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11.12.2014 | Mgr. Veronika Kucerova |

Presented in the conference on autopathy, February 2014

I have been actively using autopathy in healing since three years (lately also for interesting experiments) and this not only for self-healing, but also very successfully for healing of my whole family and a wide clientele, which I implement in the frame of my private psychotherapeutic practice in Pilsen.

Recently both my sons, both on autopathy, went through a compulsory medical examination, after which the doctor stated quite surprised that they are absolutely healthy and that she had not seen them in her practice since three years. I signed the informed disagreement concerning further vaccinations and we went happily home.

There is no doubt about the fact that autopathy returns people their balance and marvellously functions regardless the seriousness of the illness. I had been a witness of many “miraculous” cases of cure (alopecia, diabetes, depression, anxiety, eczemas, cancer). The contributions, which are presented here every year, confirm it. It is a great pity that many people are hindered from using this enormous healing potential by own prejudices, fear and an inability to take responsibility for their own life.

What I greatly value on autopathy is that it helps to remove the cause of the ailments. Autopathy – and this was also in my case, facilitates easier access to old cell memories, whose subsequent processing and cleansing leads to inner liberation, development of intuition and finding of own deep essence – source of happiness, freedom, creative force and unconditional love. 

I and prana

Since the first application of 50 l in September 2012, I have tested all forms of application and various potencies from the lowest of 2 l to the current 60 l (prana 5).

I have experienced states of euphoria, bursts of creativity and enthusiasm, but also strong inner tremors, tiredness (especially after the lower potencies). Also feelings of helplessness and exhaustion had arrived, cleansing on physical and spiritual level.

I recapitulated the 15 months of experiments with prana preparations, and the work with own cell memories with the aid of the method The Journey according to Brandon Bays, and arrived at interesting conclusions.

My life is wonderful. I now live it openly, fully, with confidence and happy expectations. I have achieved all that I have wished for and I feel that there exists no limit. I do not have any health problems, I am in closer contact with my body, I have a feeling that everything that I pay attention to succeeds. I live a full life, I welcome my emotions, and I do not fight them. I am much more tolerant not only to others, but mainly to myself. I am able to forgive more easily and take things as they come. I do what interests me and do it in a way that fulfils me. I express my emotions openly, I learn to respect my own needs, not only the needs of others, as it was up to recently. As if I were an astounded witness of a genial puzzle, where each moment beautifully fits into, each meeting, thought, sensation. It is much more than I could ever imagine. I am really curious, how it is going to develop further!

When I was preparing the presentation for the conference, my sons have played a computer game. They call it GTA. It is a game about life, where one sleeps, works, steals, flies a plane, drives a car. The game has its rules and limitations. The boys use for the game special help programs, which give them some advantages, great tools and means. These programs are not part of the standard game. Only those know them who search for them, seek them, tell each other about them. They help them to stay in the game and to keep that what they already gained in it, although they risk more and try new ways. Also autopathy is like this. When you use it, you cannot lose anything important, it shows you new possibilities and ways and you have much more from the game!



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