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Pain treatment

9.1.2012 | Jiri Cehovsky

Chronic pain is one of the main sources of suffering of people of today. It is not unusual. We only have to think how many chemical drugs against pain are offered by TV advertisements. Thanks to these advertisements, various entertainment programs can be financed, whose main goal is to give …

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Kundika upanishad

30.11.2011 | Jiri Cehovsky

To go to  the English translation of “Kundika Upanishad”, simply type to the search engin its name and add pdf


Kundika upanishad is a part of ancient Veda.

“Upanishads (in devanagari  उपनिषद् ) are ancient Indian literary works of religious-philosophical character and represent part of hinduistic cultural tradition. They are …

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Autopathy and flu

4.9.2011 | Jiri Cehovsky

Autopathy has proved to be effective, especially in the colder seasons of the year, in healing acute states of fever, flu, inflammation of the upper air passages, etc. It is interesting that after having used autopathy, the persons had a markedly lower inclination to further illnesses.

Effective was especially application …

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Autopathic detoxication II

27.6.2011 | Jiri Cehovsky

This article has been published in a shorter version without the chapter “Heated breath” in in December 2010

The continuing practice of using the patient’s own sterilised saliva made into potency, had clearly shown this: When the substance is sterilised through boiling and no other extraneous information has been …

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A report about the use of autopathy with heating / alcohol

12.3.2011 | Dr. Nina Korinkova

I work with the device EAV (Electroacupuncture according to Voll). With its homeopathically prepared agents, bacteria, viruses and fungi, it serves the diagnosis of the presence of these agents in the organism, and even of passed virus infections. For example EB virus or cytomegalovirus stay in the organism in a …

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Autopathic detoxication

29.10.2010 | Jiri Cehovsky

The full version of this article was published in, November 2010

We already know that autopathy can work beautifully in cases of commonly spread chronic (incurable through use of conventional methods) health problems. In the relatively short history of this method, the cases of successful treatment and self-treatment …

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Short introduction to the self-healing procedure

21.5.2010 | Jiri Cehovsky

Maybe you don´t like to share an information about your problems with someone else. Then self-care should be considered. Autopathy is particularly suitable for it. We got much feedback about success from people who never healed anyone before or even have not visited a course about autopathy. They have read …

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Conference on autopathy 2009

18.5.2010 | Jiri Cehovsky

On the last day in January, in the building of the high school Na Zatlance, in Prague5, a historic event took place, namely the first large exchange about experiences with healing with the aid of the autopathic method – Conference about Autopathy 2009. Approximately 80 persons interested in autopathy took …

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Fine Matter Potency Made of One’s Own Breath Heals

12.1.2010 | Jiri Cehovsky

When I studied in detail the article of the American historians Coomarrswamy and Kershaw concerning kundikas (A Chinese Buddhist Water Vessel and its Indian Prototype, published in Switzerland in the magazine Artibus Asiae), the mysterious Buddhist vessels for containing water, which look like the autopathy bottles, I realised that it …

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The correct preparation of an autopathic dilution

14.10.2009 | Jiri Cehovsky

Important condition for successful autopathic treatment is the correct preparation of the dilution. In a situation where the person has chronic health problems, i.e. long-term problems that were treated but never cured through conventional medical methods, it is essential to proceed in the best possible and exact way according to …

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Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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