A few philosophical questions

11.7.2015 | Jiri Cehovsky | jiri.cehovsky@alternativa.cz

A woman came to me. She has been practicing autopathy successfully herself, for her children and the whole of her family, for her friends, and this already since several years. She surprised me by some unexpected questions.

Question: I have a friend who has been taking part in family constellations and studies spiritual and esoteric literature. She is also a healer. She also practices autopathy and took part in the courses. We discuss things and she told me that I should take care not to become dependent on autopathy. What if there will not be autopathy bottle in the next life?

Reply: In Buddhism, where for similar purposes vessels called kundika were used, the means that enable us to reach a goal are called “expedient means” – appropriate or practical means. These are means, which we have at our disposal in a given moment. They are not the goal in itself. Similarly, such means can be meditation, contemplation, family constellations, prayers, or herbal tea. Or an aeroplane. We use it to reach a certain destination and when we are there, we do not need it anymore. These means can sometime be interchanged, for example, we use one, then another one and then a third, or all at once, and we are getting nearer to our goal. There are people, who stopped using the autopathy bottle as soon as they arrived at health, and do not use it anymore…

Question: I have actually reached the goal. I am healthy now and free of the many ailments I had before. However, I do not feel like having reached it.

Reply: When we reach one goal, another one appears. Sometimes the image of a ladder is used. The world is in its essence unsatisfactory. When we achieve something that we have longed for, this essential dissatisfaction forces us to reach for the next step on the ladder. I remember one man, who once told me that for years he had spent great effort for gaining and later for increasing his wealth. Then he bought himself the most expensive car that can be had and he fell in absolute despair. He said that spiritual literature had saved him.

Question: Hm, but what das actually spiritual mean?

Reply: Spiritual, in Buddhist tradition fine matter, are various words that refer to finer, usually also more superior, higher levels of the Universe. The pre-model of material processes is situated on the fine, spiritual, level. From here, the processes spread via fine matter information (we call it prana, chi or vital force) into the material sphere and are perceived by our physical senses. The better we are tuned to this information flow, the healthier and in harmony we are. The more out of tune we are (through chemicals, disharmonic persons, etc.), the worse is our reception of the creative information and our physical and spiritual system is disturbed. As when the radio is out of tune and the music recedes in rustle and interference. Every person and every creature is a spiritual being and has own creative melody. As every other music, also this one consists of vibrations, yin and yang, – and +, has a binary system, on which not only our computers function, but the whole of the Universe. As above, so below.

Question: It looks complicated to me. Where on the ladder do I actually find myself? Where can I fit my current situation and autopathy? How can I give an answer to my friend, who is so well educated in esoteric sciences?

Reply: Now I could start a flood of esoteric interpretations of autopathy and its spiritual fine-matter functioning, and I also could speak about its positive effect on our karma, thus increasing the chance to a better future rebirth…But, instead of this, I will rather tell you that we all generally think too much. We continually create some concepts, mental constructs, esoteric, Darwinist, religious, scientific… Mostly they are not useful. They are the opposite of “expedient means”. The more we think, the more unhappy we are. Certain influential philosopher, René Descartes, said in the seventeenth century ‘I think, therefore I am’. With it, he had turned the whole thing upside down. Correctly the sentence should be: I am – and therefore I think, and besides it I also drink, eat, excrete, breathe, smell, sleep, hate, desire, do various things, give birth, and so on. All this is derived from the fact that I am. The more I am aware of the basic thing that I am, the less am I subject to mental constructs, and the more happy am I. Thinking starts there, where the creative information flowing to us from the Universe and naturally forming us and our life, comes across a barrier. Thinking, creation of ideas, concepts, inner dialogues, are rather waste products. Did we think out our body? Or our children? When we tune ourselves better to the information from the Universe, everything starts to function better. After using autopathy from prana, a number of people have said that things in their life started to succeed somewhat automatically, without great effort a furious thinking, which they had to produce before this.

Question: So, what does this mean for me?

Reply: Not to worry too much. Everything that lives and is, originates in fine-matter universal source. If we remove by appropriate means the dissonance that prevents the fine creative information reaching us from the higher spheres of the Universe, excessive thinking, which is mainly not necessary, calms down and fades away. Strengthened is our ability of handling according to signals from the Universe, from the hierarchically higher sphere of our being, which, in its highest level, is common to us all, and so each of us is a part of one whole. This sphere is aware of much more than our material senses and the mind are capable of. However, thinking is the pride of our modern civilization, which is based on mental concepts, often contradictory, which then leads to an illusion of separateness and also great adversity, for example violence. This had caused among other things also two world wars, concentration camps and the current sophisticated war machinery, which is in a position to destroy the whole of the humankind within half a day. Moreover, is also responsible for the current epidemics of depressions and mental disorders.

Question: Now I have an idea for several other questions..

Reply: Replies give always rise to new questions. Thinking is a never ending process.

Question: But do you know what? Since I use autopathy according to Prana 5, twenty litres once in fourteen days, my tiresome mind or my emotions no longer bother me. I take life as it is and I am doing quite well.

Reply: The time is probably near, when you will no longer need autopathy.


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