Prana 5, Combination of prana and bodily information

5.2.2014 | Jiri Cehovsky |

Contribution from the VI Conference on Autopathy, February 2014

Prana 5

The autopathic dilution from prana is prepared from information gained from the 7th chakra. The preparation has its own genesis. In the basic procedure, the potentized dilution is applied to the 6th chakra. This procedure is still valid and continues to be used. However, gradually it became apparent that it is sometimes more effective to apply the dilution back to the 7th chakra, not only to the 6th. Prana 2 to all chakras downwards, without contact Prana 3 and after a short and unimportant phase 4, I use since spring of 2013 Prana 5. I consider the last form of application to be the best, simply because I achieve the best results with it. Although in some cases of Prana 1 and 2 the healing wave relatively quickly touched the areas connected to the upper chakras, due to the blockage of energies, for example in the heart chakra, it did not progress in a sufficient intensity further and the energy gathered itself in the upper part of the system, which could cause particular tensions. The division of information during application to all chakras in the downward direction had partially solved this. Nevertheless, the subsequent applications to the chakras in the upward direction (Prana 5) has also a function, which is used by yogis during the meditation and for example by our Frantisek Drtikol – it returns consciousness and energy gradually back to the upper chakras. Now I use mainly Prana 5 (with application or without application to the 7th chakra – it is explained in the instructions), but also Prana 1 has still its place and use and some of the clients, who use it successfully over a year, did not have any reason for changing it. I take other functioning methods as development phases and Prana 5 is simply the newest model, which covers also all previous ones. Perhaps in some years the forms of application will no longer be numbered and there will be only one form of preparation from prana – the one, which will bring the best results in the continuing practice, not only mine. From the beginning of autopathy I strive to examine all its possibilities, and this has proved to be effective up to now.

Prana 5 means that we hold the bottle containing the water over the head, then we dilute, then without contact we hold the whirling chamber with water in the area of the 7th till 1st chakra, each time half a minute, then gradually back till the 6th chakra. In repeated applications we usually apply only to 6th till 1st chakra and back, we leave the 7th chakra out when we are repeating the same potency. However, in cases of changes in the potency, we usually return to an application including the 7th chakra. Or we return to it occasionally, when we think that the effect is getting weaker, which can, besides the change in the potency, support the effect.

Some of the cases:

Burnout syndrome

Man around 50. Three weeks ago he became a father. In the firm he feels that he has to handle everything alone. Since some weeks he is totally burn out, suffers from insomnia, anxiety, helplessness and it is getting worse. He is lying the whole day on the sofa and his wife, who could not look at it anymore, went with the children to her relatives. His voice sounds hoarse and he vomits after eating. He cannot work. He is at the end of his strength. Once, some years ago, autopathy already helped him out of a similar state. Then, still before autopathy, in his despair he visited also a psychologist, but after the talk with her he had the impression that it is he who is treating her.

AUTO Prana 5, 3 l, application to the 7th chakra and then gradually to all chakras downwards and then upwards, end at the 6th chakra. The first application to the 7th till the 1st chakra and back, the next application only 6th – 1st chakra and back every second day. Immediately after the first application he vomited – reverse symptom. After one hour everything started to get better. In the night he strongly sweated – detoxication sign. After this he improved in all parameters, he felt already quite well, but the fourth day he made himself again AUTO Prana 5 and then he called me worried. Immediately after this repeated application he had a blurred vision and a general feeling of stupefaction, as if he had taken several Rohypnols at once. He said “ten Rohypnols”. It turned out that instead of one and a half a minute under the filter, he left the water under the filter 3 minutes – 6 litres. Lack of appetite and tiredness returned. I told him that he should rest that day and call me soon again, without applying autopathy. After further four days he referred that the state “like after Rohypnol” quickly passed on the same day. He took the day off. Yesterday he had no further problems and slept very well. He felt well. The treatment took one week until complete cure. Several weeks passed and he is healthy.

