Prana – a simple procedure

10.10.2014 | Jiri Cehovsky |

After much experience, we have arrived at a very simple procedure in the preparation from prana, which can be described in a few sentences and can be applied in almost all cases, even without the help of a consultant. We simply start from our own feelings. These are the only guide and it is not difficult to recognize the signals sent to us by our spiritual fine-matter part, connected with the higher levels of the Universe. These signals cannot be overlooked. It applies to the method Prana 5.

How to work independently with the dilution from prana:

In all cases we start with one litre and a half (51 fl oz) of water (one bottle of spring water), poured through the Autopathy Bottle. If this level of dilution does not lead to a positive change in feelings (in the direction to some psychic relief, or reduction of tension and stress, or increase of energy, or more calmness, or better mood, or better sleep, or better reaction in a stress situation, or alltogether, etc.) within three days, we increase on the fourth day the level of dilution by 1,5 l. And so on. The goal of this relatively quick succession of application and increase of the water quantity gives us  a chance to gradually reach the fine-matter level, which is “ours”, individually the best,  and which can demonstrate itself through a marked change  in feelings. It can be different for each person. To prevent skipping the level which is “ours”, we do not leave out any dilution level. At the beginning of practicing autopathy in the form of Prana 5, it could be somewhere between 1,5 and 12 l. When we find the right level, a change in our feelings can take place. Then we can stay on this level of dilution, repeating it once a week (or more often if the change lasts less than one week), taking notice of feelings. When the good response after repeated potency diminishes, we increase the amount of water again by 1,5 l.

If the reached potency is over 6 liters and works well, we can also wait with the next preparation until positive change starts to disappear. Then we repeat again.

We have noticed in the fifteen years of autopathy that subtle energy or information which at the beginning cause good feelings connected with the upper chakras such as increased mental calmness, better resistance against stress, etc., move in chakras in the downward direction and can resolve also some problems of the physical body. However, if the positive change of feelings does not take place (the reaction is always individual and related to personal karma) or should the development be more complex, we consult the comprehensive know-how contained in the Autopathy Handbook which is the basic source of information about the method and its philosophy.



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