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29.10.2010 | Jiri Cehovsky |

The full version of this article was published in, November 2010

We already know that autopathy can work beautifully in cases of commonly spread chronic (incurable through use of conventional methods) health problems. In the relatively short history of this method, the cases of successful treatment and self-treatment are perhaps already running into the thousands, as I’ve been finding not only from my clients, but also at the conferences on autopathy and from correspondence, as well as from telephone conversations and personal talks with my students. However, sometimes the treatment progresses fast, while at other times it is slow. Why such differences? A slow or complicated development towards regaining one’s health always means that there are obstacles in the way of treatment, as is well known in homeopathy, of which after all autopathy is a domain. These obstacles need to be identified and removed. The cause of slow or complicated development could be, for instance, a particularly low pH level of the organism, which could be the result of smoking, medication or unsettled circumstances in one’s life. This could be remedied and the acids can be secreted from the body. I address this problem in one of the chapters of the book Get Well with Autopathy, in the third updated edition, and advise my clients accordingly. However, I have had cases, which were developing splendidly at first, but then things went wrong, and even changing the application of AP or trying to influence the pH made no difference. Then it was necessary to find out why this had happened. Here is one such case:

A young girl without any serious subjective problems, feels now tired and fearful since two months before visiting me she was diagnosed with autoimmune jaundice. Flat and plain, the doctors told her and her mother that she will never get over the disease, and that she will die within five years. Blood tests had confirmed the bad state of her liver. Some of the levels were way above the norm: both ALT and AST were ten times higher than the normal, “healthy” standard. Her bilirubin was also above the norm. She was on corticoids, immune-suppressive medication and more, in all she was taking four different drugs, none of which, however, was expected to cure her problems. My recommendation: Make autopathic preparations from saliva, diluted with two liters in the autopathic bottle, and apply it every second day on the forehead chakra. Check-up in two months: She feels better, both psychologically and physically. The doctor told her that the readings on her liver have shown marked improvements. I recommended that she stay with the autopathy as before, and also use half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in water, to improve the pH level. She is on no other diet. Check-up in four months after the commencement of autopathic treatment: The blood tests are fine; the liver readings are within norm. She feels wonderful. I advise her to continue with the autopathic treatment. Check-up after five months: All levels are within norm. The doctor has reduced her medication to the absolute minimum. I recommend increasing the dilution to 3 liters and applying the remedy every two weeks. Six months after the commencement of treatment we have moved onto the preparation from 4 liters of water, once a week. The higher potency was needed as the patient was feeling slightly tired. Since then the tiredness has disappeared. Almost a year after the beginning of autopathic treatment we changed to 4 liters once a month. Her medication was further reduced and the doctor told her that if it continued like this he would take her off the medication altogether. A year and two months after commencement of the treatment: No problems, except that the acne had gotten worse, for which she used antibiotics – after this the acne disappeared. The tests are still OK. All this time she has not been on any diet, eating meat, fats, sugar and everything else. This excellent condition was maintained for a year and a half after commencement of the autopathic treatment, but the doctor would not take her completely off the chemical drugs, though he had already discontinued two of them. Those remaining were prescribed in the lowest possible dose. However, suddenly the liver readings became worse with some of the parameters going over the norm! Nevertheless her immunological tests were still in order, which was not the case at the beginning of treatment. I recommended increasing the potency to 5 liters once a week. Meanwhile, the patient got married. A month later I was told that the levels remained the same, with no increase in medication. I was thinking – what to do next? Why this hindrance in treatment and what is it? How can we get over it? Sometime later, after more study, I found the solution (which I will explain later). I recommended a dilution with 7.5 liters, using the saliva first thing in the morning, pouring alcohol over it (a pure vodka 40 or 60% – a spirit without sugar or additives) and leaving the mixture in the autopathic bottle for two minutes, only then diluting it with water and placing it over the chakra. All this once a week, three times in succession. After this to continue in the same way, except without the alcohol. A little over a month later I received this e-mail message: “Good day Mr. Cehovsky, I’m sorry that I did not contact you earlier, but I received the results of the blood tests only today– they were completely in order, and the doctor, after two years, finally decided to take me off one of the two medications I’ve been on!” So the autopathic clean-up of the hindrance in treatment had worked perfectly!

