Infertility, gynaecological problems, migraines

7.11.2016 | Dr. Martina Kormundova |

A young woman, just past thirty, came to my practice in the spring of 2015. She and her partner were trying already four years to conceive a child, in wain. All attempts for healing, also alternative one, exercises according to Ludmila Mojzisova, as well as an attempt for IVF in 2014, were without result. Moreover, she had difficulties during the hormonal preparation for the removal of eggs from the ovaries and the subsequent implantation of 2 embryos.  On the physical level she suffered from bone pains, hair loss and additionally great changes in moods, with a depression when the embryos were not accepted. She saw it all as her own failure, her partner was healthy, with physiological spermiogram, she herself was according to her own words gynaecologically healthy, except for painful menstruation and recurring vaginitis.

Over a long time she took Tritico – antidepressant of the 3rd generation, and 2x – 3x a year a vaginal anti-fungal medication for recurring discharges. Occasionally she had migraines, always triggered by tiredness, stress, overwork, lack of sleep and hormonal imbalance before menses. During the attacks she suffered from sensitivity to light, nausea and vomiting, she could not move her head, had throbbing headache. The only thing, which had helped her were triptans – agonists for serotonin receptors – Relpax. She was very anxious, had to plan everything exactly, she could not bear a feeling of failure at work. As a manager, she took on great responsibility for everything and when she could not achieve her plans and goals on time, she would cancel or move her vacation.  She cared much about what others think of her and how she looks. She maintained her figure through diet and exercises, tried to eat correctly, used superfoods such as chlorella, green barley, multivitamins…

She came to me with a request for an application of high doses of vitamin C 15 g and Glutathion. After four applications of the combination of the vitamin C, Glutathion and D-fructose 1,6- bifosfate in the time span of two months she felt much better, had more energy and accepted the suggestion of trying autopathy. She decided to do it after her vacation in the summer of 2015.

I suggested a combination of 2 bottles. Considering the medicaments and the relatively frequent gynaecological infections, candida vaginitis, she should use one of them for autopathy from boiled saliva and in the other for autopathy from prana, without contact.

I recommended autopathy from boiled saliva 1x a week, gradually up to 3 l, increasing it after 14 days by one litre and to observe the effect and to make autopathy from prana with 4 litres, also 1x a week. She should contact me in one month.

She contacted me in one month saying that after boiled saliva diluted with 3 l she did not feel anything, after 4 l she felt increase of energy and that a kind of gel pink-coloured object of the size of a chestnut fell out of her, out of her vagina. Her menses was painless and when she increased to 5 l it was no longer so good and so she returned to 4 l. In October she had gynaecological examination, where they told her that the small myoma that was in her womb had disappeared, that it was absorbed, and so the small form that left her body, was the myoma.

After autopathy from prana 5 she was enthused, she felt that she is calming down, relaxing and had a feeling that she does not have to master and to manage everything on time and that she does not have to be perfect at all costs. She no longer cared what people thought of her. The 4 l with repeated prana 5 suited her.

At the end of November she told me that they spontaneously conceived a child, she was very satisfied and looked forward to the child, she had bought a new bottle and repeats prana 5 according to her feelings and needs.

This young woman had really thanks to autopathy restored her balance, which had helped her to find inner freedom and to discover her own inner nature.


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