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7.12.2016 | Olga Harmackova |

Presented at the VIII conference 2016

Dear comrades-in-arms. Yes, that is an appropriate address amongst us, who have embarked on a journey of a battle with ourselves. When I was here in this conference hall for the first time in February 2014, I was as enchanted as I am today by the atmosphere, the energy of those present, energy of determination, of hope. This is how I have perceived it then and how I perceive it every time since, when I have the luck to be here. I am always so happy being here, so that I have told myself I must share with you my experiences and my feelings, although this will not be simple for me in front of such an audience. But it is a challenge. And besides, my life, since the two years when I started using autopathy, had changed considerably and is changing all the time. Many things, which I could only dream of then, have become reality. I went a long way since then. I got rid of long-term physical problems, such as allergy, which I had my whole life, age-old rush on my leg, sleeplessness, frequent virus infections, cervical spine pains, underactivity of the thyroid gland. And after all these experiences, I am sure that when the time comes, I will also get rid of the most difficult diagnosis, rheumatic arthritis. But today I do not want to speak about this. I would like to tell you about my experiences, perhaps even spiritual ones, with the application of autopathy from prana.

I started with prana 3 because it really addressed me, although boiled breath would have been better for my complaints. But when in the Course on Autopathydsc_0020-zmens-280x186 Mr. Cehovsky told us about the preparation from prana, I felt that it was really something for me and I already saw myself pouring 50 litres through the bottle. But in spite of that, I started rationally and according to the rules with 3 litres, gradually increasing it. After the first six weeks of euphoria, happiness, spiritual experiences, live dreams, but also great tiredness, three day headaches, persisting cough and the coughing up of everything gathered throughout my life, I changed to the combination of prana 3 and boiled, later also non-boiled, breath and this from 3 up to 60 litres. After this, I don’t even know why, perhaps from impatience because things had not developed as I wanted them to, I returned to the beginning and I went through the process from 6 up to 50 litres again. To this I also added, once a year, a fourteen days therapy from the stool, this from 9 to 18 litres. Today I use only prana 5.

I would like to read to you some passages about the cure from my diary, which became in time my spiritual guide, an advisor for solving complex life situations, my illnesses, the behaviour of people towards me and my behaviour towards them. These passages are mainly about the effects of prana and how the situation developed with the increase of potencies.

November 2013

Immediately after use I feel vibrations in the chakras, floods of energy, happiness, lightness of being, I am sure that I can manage everything, nothing is a hurdle. The whole day I am in a good mood, happy and creative.

December 2013

I have an inner feeling that parasites are leaving my body. Wuchereria Bancrofti, which I had diagnosed. I feel a great relief, my body feels light, emptied and clean. I am determined, I know what I want and what is right.

February 2014

Suddenly strong rhinitis, totally blocked nose. I am considering if this is my allergy or classical rhinitis. I suddenly remember the time of my first big rhinitis when I was a child, which I practically never got rid of and I also became aware of the reason for it, why I had it then and always after that. During the course of autopathy I also became aware several times after this of the psychological aspects of my various disorders.

March 2014

I feel vibrations, chill, energy of the chakras, feeling of my back straightening, relaxation of my whole body, all muscles. Happiness, lightness of being, I can manage everything. Appetite for life, feeling of physical strength.

April 2014

I have the feeling, that I no longer understand the people, with whom we understood each other well in the past. They lead some irrelevant little wars instead of dealing with real problems, as if everything, what they tell me, were already familiar to me and not at all relevant.

May 2014

I am me. I sit in the driver seat. I am the one, who directs my life. Love is eternal. These are feelings, which suddenly arrive. I perceive life contexts. I have own opinions. I can stand up to myself. I do not have any fears, distracted thoughts. I am not worried about anything, no details. I do not have the need to be perfect. Is it me at all? I am really happy about it! I have an inner feeling that I have everything and that everything that I will ever need is within my reach. I feel immense gratitude.

July 2014

When applying autopathy from prana 3, I have a feeling of absolute happiness, I perceive untied, swift movement, cracking in the cervical spine and a loosening feeling, a feeling of growing down into the Earth, to the Mother Earth, to the springs, the rivers, the oceans. A feeling of absolute peace, humility, I do not worry about anything, everything goes on smoothly and freely, unbelievable contentment and fulfilment, feeling of light-heartedness and bliss. In the following days improved hands, wonderful mood.

During Family Constellations, the person representing me told me what she felt in my role, but that she does not understand it – she had the feeling that water has been flowing through her body and that I should keep near water, that water is good for me, but that she does not know, what it means. I only smile and understand it very well…

August 2014

I have been testing prana 5. Again already during the application, a feeling of relaxation of the body and the mind, all the muscles gradually relax and tension is leaving them. I have the feeling that my whole material substance was transferred to immaterial energy, flowing through all – the Earth, the Universe. The world is a friendly place. I feel happiness and humbleness.