Hindrance through parasites

Let us look now at the mental processes that took me to this discovery. The above was only one of many cases I have treated, which have run into an obstacle. There were a few, previously successful ones, where positive development somehow came to a halt. It was necessary to identify the obstruction in treatment. I thus began to study resources on the Internet, and returned to the books which I had already read and found helpful. One of them was Cancer is a Fungus by the oncologist Dr. Simoncini of Rome. After fifteen years of successful treatment of cancer he maintains that in all the tumors, without exception, the parasitical fungus candida is present. When infused with soda bicarbonate (yeasts do not like alkalic environment), the tumor quickly disappears – It is estimated that up to 90 percent of people, men and women, suffer from candidiasis, which attains the organism to a various degree. Due to this, or rather to mycotoxins, which it releases into the body, apart from vaginal discharges, could be added such things as prostatitis, vaginitis, endometriosis, allergies, cancer, insomnia, tiredness, dandruff, acne, premature greying and loss of hair, depression, impotency, sore throat, cough, stomach ache and headache. This is according to the American authors of the book Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook, Dr. Z. P. Rony and J. M. Martin. Those afflicted crave sugar, alcohol and bread – candida thrives on fermenting sugars and it has its demands. Other symptoms include flatulence and digestion disorders, autism, hyperactivity, eczema, sweatiness and deformity of fingernails, including inflammation of nail beds and hangnails, thyroid gland disorders, and many other problems. Candida has an amazing ability to colonise and completely subjugate a person, including his or her mind. From the intestines it penetrates the whole organism (not only the vagina and the mouth) and it forms colonies that are interconnected. It takes control of its host, who could then think of nothing else but snacking on something sweet, and it relishes in acid-forming activities such as smoking, drinking alcohol, driving cars, quarrelling, watching adrenaline-heavy television shows – Candida needs an acidic pH in the organism of its host. Once it colonizes a person it is extremely difficult to get rid of through the use of medication only, and usually it cannot be done.

Another of our close buddies is the intracellular parasite Chlamydia, its most dangerous form being Chlamydia pneumonia. According to some estimates, a large percentage of the European population is infected (for instance, amongst farmers it might be up to 70 percent, while up to 90 percent of the population, at some stage in their lives display the symptoms of infection by Chlamydia, which are usually never completely removed). Chlamydia pneumonia has its base in the respiratory system; it spreads through air by droplets, like an ordinary flu. Once it gets into the body it is very difficult to dispose of through conventional methods. Antibiotics might restrict its occurrence in the short term, but one cannot keep taking strong antibiotics of the tetracycline order throughout one’s entire life – the moment they stop taking them it comes back as strong or even stronger than before; antibiotics only destroy it in some of its developmental stages. Chlamydia has only been in the attention of scientists in recent times. Many medical doctors regard its activity in the body as one of the main causes of arteriosclerosis – hardening of the arteries (the main cause of death in so-called developed countries), heart attack, multiple sclerosis and generally the majority of autoimmune diseases, as well as pneumonias, inflammation of joints, diabetes, Alzheimer disease, Crohn’s Disease, high blood pressure and others. How does this clever organism with the characteristics of both virus and bacteria achieve this? It simply crawls into the cells of the host’s organism, the nerve cells, arterial cells or others and begins to happily parasitize. Tests for this parasite are made also on phlegm within the respiratory system. With some individuals the infection might not manifest at all, and symptoms, weak or strong, might only appear after many years, when the organism becomes weakened. Sometimes the most serious autoimmune reactions could break out – the immune system attacks its own infected cells and tries to liquidate them. Thus an autoimmune jaundice, for instance, might develop. Hopes for cure by orthodox methods, as my client was told, are apparently zero.

Thirdly, there is the toxoplasmosis, another highly underestimated parasitical organism, which infects about 80 percent of population in Germany and France, in the Czech Republic and USA about 30 percent. Its main hosts are felines, including domestic cats. They form a symbiosis and get along very well. Toxoplasmosis reproduces in the cat and through their feces it gets into the food of mammals, including man. Their main targets in our environment are rodents. They form cysts in the new host, often in the brain, which are full of tiny sporozoans. Up till recently it was assumed that infection by toxoplasmosis does not cause any great damage, with the exception of pregnant women and some rare, not too serious symptoms. According to new research (for instance by Prof. H. Flégr from the Charles University), it can masterfully manipulate the host’s behaviour. A mouse becomes adventurous and incautious, and so it can easily become the cat’s prey. It was statistically proven that people who have been infected are several times more likely to cause traffic accidents (through their excessive bravery and inattention). It also turned out that toxoplasmosis can cause schizophrenia (see the case of autopathy further in the text). Scientists assume that the parasite remains in its host until the time of death (and in the case of a mouse devoured by a cat it returns home).