Advice from the Universe

Middle aged man. In autopathic treatment since 10 years. Originally he came because of a depression, angina once a year. In the not so far past, before the year 2004, he was hospitalized because of an abscess on the roof of the mouth and before this because of an inflammation of the peritoneum. We started with saliva, 10 l, after half a year he reported that it is “perfect”. Once a year, and even two, he took a higher potency of AD (autopathic dilution) because of returning bad moods and similar conditions, for example from 30 till 50 l, after which he always got better and this lasted a year or two. In the year 2007 he did not feel well, he took 4 l weekly and everything got better again, this he applied to his satisfaction year and a half. He measured his pH and found out that it always got higher immediately after the application (he measured it in saliva). Then he continued with 12 l and after a while, when his health was disrupted by a back ache, he went over to 15 l boiled saliva. Full health returned.  In the year 2011 he broke his arm when he slipped on ice and after this he used AUTO 30 l boiled saliva and half a year after this 32 l breath without boiling. Then he was year and a half without problems. However, in the spring of 2012 after donating plasma, he got ill – pain in the heart area, he staggered and could not stay up on his feet, it gradually got worse and persisted. After 12 l boiled breath it improved, but it fluctuated as he said. He also had an episode when he stayed in bed with the feeling of pressure on his hart, heart palpitations and staggering. Then he made himself 2 l AUTO from prana, the fluctuating states persisted, but they got weaker. When he was already 14 days without symptoms, I suggested Prana 3 (on the forehead, over the head, to the forehead and so on to all chakras up to the 1st). Then he called me again after 2 months that the stage of weakness did not return, but that he has mouth ulcers, which return now and again. He also started to have difficulties with his vision, the physician ascertained that he sees worse because his eyes got better.  He prescribed new glasses, weaker by half a dioptre. He wears glasses since 2 years of age. After further five months he refers that he feels well and since the last consultation is completely healthy. After a mere three litre potency more than half a year of good development without repeated application of autopathy! I was intrigued by it and asked him, how he applied the preparation. “Well, first to the 7th chakra, then gradually to the lower ones and back upwards, exactly, how you advised me”. However – I never gave him such an advice! I suggested to apply only from the 7th to the 1st chakra. The advice came from the Universe. I started to use this approach only three months later, nevertheless, still before this talk. I remembered in this connection a case that Dr Lebenhart and his assistant told me about: a man, a difficult case with many psychic problems, did not appear a long time, but then came totally healthy. He said that he had the spontaneous idea to make the preparation from prana (taking information from above the head) a long time before I started to practice this technique. He applied it a longer time and it helped him.

Woman, her dog and prana

A middle aged woman. She liked to socialize, but no longer – she is afraid of everything. She has heart palpitations, in emotional situations, 3x a day and also in the night when she wakes, till 10x a night. At the same time the pulse can be normal. She feels pressure on the chest. Electrocardiographic examination established premature ventricular contractions and mitral valve insufficiency.  She does not take other medication than homeopathy. She has dark forebodings. Back pains. After the course on autopathy she started to practice herself with 1,5 l from prana every second day and for a short time alternated it also with homeopathic remedies. Then she used boiled breath. Her psychic state got somewhat better, but the rest of the ailments not. I suggested Prana 3 without contact, application to the 6th till 1st chakra, for the first time also to the 7th chakra and alternating it with boiled breath once a week or more often. Consultation after one month: When she made her first prana, it was super, marvellous mood and undisturbed sleep and this continued also in the next days, although the heart palpitations persisted, but it did not bring her down psychically anymore. When she alternated with boiled breath, after its application always came psychic and physical worsening. Then she changed only to Prana 5 (applied upwards and also downwards) and continued with 6 l. She feels much more relaxed and in the night did not have any heart palpitations anymore.

Her female dog suffered with chronic vomiting. She made her AUTO Prana 1, 2 l daily, then every second day. Since 14 days the dog does not vomit anymore. She looks forward to the application of autopathy, which she demonstrates in various ways. The dog is already old and according to her owner also her psyche improved very much. The information is taken from the area above the head, in line with spine.

High potency

Woman around sixty, she uses autopathy since 10 years and gradually tried all forms of its preparation. Initially she came with long-term chronic flu condition, which got worse after vaccination against flu and strong fever which followed the vaccination. After this also clouding of the cornea appeared, accompanied by impaired vision. She is sweating, as if she would be getting a flu, from autumn till the spring, is tired, in these states she cannot work. She does not suffer from fever much. The flu symptoms ceased within a week after the application of autopathy from 6 l saliva. However, due to ailments, which occurred now and again, such as dryness of the eyes, tiredness, waking up in the night, etc., she repeated autopathy now and again and occasionally she consulted it with me. After two years she was on approximately 18 litres. She often reported about floods of energy after the application, small problems always disappeared. Autopathy became a part of her lifestyle and she its great propagator. This spring, during her occasionally repeated applications, she arrived at 34 minutes of flow-through from breath (68 l). After this she felt mentally well balanced and generally without ailments, but after she had heard about the preparation from prana, her curiosity did not give her rest and she wrote to me: “Thanks to autopathy I achieved general balance – physical as well as in vitality, tomorrow I want to try prana + 6 l…” She then increased potencies to 12 l, followed by pertaining feelings of virus infection. I suggested 18 l. Psychically she felt well, but the detoxication continued disproportionately long time, cough with coughing out of phlegm lasted further three weeks. She complained per email and I answered:  “Pour in 30 l and prepare according to Prana 5. Leave out point 6 a) with application to the 7th chakra”. She replied after a few days: “I want to thank you for your advice, the reaction came quickly and was effective.”

We need not be afraid of increasing the potency, sometimes it is very beneficial. Fear of high potencies, about which I hear from students of advanced courses, has possibly much to do with fear of having to carry large packages of water bottles (or are there other reasons that I do not know yet?). But a carbon filter, or a natural spring or a well can resolve this easily.

Combination of prana and bodily information

I see the use of boiled saliva (BS) and boiled breath (BB) as a basic rule in cases, in which chronic or acute inflammatory processes take place in the body. Their combination with prana can significantly speed up and support healing. For the preparation of prana a separate bottle should always be used – see instructions – it must not contain bodily information.

