Two cases of long-term health problems

13.1.2017 | Michaela Gebert |

I have been practicing autopathy in Vienna since 2013. I consult on autopathy beside other activities, but the more with enthusiasm and confidence that it is an excellent method, which has to have a future. I think this because I have made very good experiences with it personally – as I reported at last year’s conference and the many clients’ cases confirm it. But I also encounter situations, when some persons, who started with autopathy, are full of energy and conviction that autopathy will help them, but they stop soon because the development does not take place as quickly, as they had imagined – and this in spite of my reminders that the healing process needs its time. It is notable that these are mainly individuals, who have grown up in Austria. Perhaps it has something to do with the relative prosperity, in which they always lived and their expectations for an almost immediate effect as well as their relative reluctance to change their attitude and to do something actively for their health.

Franz, * 1964

The first case, which started almost 4 years ago, is a case of a man, I will call him Franz, with problems, which many people have and which, when one does not do something about them, pave the way to worse and more complicated health problems.

Franz is a result-oriented manager with stressful occupation. In childhood he suffered from recurring inflammations of the middle ear and problems with frontal sinus. When he was about 8 years old, his tonsils were removed and since then he has been suffering with frequent infections of the upper respiratory tract, bronchitis and problems with sinuses. At 20 years of age he had a motorcycle accident with fracture of the femur. The fracture has been operated, however, the surgery evidently resulted in a change of the position of the knee joint, which had led to its wear and subsequent damage. At first, he had no problems with it, however, in the year 2000 the knee began to hurt and to swell up, and it was getting worse. The medical examination diagnosed arthritis.

His second problem: fungus on the toe nails of both feet. After undergoing anti-fungal treatment, which had been prescribed to him by a dermatologist, the fungus had spread to all nails of both feet.

He started with autopathy at the end of March 2012, with a combination of a dilution from boiled saliva and boiled breath, with emphasis on boiled breath in the dilution from 2 litres upwards. Two days after the application of autopathy, he began to feel pressure in the sinuses and ears, had a discharge from the nose and a couple of days later cough and rhinitis, the pressure in the sinuses changed to pain. Besides this, he also had pain in a finger injured in his youth. These problems lasted approximately two weeks. His appetite had changed – he no longer needs meat, cheese and sweets, which he used to eat every day, but eats them now about every third day. He has been eating more often vegetables, fruit, rice and pasta. He likes to drink water with lemon juice and kitchen soda.

After the application of the dilution with 3 litres, his leg, which had been operated in the past, had started to hurt. Supposedly it felt as after the surgery of the fractured femur. This pain had stopped soon, however, it came back several times later.

At the beginning of May he was ill, but got better soon without complications. In the past, he used to suffer with cough relatively long time after the illness.

In June 2012, when he just started with the dilution of 4,5 litres, the arthritic knee began to burn. He experienced this time of pain for the first time. The feeling came and went in waves and then it stopped.

The toe nail afflicted with fungus began to grow out.

He has been gradually increasing the dilution, with the method remaining the same: saliva and breath, boiled.

In the first half of September 2012, his hip joints started to hurt and he got diarrhoea. The condition worsened, the also got intensive rhinitis, his whole body had hurt and also his eyes, from which puss oozed out in the night. This condition had not changed for two weeks.

In November 2012 he used the potency of 6 litres. The toenail looked better, the fungus was only on the nail edges.

During the winter he had occasional light rhinitis and head and eye aches. The knee did not bother him. In March 2013 (potency 7,5 litres) he went skiing and had thought that for the two weeks afterwards, as always, he will have problems with the knee. After skiing, he experienced pain, but it stopped completely in two days!

He continued slowly increasing the potency. In April 2016 he says that although he does not have an appetite for alcohol or sweet things, out of habit he does not always keep to this. The hope of having a fungus-free toenail had therefore dissolved, the toe is invaded by fungus again and so are the other nails.

In May 2013 dilution by 9 litres.

At the end of June 2013 he decided to repeat the whole process. In a new bottle he started to make dilutions from boiled saliva and breath from 3 litres. This time he increased the dilution quicker, in September 2013 he arrived at 9 litres. He got through the next period without the usual symptoms of rhinitis, sinus pains and cough, except for a short cold in October 2013.

Then he reached higher potencies than ever before (in November it was 12 litres) and reported that after a long time the knee pain had come back. But he noted how wonderful it is that at least half a year he has been sleeping very well. However, after this, he was repeatedly ill with cough and pains of sinuses, eyes and throat.

The first half of the year 2014 he was healthy, slept a lot, but in June 2014, when he was at the dilution by 18 litres, he stated that the knee started to hurt again. Until the end of the year 2014 he had been ill only once – at the end of December and at the beginning of January. Then he was on the dilution of 25 litres.

From January till July 2015 he continued increasing the dilutions. He was almost healthy, except for occasional feelings of pressure in the sinuses, which got immediately better, however, his knee started to hurt, as in the time before autopathy. He visited an Orthopaedist and let him inject the knee with a substance, which should help with the development of cartilage. This treatment did not help, on the contrary, the knee was irritated by it and hurt more or less all the time. Because of the pain, he started with acupuncture. He continued using autopathy, arrived at a dilution of 35 litres (the middle of July 2015).