Therefore we have here 90 percent of people with Candida, 40-90 percent with Chlamydia, and 30 percent with toxoplasmosis, altogether well over 100 percent of the population… Well, in any case, it affects every one of us.  

Isopathy and autoisopathy

Now let us get back to homeopathy and autopathy. It is obvious that this new epidemic (or pandemic?) of parasites, from a homeopathic point of view is only another case of miasma, impurity weakening of the fine-matter vital force, which ceases to give our contemporaries the natural protection against these types of diseases. This can be corrected through the use of a preparation of a high potency. There is an interesting book by a Canadian homoeopath Louis Klein, Miasmas and Nosodes, which in professional circles became a bestseller. The author describes how nosodes, or homeopathic preparations made from pathological materials, can treat the very diseases from which they have been prepared. For instance Bacillinum, prepared by homeopathic dilution of human phlegm that contains germs of tuberculosis, has cured many cases of tuberculosis. This is called isopathy. The cause of the disease, made into homeopathic potency, cures the very same disease. Klein also defines a new concept, “parasitic miasma.” Nevertheless nosodes relatively often do not work in a straightforward way, and frequently it is necessary to use the whole picture and complicated techniques of homeopathic analysis, which is what the book is all about. About two years ago, together with some of my students, I experimented with the use of homeopathic candida, Candida albicans, on women with yeast-like discharges – it never worked. It cannot be this simple. Why hadn’t it worked? Because a parasite can very adroitly adapt itself to the fine vibrational field of any host, which then cannot recognize it, mark it as an intruder and destroy it. As there are seven billion people, there are also several billion individually formed Candidas, Toxoplasmosas and Chlamidias. There are even scientific theories, formed mainly by medical doctors and microbiologists, concerning so-called pleomorphism (Dr. Béchamp, Dr. von Brehmer). Some microorganisms, according to some well-known scientists, can change from one into the other, while their embryos (the so-called bionts) are components of the human blood (Prof. Dr. Enderlein, Dr. Reich, it is also mentioned in the book Bowel Nosodes by Dr. R. Malcolm). Every parasite is highly individually adapted to its host. Every Chlamydia has a slightly different, individual, vibrational field, depending on its host. On top of this, every person has his or her own mixture of these parasites – there are different types of both Candida and Chlamydia, and their rates vary from person to person. A potentized preparation therefore has to be made individually. However, when you make an autopathic preparation from the vibrations of a live parasite, contained for instance in the saliva, it is ineffective and it will not harm the parasite, even though the preparation would deal with many other problems. It is necessary to learn from the preparation of homeopathic nosodes. Traditionally, the biological matter is first mixed with alcohol, which kills all microorganisms. And this is another principle that homeopaths have discovered – information contained in homeopathic potency about the death of some organisms constitutes a warning to other organisms of the same kind: this is a hostile, dangerous territory, unsuited to life and further breeding. I will give you some examples. As I have been teaching homeopathy for twenty years and lately autopathy too, I have met with many students and discussed their personal experiences with them. Thus I found out that one lady, who was allergic to insect bites and was often attacked by insects, overcame the problem by hanging a vial on her neck with a potency made of a dead queen bee (Apis mellifica). From then on the insects have left her alone. Another student of the Homeopathic Academy told me that he had problems with potato beetles on his farm. He killed one, pulverised it and put it into water, which he poured into the spraying device used on the field. The potato beetles disappeared from that field, while they were still rampant elsewhere. Another student of homeopathy told me how, by burning a snail and putting the ashes into a watering can, she saved her crop from invasion by snails. Supporting this principle is also the remedy Carcinosin, made up from clear emission from an open breast tumor. Indirectly it confirms the theories of the oncologist Simoncini: The discharge contained Candida, which consequently was mixed with alcohol and made into a potency. Nowadays this nosode is one of the most useful homeopathic remedies for cancer, as well as for Candidiasis. There is also the well-proven Bacillinum (for all the other nosodes) – first the bacteria of tuberculosis are killed by alcohol, then made into a potency. It has cured many.

