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25.4.2013 | Jiri Cehovsky |

I would like to supplement my article Preparation from prana published four months ago, by some more experiences and related general perceptions:


We know since a long time that the best effect in autopathy is achieved when we arrive at the optimal level of dilution – or level of subtle energy, where the disturbance in the flow of subtle energy occurred. As soon as we arrive at this level, long-term effects are achieved and this even after the suspension of application of the preparation. So that we do not skip over this individual dilution level, we start at the bottom and slowly increase the potency, either in regular (for example weekly) applications, or in intuitive applications, when we consider it for some reason appropriate that the application is suitable. In the most cases it has proved to be more reliable to increase the potency of the application from prana only gradually, for example by 1 and 1/2 litres. The starting potency is always one which is suitable to the concrete person from the viewpoint of his/her vitality (1 l weak vitality, persons with diseased life-important inner organs such as liver, heart and similar, 3 l  middle vitality, 6 l strong vitality, persons who have only surface disorders of the type eczema, pains in the joints). Rapid or very rapid increase (for example daily) has proved not to be effective in some cases and it was important to go down with the dilution and to increase again when the person was prepared for it. It is different in relatively healthy persons under 50 years of age, who do not suffer of deeply rooted serious chronic disorders. A 10 year old boy with acute 40 °C fever received AUTO from prana 15 l, the fever had retreated within several hours and since 4 months the boy is totally alright. Also his strange physical states that sometime occurred when he woke up at night disappeared. In very weak vitalities, which we find in cases of strong depressions  or psychoses  when the weakened vital energy allowed the penetration of a strong and restrictive pathology into the innermost spheres of a person, effective in the beginning were found to be potencies till 3 l, frequently repeated, for example even daily. This is similar in cases of diseased inner organs such as liver or heart. It is necessary to increase the dilution in small steps, and this only then, when the same repeated potency loses its effect. Repeat the same potency over some time, observe its effect and be prepared to increase the potency when the effect is not sufficient enough, or decrease it again when the increase was not effective. Sometimes the second application of the same potency can bring the case significantly forward.

Effect in persons who have been using autopathy already longer time

A forty year old woman who used autopathy with excellent results since 3 years and before prana took potencies till 32 l. Not only her psychic and physical problems disappeared, but also positive test result on toxoplasmosis – an unprecedented thing up to now. In January, after a conflict at her workplace, she had a short psychic relapse. This was successfully treated by 12 l AUTO from prana, repeated in 14 days in the same bottle. While in first application some tension was present, this fell away totally during the second and she was totally well. In January she was desperate, after the second application AUTO from prana she said: “Not only am I healthy, I am happy!” Even her relations at work improved, she found out, how to resolve the problem even when it seemed irresolvable before. On the day when she took the second application, she got reverse discharge and cloudy vision, only for half a day. Her improvement lasts half a year, although she did not repeat the application. Very effective in the cross-over to prana was the reduction from the original 32 l to 12 l.

Sixty year old woman, in autopathic treatment since a long time and therefore generally healthy (is healthier than when she was thirty), has a relapse, a symptom occurred that bothers her from time to time for many years: shooting pain in the ear with pain in the jaw, where thirty years ago a tooth had been extracted. The shooting pain was very strong this time, it lasted the whole day and caused her to scream from pain. After AUTO prana 2 minutes and 30 seconds flow (corresponds to 5 litres) it got better in one hour, she slept the whole night and in the next days the problem did not come back. Advice: Acute states can react to AUTO form prana very quickly.

One woman successfully alternates low potency from prana with a constitutional homeopathic remedy. Her psychical condition is much better and markedly improved is Crohn’s disease. She says that she feels a higher guidance and had an unspecified spiritual experience that according to her words had much enriched her.

One 45 years old woman, in treatment for depression, takes a preparation from prana and additionally continues with chemical medication. After she added potency of 6 l from prana, she feels to be since four months without psychical problems. The depressions passed within one day after application! Such a rapid disappearance of a depression was not observed even in autopathy before. Also four months later she is still free of depression.

For another case of a depression in a 50-year old man, where other forms of autopathic preparation brought only small or short-term improvements, 6 l from prana was too high and very good effect had reduction to 3 l daily, when the psychical problems vanished. Tiredness remained however. After he started to regularly alternate in the same potency a preparation from prana and his own stool conserved in 90% alcohol, he felt a huge flow of energy and considers himself  since several months to be  healthy.