In the following days I can better cope with stress at work. I perceive many things in a different way, I can assert myself at work and in private, I no longer care so much about what people think of me, how I look, I do not take things personally. I can stand my own ground. I do not have unnecessary worries, anxieties. I do things consciously.

October 2014

I returned to prana 3. I have the inner feeling that I need water on the 6th chakra. Immediately after the application I have the feeling that the Universe is well-disposed towards me and fulfils my wishes. I need everything I need. I perceive my physical body, its strength, its will, what I need I bring off.

November 2014

I have a good life feeling. When driving my car through the autumn landscape I feel nostalgia, emotivity, the magic of the moment, I am moved and aware of the magic of life and creation. I understand it all perfectly. I am crying. When I visit my grandfather in hospital I have the feeling that I know what he is experiencing, what in his life he regrets, what he would have done differently.

December 2014

My intuition is increased, feeling of fulfilment, humbleness. I feel love and understanding towards all people. I have the feeling that time passes somewhat slower, more exactly „is flowing by in a steady flow“.

March 2015

Suddenly a great flood of energy, vitality and happiness. Relaxed light step. When I walk, I have the feeling that I am floating above the ground.

April 2015

I have the feeling, or rather I am sure that I will be healed, that my hands will be healthy as before. I have the feeling of an immense power over my own life. I am aware of this own power. At night I had this live dream: I walked though nature, then I have run several kilometres up the hill and back. I had a wonderful feeling of lightness of movement, lightness of body, joy of movement, movement did not strain me at all. A feeling of vitality and strength of own body and especially of the breath. I have an incredible feeling of happiness, relaxation in all joints, muscles. It is addictive, I want to experience it again and again and also in reality! I wake up with the feeling that I will do anything in my power to regain my strength and vitality. I remember this dream in all detail until today, as if I had really experienced it.

May 2015  

During the application to the 6th chakra I have the feeling of calm, of an absolute peace and I do not want to stop at all, until my head starts hurting. During the application to the stomach chakra I have the feeling of illumination, calming and smoothing out in my stomach. Then I looked into my eyes and saw that they were somewhat different, as if someone else’s, I did not recognize them, or what was reflected in them. As if this was not me. Something in them frightened me. Something, which they are capable of. That I am capable of. There was something wild, animal-like in them, with a clear goal that has to be achieved. A feeling of confidence, severity. Kindness and compassion were to my surprise and perhaps also consternation missing. I am thinking: who am I actually?

In 14 days:

I have an intensive feeling that I am beginning a new life, I feel it to the marrow of my bones. I respect myself, I know, what is good for me. I am calm and even-tempered. During an afternoon walk I feel an all-embracing love, I love even the dog dropping on the pavement, because I know that it is part of life. I have the feeling that life is eternal. I literally feel the vibrations of the Universe. I have a feeling of being one with the whole World.

July 2015

From this time on I apply only prana 5.

Today during the application I saw again in my eyes the reflection of myself, which I saw there at the beginning of May. It is an animal, perhaps a cheetah or a leopard – hard, determined sight full of strength and vitality. But today I see there also kindness and compassion. The interpretation that immediately comes to my mind: The life energy returns, a will to live own life. I will succeed!

In a few days:

While swimming in the dam I have an unforgettable experience. I perceive myself as energy floating through the water, on its surface, bathing in the setting sun, melting with surrounding nature, the cliffs, the leaves, the sky, the sun and mainly the water. I am not aware of my physical body at all and could swim like this, without any effort or fears, for an eternity. I am not at all tired in the evening. I want to experience this again and again. It is bliss. During the summer I had this experience several times when swimming in the river, but it had never been so intensive again.

November 2015

I am aware of contentment and happiness. I have listened to my inner voice and on Sunday mornings, when there is peace and quiet everywhere, I am going to the river. I often have the feeling of being one with nature, even the leaves speak to me. I experience feelings of oneness, of deep understanding.

The healing of physical problems had currently remarkably changed to a longing for experiencing spiritual growth, perhaps the feeling of fulfilment, bliss. These are only my feelings, however, they provide me with confidence in myself, confidence that things are as they should be, that everything has its meaning and that everything is all right. These are things, which I have been experiencing on my own skin, I am not able to name them, but then I have read about them in knowledgeable books about yoga or spiritual growth, about mediation, about Chinese medicine, about energies, about reiki, about reconnection, about the state of bliss. It is a longing for an absolute harmony. But there is still a long way to go. But I know today that nothing is impossible, that everything is a construct of our mind and when the time comes, I am capable of everything that I need in my life. That each one of us has an immense power, the power over own life, which thanks to autopathy we get a chance to regain.


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