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Autopathy step by step – a summary

6.10.2013 | Jiri Cehovsky

During the last 10 years, autopathy has changed to a system that is no longer as simple as it had been at the beginning. At the same time, its possibilities have grown. In the present state of collective experiences with autopathy, according to findings from my own practice, as well …

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Experience with autopathy applied to plants

19.9.2013 | Blanka Masarikova

I work in a greenhouse where aquarium plants are grown. I can speak about my experiences especially with Anubias nana and Anubias coffiefolium. When under the water, the plants do not suffer from diseases, however because they grow slowly and send out offshoots, they are cultivated in perforated plastics beakers …

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Autopathy: A Forgotten Method

24.8.2013 | Jiri Cehovsky

Essential for the health of the mind and body of a human being is his subtle energy system. The founder of homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann called it two hundred years ago the „vital force“, in Indian traditional healing it is called „prana” and in China it is called „chi“. When we …

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Articles about autopathy – other websites

13.8.2013 | Filip Cehovsky
A review of  the book  Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony by  Dr. Anoop Kumar Srivastava. The review of the book published in the Spring 07 issue of the journal The Homeopath Article on autopathy published in India. J. Cehovsky’s article on autopathy was published in the Spring issue of… Read more

Articles about autopathy on

11.8.2013 | Filip Cehovsky

Articles on autopathy published on the world’s leading homeopathy portal

Autopathy – Six Cases Autopathic Detoxication Autopathic detoxication II Autopathy: Healing with potentized Saliva A book “Get Well with Autopathy” reviewed by Alan Schmukler

A new article will be published soon.…

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More about preparation from prana

25.4.2013 | Jiri Cehovsky

I would like to supplement my article Preparation from prana published four months ago, by some more experiences and related general perceptions:


We know since a long time that the best effect in autopathy is achieved when we arrive at the optimal level of dilution – or level …

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Report from Conference 2013

26.2.2013 | Jiri Cehovsky

V. conference about autopathy took place in Prague 9.2.2013 with a large attendance of autopathy practitioners. From the 14th contributions, four were presented by medical practitioners and the rest by healers, or they concerned self-healing or healing of someone in the family. Four participants reported about the effects of a …

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Preparation made of prana

5.11.2012 | Jiri Cehovsky

Here is the newest way of making a preparation. At the beginning most of the people had reacted in an extraordinary way. Extraordinary, even within the frame of autopathy, where everything tends to be extraordinary at least to some degree.

A some time ago a young lady came to me, …

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Practical overview of methods and strategies of autopathy

14.7.2012 | Jiri Cehovsky

For the full comprehension of this overview it is good to have read the book Get well with autopathy, 4th extended edition, and/or have participated in the course and have also read the articles on these pages, especially Autopathic detoxification 1 and 2 and Potency from own breath heals

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Atypical autism and hearing impairment

15.3.2012 | Jiri Cehovsky

From the magazine Medunka 6/2011

Autopathy is a method of healing, based on classical homeopathy. It was already used in ancient India. It heals and harmonises the whole of body and mind. It has the ability, as shown in the many cases, to restore health, and this also then, when …

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Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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