Very busy young man has strange states, he feels pressure on the breast and at the top of the head, heavy neck and disquiet, inner tremor, he is afraid. He had to stop working for one week, he is afraid to drive a car. The problems improved somewhat after AUTO from sterilized breath. But a relapse follows, during business negotiations his mouth stiffens, he has difficulty speaking, he has a pressure in the head, agitation, it stops him from working. After AUTO 12 l prana, his problems considerably improved, beginnings of a runny nose and a sore throat appeared. He increased to 15 l and after this to a potency of 21 l. After this the states that hindered him from his demanding work got worse and he got a cold. He felt worse than after 12 l. He was advised to return to 12 l and a new bottle. Worsening lasted two days, but then all problems vanished – speech difficulties, anxiety, pressure in the head etc. Also pain of the back and loins vanished that bothered him since a long time. Occasionally he takes 12 l.

Woman, 37 years, inflammation of the womb, discharge, tests show various kinds of bacteria and yeasts, common medical methods do not help. Inflammation of the throat, over acidity and pain behind the breastbone, especially after sweet food. Persisting back pain. After repeated increasing potency from boiled saliva and later from breath, the over acidity and the pain behind the breastbone markedly improve, the discharge persists, but less painful. The pain of the back remains the same. Suggested single AUTO prana 9 l. Immediately after use she felt the whole day “wonderfully, above all problems”. On the next day the discharge got stronger and she got fever that she did not have since approximately 15 years (the organism was so weak that it could not bring up this defensive reaction). Report one month after application: for the first time after many years her gynaecological test was totally negative, the discharge disappeared one week after the fever. Supervision 2 months after application: no gynaecological problem. This case is an answer to those who think that autopathy from prana has effect only on psyche.

Very serious disorders

In two cases of cancer (both are in oncological treatment) is since three months beneficial daily alternating of preparation from heated saliva and breath in the morning, with daily application of preparation of prana in the evening. Both are serious cases, both refer that they feel good now, that they do not have subjective complaints, they have enough energy, which is new for them, in one case fluids no longer collect in the stomach as it did before. In both cases CT is expected that will show, if anything changed concerning the tumours, their size, etc. Nevertheless, they feel good and this is not negligible, because this was not the case before. In one case the condition improved only when the oncologist stopped oral chemotherapy. For the preparation from saliva and breath in the morning and from prana in the afternoon two different autopathy bottles were used (the bottle for prana must not be contaminated by physical information). I use this method now, when a case of serious illness gets stuck in its development.

Young woman with a diagnosis of a psychosis hears voices, has every day depressions, anxiety, speech impairment, sleeplessness. She takes neuroleptics and sometimes she trembles all over her body. She took much medication and sometimes she spent time in institutions. Suggested AUTO Prana 2, 3 l weekly or more often when needed. After 18 days she reports: after the first application a wave of energy, the problems started to immediately weaken, the first week she applied every second day, then once a week, in the last week she had a depression only twice lasting one hour, she does not hear voices anymore and her sleep is much improved, she has no longer nightmares. From the beginning of the autopathic treatment she did not have speech impairment. She feels good and so she is almost without problems in less than three weeks! However, soon after that came a crisis with headache and worsened depression. She continued with autopathy from prana every second day, the crises lasted 4 days. The voices did not return even during the crises. During the next consultation she does not have depressions anymore, but her energy somewhat fluctuates. She sleeps well and does not have speech impairment. It shows that for psychical problems, also serious ones, application from prana is without a doubt a method number 1.

Different ways of preparation from prana

Preparation from prana according to the instructions published in the section ‘Autopathy bottle’ or in the 5th edition of Get Well with Autopathy has after five months of use (it was reported about also by three participants in the conference about autopathy in February 2013) proved to be effective as a standard type of preparation, suitable especially in cases in which psychic symptoms dominate. However, it can be applied also in other cases, especially when applications from saliva or breath could not resolve the case. It is also possible to use it in the combination with other preparations, but a special bottle must be used for it, using protection mask for mouth and nose to prevent intervention of bodily information. There are however also slightly modified methods of preparation from prana, which I tried and found to be effective.

