Heightened intuition and awareness of higher guidance

26.5.2014 | Zdenka Dukatova | dukatovazd@seznam.cz

A contribution presented at the 6th conference on autopathy, February 2014

 It is a case of own experience with autopathy from prana 1. This is how it had taken place: In the summer of 2013, simply out of curiosity, I wanted to try an autopathic application from prana 1. I have been interested in autopathy since 4 years and in the past I have healed myself with heated saliva and heated breath.

In the preparation from prana I have used at the beginning about 1,5 litres 3x, then 3 litres 3x, then 9 litres, 15 litres, 30 litres and finally 40 litres. All this in the period of two months. At this time I had been at our summer house at the river Berounka, and had prepared the potencies of 9 – 40 litres from our own well, 17 m deep.

And now to the events, which I started to observe after the application of the higher potencies. I would call them HIGHTENED INTUITION AND AWARENESS OF HIGHER GUIDANCE, and all this together with ALL-PERVADING EVENNESS, MENTAL BALANCE and INNER JOY.

One day I noticed for the first time that something is starting to be different: while I and my family were preparing for an outing, suddenly, while packing, I had a strong feeling of loss – I knew that from the things I am packing something will be lost. When we got back in the evening, my favourite red towel was missing.

Another in the morning day I went for a swim in the river Berounka, in a place I like very much. I have been going there since 10 years and have never experienced anything bad. I entered the water as usual, and when I was up to the waist in the water I got scared, although there was nothing physical present to be afraid of. I suddenly had a thought that while I am walking there through the water, I could bump into a drowned person. (The water in Berounka is permanently murky and so one cannot see the river bottom). This thought quickly disappeared and I enjoyed swimming as always. At home I learned in the evening news on the TV that a drowned man was found about 10 km from the place where I bathed.

Now to the awareness of the higher guidance – it is a whole series of unbelievable coincidences, which I think were caused through vibrational tuning into radiation – at informational imprint of places, which I visited. In the following days of that summer events started to unfold, which are full of coincidences, or rather non-coincidences, because as it is said, coincidences do not exist.

The story starts when I took part in a week’s training seminar on abreactive psychotherapy, where I unexpectedly started to work with Archangel Michael regarding the guiding of earthbound spirits to the light. Until this time, I was not concerned with angels, the subject just left me cold. However, immediately after the above mentioned seminar I started to quickly change my mind, as from this moment on the things started to move. First, when I returned home from the seminar a client came for the above mentioned therapy. Identified was the problem of an earthbound spirit. For this situation it is necessary to call angels for help. Decision was made for Archangel Michael. The help arrived forthwith and the situation was successfully resolved.

The day after this I got an invitation for an outing to Tetin (1). I did not know Tetin until then and also its history was not known to me. But what do I find there – a church of Archangel Michael from the 10th century (renamed in 1836 to the church of Jan Nepomuk). The place is impressive, speaks to me and forces me to search here for the traces of influence of Cyril and Methodius, although the young guide, who provides historical explanation, contradicts this idea of mine. But still the same day I find per chance a tangible proof in a nearby village Bykos (approx. 8 km), where a chapel dedicated to Cyril and Methodius stands. On the same evening I switch the TV on, on is the last part of a series about Cyril and Methodius, where Methodius baptizes Borivoj (2).

On the next day I have a dentist appointment (his practice is in the quarter Orechovka in Prague,) and here the dental assistant (who otherwise hardly ever speaks), gives me a riddle, if I know how the name Orechovka came about. When she sees that I do not know, she tells me that originally it was Borechovka, originating from Borivoj. I feel that the coincidences do not take an end and say that there is much more I did not know, for example that Borivoj was baptized my Methodius. The dental assistant answers that also his wife Ludmila, who lived at Tetin, was baptized this way.

I am of course happy that the information keeps coming to me and before the week comes to an end, I wake up with the idea to visit Tetin again. I can’t resist, I must go. And in the evening a surprise again – I want to write something in the calendar and see that on this day Borivoj has a name day.

A couple of days later, a further seemingly unconnected situation brings me to the South of Bohemia. The tourist map informs me that in Pacov, where I was born, is a church of Archangel Michael. (My mother thinks it possible that she let me be baptized there immediately after my birth).

I will search for the place of my baptism in the future, but the story is still not at an end, also the next event cannot be seen as a coincidence. With a group of friends we plan to make in the autumn an outing to Tetin, it will be conceived as a pilgrimage and we want to focus on honouring the memory of Cyril and Methodius and especially their spiritual heritage. I take on the organisation of the trip and contact the parish of Tetin to arrange the action. While doing this, I get interesting information: based at the Tetin presbytery is a congregation of sisters of Saint Cyril and Medhodius, the so called „Cyrilometodejky”.

(1)   Translator’s comment: Tetin, a ruin of a castle from the Premyslid time. Written records from the 13th century, already mentioned in legends from the 9th century. In the year 921 Saint Ludmila was murdered there.

(2)   Translator’s comment: Borivoj I (c. 852 – c. 889) was the first historically documented Duke of Bohemia and founder of the Premyslid dynasty.


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