years, autopathy has become a system, which is no longer as simple as in its beginnings. At the same time, its possibilities have become greater. In the current state of the collective experience with autopathy, on the basis of the findings from my practical work and those obtained during conferences7th conference -view in the lecture hall and discussions with colleagues or during courses and other personal contacts with persons using autopathy, it is now possible to make a schematic summary of the procedures in autopathy with the goal of enabling as clear an orientation as possible. We have to be aware that each case is individual with the possible occurrence of various specifics in its development and thus also in the use of autopathy.

We have now a number of procedures for the preparation of autopathy and various strategies for its use, depending on the conditions, which are treated. We always have to bear in mind that the conditions of the mind and the body show us something much deeper and fundamental, namely a condition of the fine matter part of the being. It is this part that we influence with the autopathic dilution to improve its functioning – and with it the whole being.

The methods of preparation

At the beginning of the therapy, we almost always use heat. Especially in cases, where some form of inflammation is present – chronic, autoimmune, all forms.

 Preparation from boiled saliva – bacterial infections, sepsis; symptoms of yeast infections, such as vaginal discharges; flatulence, dandruff, white tongue, especially in the morning; fatigue syndrome; strong craving for sweet foods; cancer and pre-cancerous conditions.

Preparation from boiled breath – in cases of autoimmune disorders, for example liver disorders, thyroid gland, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis… It is suitable for the treatment of rheumatism and joint diseases, back pains, cardiovascular diseases, chronic inflammations of all kinds, cancer, etc. Currently it is a method, which, because of its reliability, I use the most frequently.

Alternating both previous methods – eczemas, ulcerous colitis, diabetes mellitus type 2, acute problems and many other uses. It is used by alternating a dilution from boiled breath and saliva. For example one day (week) saliva, second day (week) breath, third day (week) saliva… Or in the morning boiled saliva and in the evening boiled breath. This alternation is probably the best approach at the beginning of the therapy, when we cannot easily decide between the two methods. One autopathy bottle can be used for both forms of preparation.

Combination of boiled saliva and breath – we spit in and carefully fill the whirling chamber of the bottle with water, we bubble the water through by breathing through the nose (in exceptional cases by mouth, for example with children), then boil. It proved to be effective for example with eczemas and insomnia.

 Changing to non-heated dilution (breath or saliva) – only after cleaning of the organism, which generally requires several till multiple repetitions of the application of autopathy with boiling, it is beneficial to change to pure information without boiling. But not always. I noticed in some clients, even after a year of successful healing with boiling, as soon as boiling had been stopped a relapse soon occurred and the return to health took place only after the return to boiling. Many have healed their long-term problems, which lasted over years, only with the help of the heated information, without changing to pure saliva or breath or prana.

Certain persons with higher vitality reacted excellently in healing of their long-term problem to a series of repeated applications with gradually increasing potency, for example once every 14 days 6 l and 9 l boiled breath and finally 12 l breath without boiling.

Preparation from saliva or breath without boiling – currently I have been recommending it at the beginning of the therapy for imminent problems following accidents. Also at the beginning of the treatment of infants. And naturally, also in the later phases of the therapy, after the organism had already been cleaned, usually in higher potencies of 12 litres of water v akciand higher, for example 30 or 40.  Potencies of 25 l are usually no longer boiled (some exceptions had occurred). It happened several times that after applications of boiled breath, for example of 9 or 12 litres, a reluctantly reacting case had been resolved by a suddenly increased potency to 30 l of non-heated breath.

Preparation from Prana is beneficial at the beginning of the autopathic therapy especially when the centre of the case (the main problem) lies in the psyche. It can also be applied alternating it with other techniques of preparation of autopathic dilution with boiling, however, in such a case a separate autopathy bottle has to be used for each of the methods of preparation.


Potency and dosage:

I recommend now in almost all cases regularly repeated dosage at the beginning of the therapy. It reduces the risk of anti doting and it often produces an increased pressure on the organism to produce changes. In illnesses, which quickly develop for the worse and which can even endanger life, it is necessary to choose short intervals and apply as often as possible, for example 2 – 3 x a day. Similarly also in cases of very serious acute illnesses or serious worsening of chronic illnesses. We always select the potency at the beginning of the therapy according to the vitality of the organism (Get Well with Autopathy, Part II, chapter Potency or Degree of Dilution, page 35). On the other hand, when the pathological condition has been getting worse very slowly over a longer time, for example, it has been demonstrating itself over years in a similar way and intensity, the interval of use can be longer, 14 days. When people take strong chemical drugs, it is sometime advisable to use autopathy more often, daily, every second day, every third day, etc.

When changing to high potencies from 15 and more litres, we usually adopt single use and the system “wait and watch” (waiting without repeating autopathy). However, sometime even a single use had brought about big long-term changes.

What when the healing reaction decreases or does not take place? In the case of a weak reaction to the repeated application during the first weeks of therapy of  chronic problems, we increase the potency. With low potencies up to 9 l, increasing usually each time by one and a half liter. If even gradual increase of potency does not lead to further, even small, positive holistic changes (we never focus on changes only in one organ, of one problem, etc., the observance of the development has to concentrate on the person as a whole and include both body and the psyche), we change the method of the preparation of the dilution (for example from boiled saliva to boiled breath, or from boiled breath to prana). Should positive changes not take place even then, we search for the fault in the procedure of making of the preparation or in a serious obstacle to the therapy, which could be situated in the client’s environment and life-style.

The most common experience is that after regularly repeated application of autopathy bringing improvement, we observe after some time that the case had stopped to improve or even that some significantly improved or healed problems are beginning to return. This potency had stopped to be effective and stagnation or even relapse can take place. It is then necessary to increase the potency to promote further improvement. This is very common even in the most successful cases. If with single or repeated application of autopathy significant health improvement or undisturbed health has been achieved, we change to the system “wait and watch”. Sometimes even several years go by before the reappearance of some pathological symptom. Then autopathy should be repeated in the way, which had preceded the long-term improvement.


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