Healing of the 7.chakra

The 7th chakra is our individual fine-matter energetic sphere, which is connected with higher (fine-matter) levels of the Universe. When a person gets ill, it means not only that his or her body is out of tune and cannot receive creative fine-matter frequencies or melodies from the 7th chakra, but that also that the 7th chakra can too be somewhat out of tune for the reception of information from the higher spheres of the Universe. And so it is sometimes necessary not only to tune the body through the application of potency to the 6th (the highest bodily) chakra, but also the 7th chakra itself by a subsequent application of potency back to 7th chakra. Practically this means that we carry out the preparation from prana according to the published instructions, and after this, after the application of the AP to the 6th chakra, we place the vortex chamber of the autopathy bottle with the rest of the water to the 7th chakra. It is possible to move it in a spiral direction up and down, and then come to a halt. After this we can pour a few drops on the forehead and the put the bottle back to its box. I call this form of application prana 2.

Woman over 60 years of age, almost 2 years in autopathic treatment. She came for the first time soon after a surgery of cancer of the breast, after which she refused the recommended radio and chemotherapy. She had disorder of the thyroid gland and considerable psychic problems. She was anxious, afraid, her daughter had to always accompany her on the 100 km way to me.  She also had a red rash on the nose. After the application AP heated saliva and heated breath, the thyroid tests improved and she felt continually better. In March I recommended to her to make AP from prana 2 (application to 6th chakra and subsequent rising to 7th chakra and then repeated dripping of few drops to the forehead) once in 4 days, with an increase by ½ a litre each time. She started with 3 l and reached 15 l, when she stopped. One month later she came for a consultation alone and said that she feels very good. She can see things and events in the family with more distance (she takes care of a grandson who has cancer). She became source of psychic support for the family. A total change of personality. Lesson: Gradual increase of potency in small steps connected with the technique of prana 2 is very effective. No need to be afraid of high potencies arrived at this way.

Two years latter her doughter reported that she is doing well preparing regularly 4,5 l boiled breath.

65 year old man, in long-term autopathic treatment. He started with prana 2 sometime in February and regularly repeated the same potency of 6l. This brought him to a state of permanent tension without further improvement. However, when he started to regularly increase by 1 or 2 litres in each application, things started to get better and the tension ceased. After 18 l he felt very well and full of energy. After four days feeling of worsening energy and psychical condition, prana 2 repeated in the same potency with immediate reaction to a better and more balanced state. In a couple of days he took 24 l (1 M), to see what it will do, after this came slight worsening of psychic and physical condition lasting approximately 1 week, after this came growth in energy, but soon after that slow worsening of psychic condition. Recommendation: Back to 18 l, when he felt the best. Reaction: The first day after application general improvement, in a conflict enraged, too much energy, the next day he feels very well, quiet, good energy. 18 l is his potency and it should not be changed in the nearest time. He can repeat it when he feels the need. Lesson: When in the increase of dilution one of the levels has reduced, worse, or more complicated affect than the previous one, we return to the previous level. So we recognise the best, which dilution level is „mine“.

Application without contact

Good results were achieved also with application without contact to all chakras, starting with 6. and ending with 1. Instead of applying after the preparation of the dilution a few drops on to the forehead, we proceed as follows: we tip down the bottle slightly to the back, so that the water does not leak out through the outflow tube. Then we draw the end of the outflow tube, directed towards us, to a distance of 1-3 cm from the skin, to the middle, between the eyebrows, but do not touch it, we can circle lightly in this place, hold approx. 1 minute. Then we hold approx. 30 seconds at the same distance from throat (Adam’s apple, the middle of the throat), then heart (the area between the breasts, in the centre), then solar plexus (2 cm above the navel), then sexual chakra (against sex organ). Then we hold the tilted bottle between the legs, near the crutch, the place of the 1.chakra directed downwards. Chakras are spatial formations, extending out of the body, their space is not exactly defined. 

30 years old woman, psychic problems, anxieties and depressions, migraines, in the past exposed to ion radiation in her profession which she does not practice anymore, tiredness, persistent problem with the leg after an accident. Several small physical problems make her life difficult. The psychic state and tiredness was improved by autopathy in the past, when she came to me for the first time. After repeated application of AP prana 1 and prana 2, when she applied the AP without contact to the 6th till 1st chakra (in prana 2 to 6th, then 7th and then 6th and gradually to the lower ones), she reports that she feels better, she is no longer anxious, almost all physical problems (with the exception of the injured leg where the nerves were damaged) got better or disappeared altogether. In non-contact application to the chakras she used meditation states of relaxation and the feeling of “connecting with the Creator and with oneself”.


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