In September I advised him to stop with increasing the dilution and to apply potencies, which helped him against the pain of the knee in the past – i.e. from 3 litres boiled breath, and for his toenails boiled saliva and to drink kitchen soda every day. To increase only slowly and wait and see what happens.

Soon after the applications of potency from 3 litres, his knee started to burn. After a couple of days of intensive burning, the pains stopped and since then the knee has been hurting only rarely. He thinks until today that it is due to the acupuncture treatment. Now (January 2016) he is on 4 litres, does not have any infections, although others around him are ill, only once he felt starting rhinitis. The toenails of both feet are getting better, we will follow the development. In comparison to two years ago, he has been eating much less sweets. Wine no longer tastes good to him, he changed to beer. He has enough energy.

For the arthrosis he has been taking lower potencies, higher ones were effective in removing recurring bronchitis, rhinitis and problems with sinuses. To remove the fungus from the toes, keeping a strict acid-base balance would be necessary. Already very helpful would be, if he had listened to his organism, which had sent him the relevant taste signals. I recommend oscillating between 3-9 litres and perhaps after some time to apply single higher dilutions. He had not been applying autopathy from prana, because he refuses it.

Elisabeth, *1980      

We met for the first time at the beginning of August 2014. She had a sad childhood. Her mother, with whom she had a good relationship, had died years ago on cancer. She has no good relationship to her father. She has older sister, and also here the relationship is bad. She is in contact with her grandmother, whom she likes. She does not have a boyfriend and feels lonely. This bothers her very much, as she would like to have a family and feels that her biological clock is ticking. She looks well and healthy and has an alternative look, which often attracts strange people (drug addicts, anti-socials, etc.). At the beginning I had the impression that she will not stay with autopathy long, that she does not have enough endurance. After talking to her I have changed my mind. She appeared to be somewhat adrift, however, she was intelligent and surprisingly solid. Because of her psychic condition she had tried various alternative methods, detoxification and massage, however, until now nothing helped lastingly. Currently she is unemployed.

  • as a child she had the usual children’s diseases
  • she has sensitive stomach and the whole digestive system, gets diarrhoea during menstruation
  • her main problem is psychic condition and the tendency to depressions. She would like to be more stable, happier and she wants to find a partner.

Recommendation: to start with detoxification with the aid of the dilution from saliva and breath in potency of 3 litres with focus on breath in the span of 2-3 days 5x and then always increase by one bottle (1,5 litres).

In an SMS of 22.8.14 she writes that she is very tired and does not have the strength to carry the bottles to the 3rd floor without a lift. She is sad and crying, nothing goes right, she has been trying to find work, but is refused everywhere. She writes that because of this she had stopped using autopathy and will rather wait for a water filter. However, as she later told me, she had continued with autopathy in spite of this crisis. We had an appointment at the end of September, but she cancelled because of an illness.

The next personal consultation took place in November 2014, when she described her symptoms to me: In the first week of using autopathy nothing happened, in the next 3-4 weeks she had states of psychic discomfort, kept weeping, was disoriented and in psychic stress. In the second month after starting autopathy, eczema, which she had on her chest, had disappeared. She did not mention eczema in the first talk. A short while she had painful corners of the mouth, which healed after a time. She no longer suffered from diarrhoea during menses. Professionally things are not as she would have liked to have them, however, a short while ago she received an offer that she is very happy about.

Next follow-up control 28.1.2015. She told me that a couple of days after each autopathy application she always felt psychically and physically worse, she often felt sick in the stomach. However, after 4-5 days, these symptoms always passed. It no longer worried her, on the contrary, she had a feeling of cleanliness. Also symptoms from her childhood and earlier years came back, for example pain in the wrist, which she injured as a child, or symptoms of conjunctivitis that she often suffered from in her childhood. Occasionally she had a rash, however, after a time this had disappeared and had not come back. She even made peace with her father and communicates with him regularly. Her bad relationship with her sister no longer worries her, she accepts it as a fact. She continues with autopathy using a water filter.

After arriving at the potency of 10 litres (March 2015), I recommended to her to start with prana (5) according to the procedure „How simple can it be“, i.e. from 1 litre and higher, in one bottle to save money – taking new bottle and making in it dilutions from prana for two months and dilutions from boiled breath for one month.

During the next follow-up control she told me that she has been having unusually lifelike dreams and that in spite of the initial discomfort (weeping, feelings of despair) and the urge to stop with autopathy, she started to feel more composed. Positive changes took place in the area of social contacts. Her personal situation is not ideal, however, she has been copying better with it. She says that she has a good feeling when preparing the autopathic dilutions and working with the individual chakras and that she feels the positive effect of the dilutions on the individual charkas. She is much more composed and calmer.

With this combination she arrived at the potency of 15 litres from boiled breath, as well as prana. She does not want to increase for the time being, she is satisfied with it as it is. She plans to use autopathy preventively 1x or 2x a year. She says, I quote: Up to now, after love, autopathy is for me the most effective and the most successful healing method that I got to know and this especially because the healing comes from the person himself. The essence of autopathy is to develop and to support this ability for self-healing, self-organisation and harmonisation. I can strongly recommend autopathy to everyone.



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