Self-healing with prana and BS and BB

A younger woman. A year ago a small lump was found on cervix. A smear test was made and she was invited because of histology. She was very disturbed. She was afraid that she has cancer and went to a healer. She did not visit the physician anymore. Besides this she had a small lump on the neck and sometimes, when running, she could not hold urine. During energy therapy conducted by the healer, the problem with holding urine passed. After half a year he said that all is well, but the lumps on the neck and the cervix remained.  Also her joints ached. She started visiting a course on autopathy and two months ago she started with self-healing. She made herself 6 l from prana 3, which was followed by euphoric state. She repeated it and this helped her much psychically. She continued BB, daily: 1 l three times, then 2 l three times, then 4 l twice a week, for about a month. During this time everything got better. The lump on the neck disappeared, and the one on the cervix got much better, the aches in the joints ceased. Also a long-term fungus on a leg almost disappeared. Now she uses BS and BB together 6 l and alternates every second day (as I suggested in the course) with prana 3,6 l. She says that she “feels very well psychically, as if in meditation, permanently, until present, does not have unnecessary distracting thoughts and has a strong will”. I praised her for being a good student and suggested to continue in the same way, however, according to Prana 5. The development of unnecessary distracting thoughts is according to Eckhart Tolle and also Ajahn Sumedho and other spiritual teachers the main cause of suffering, and the prevention of their occurrence is according to many traditions one of the main goals of spiritual efforts. Here it was obviously successful. She is also healthy and does not have any complaints.

BS and prana

Woman around fifty. She has a high blood pressure, takes medicaments, has digestive problems, flatulence, diarrhoea after eating gluten, she sleeps badly, is tired, drinks two coffees a day. Malformed nail. AUTO BB once a week, 3 l, then 4,5 l, followed by 6 l, repeating the last until consultation. She says that already the first day after AUTO she slept very well and was well rested in the morning, before this for many years she suffered from bad sleep. A short pain in the liver appeared, a reverse symptom, she had it in the past. The digestion and flatulence got better, as did diarrhoea. Then she was abroad, where she used AUTO with autopathy bottle and water cleaned by an ionizer filter – here a worsening came. In the ionizer (which increases pH of water) the water is exposed to a strong electromagnetic field and takes on this information. Suggested was the same process, 1x a week, from 3 over 4,5 till 6 litres, but with normal bottled water. The second consultation after two months: after the autopathy course she used AUTO prana 3,6 l and alternated at weekly intervals with BS 6 l. She sleeps well. Concerning her psychic condition, she is positively surprised: “Like I had to intensively work on it in the past so that it was all right, so it goes alone now.” Her digestion got better. Malformed nail grows back normally. She has more energy, tiredness disappeared, now she had found out that she can exist without coffee and even that it does not do her well. The blood pressure for which she takes medicaments is still the same. Her granddaughter was cured of cough and rhinitis within two hours after using AUTO. She is enthusiastic and spreads information about autopathy further.

Prana and stool

Long-term depression and tiredness of a sixty ear old man, where other forms of preparation of AD had brought about only slight or short-term improvements. 6 l from Prana 1 was too high and effective was after the lowering of potency to 3 l daily, when the psychic problems finally ceased. The tiredness that prevented normal activities remained however. After he started to regularly alternate in the same potency the dilution from prana and from own stool, placed in 90% alcohol, later with boiling without alcohol, he felt a flood of energy and since over a half a year considers himself to be healthy. Currently he uses now and again Prana 5, with 6 minutes and 30 seconds flow of water (13 l). He does not need the AD from stool anymore and does not use it. It is interesting to note that at the beginning 6 l was too high for him, but with gradual increase from 3 l, this potency and also higher were good for him. Concerning the dilutions from own stool it has to be pointed out that it is always a case of time-limited application, before we transfer again to information from breath, saliva or prana.

Dysbiosis in the bowel can present a barrier in the treatment, and this also in cases, when it does not demonstrate itself directly in the bowel, for example symptoms of diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence, pains, occurrence of blood, etc. When in some cases such symptoms were present, they often quickly ceased after the AD from stool.

In high potencies over 30 l, whether made from breath, saliva or prana, I do not recommend any combinations with other techniques of preparations and it is usually also beneficial to transfer to the system of single use and subsequent uses “according to the feelings” of the treated person, sometimes also with long pauses. However, in the case of dilutions from prana also frequent applications of higher potencies (e.g.10 – 20 l) “according to the feelings” have been found effective in the number of cases. It is simple – when I have the feeling that I need further support, I make myself an AD. It is not necessary to rationalize or verbalize this decision. In some cases this can be once a year or even longer time, in others once every 3 days.

I want to stress here that although I consider the still new preparation of AD from prana for an important contribution to the method, a significant part of my practice remains to be especially the preparation from breath with boiling and saliva with boiling and I use also all the other methods and procedures mentioned in the 5th edition of the book Get Well with Autopathy and mainly in Autopathy Handbook.

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