Sterilization of the substance

The conclusion of these complicated speculations must be: When we suspect a parasite to be the impediment in treatment, the client’s saliva or breath must first be sterilized, and only after that it can be diluted or made into a potency, before applying it. An individually prepared nosode is the best way to get rid of the parasite, as will be corroborated by some of the cases I will present. Sterilization however does not have to be done by the traditional method of mixing with alcohol. That has its disadvantages, because it brings into the preparation extraneous information of a heterogeneous substance – alcohol. The ability of the remedy to resonate with the vital energy of the patient is thus somewhat reduced. Would it not be better to sterilise through boiling? No other information would then enter the preparation. On top of this, undisturbed information about the person’s vibrations would remain, (the well-known Russian homeopath Dr. Lupicev says that through boiling the potency even gains strength). Autopathic bottles are made of flameproof glass. Therefore I have begun to use this method, even more often than the first one. I have described both methods of making sterilized autopathic dilution and gave it to my clients. Here they are:

Autopathic dilution – preparation from saliva and alcohol

The most of my clients used another instruction for how to sterilize saliva by boiling:

Autopathic dilution – preparation from saliva with heating

Commentary on instructions

 If you suffer from Candidiasis, the saliva that was in your mouth overnight contains the cells of Candida. If you happen to have latent Chlamydiosis, information about it is in the respiratory tracks; this is why it is necessary to cough with half-closed lips before spitting. Information about metabolic products of toxoplasmosis and the antidote against toxoplasmosis, if they are present in the organism, are also contained in the saliva. Other unwanted microorganisms may also be present in the saliva. Autoisopathic preparation provides our fine-matter organizational sphere, or our vital power, with the information it needs to defend itself against such undesirable influences.

The alcohol method:

Why vodka? Spirit or grain alcohol was used for the preparation of remedies already by Samuel Hahnemann. And they work until today. Today, the pure grain spirit is called vodka. Vodka produced by large manufacturers is packed on automatic manufacturing lines, and so there is no danger of transmission of droplets containing the workers’ information. Alcohol bought in a pharmacy is handled by the pharmacy staff that could cough, speak or sneeze and transfer into the spirit own information. Moreover, alcohol bought in a pharmacy is probably not grain alcohol. When buying it, we should take with us a magnifying glass and read the contents on the label. It has to be free of additives such as sugar, essences, color, flavors. The more expensive sorts of vodka fulfill these criteria. They are sold also in smaller bottles and the investment is thus smaller.

Method with heated saliva:

It is advisable to water down the saliva a little. If the saliva alone were made to boil it could become too concentrated, leaving white sediment on the wall of the autopathic bottle. Nevertheless, a preparation subsequently made in the presence of such a sediment still works. When heating it up with a lighter, burner, etc., hold the bottle just under the funnel – it does not get too hot there. If the heating process takes longer and the heat moves even to this part of the bottle, it could be held through a piece of folded tissue to prevent burning one’s fingers.

The system of application

In the II Conference about Autopathy I gave a presentation about this process of autopathic cleansing, including advice on how to make the preparation in an autopathic bottle and how to apply it:

First, four times in succession from half a liter of water daily, and after this three times from two liters every second day, followed by three liters (for people with lower vitality) or six liters (people with stronger vitality) once a week. After a month, or if there are obvious signs of removal of the parasitosis symptoms, switch to normal application without sterilisation of substance, using saliva or breath.

 Ten days after the conference one of the participants phoned me. A medical doctor, she had taken a test for Chlamydiosis on the Voll’s electro-acupuncture measuring devise. Her levels were high. After ten days of applying the preparations from heated saliva, she took the same test, and the levels were ten times lower, near zero. At the same time, the pain in her shoulder had stopped.

Another lady who attended the conference sent me the following mail: “After the Conference on Autopathy I contacted you regarding my problem of having mycosis during pregnancy. I followed your instructions and as you wanted to find out about the developments I am sending them to you. The developments were such that after two days of applying the dilution from one liter heated up, the mycosis “flowed off” in the form of discharge, which happened about two more times during the week. The problems connected with mycosis (itching, discharge) disappeared. I had a new cultivation tested after the treatment, and today I was told that the results were negative – there is no mycosis. I had Candidiasis. Thank you again for your help, the whole treatment was successful without using vaginal suppositories.” To my enquiry concerning more details she answered: “Overall feeling better psychologically and it appears that the varicose veins have stopped swelling, as well as turgidity by the right ankle. The craving for sweets has gone, or perhaps I’m suddenly able to avoid them without problems. I had been applying the preparation as you had recommended (which was first week a liter over a flame every day, second week two liters heated every day, and third week three liters over a flame, but only twice). Now I’m continuing with a dilution of three liters from breath without heating, once or twice a week depending on how I feel; this I will probably keep up until I give birth. After that, I don’t know. Perhaps I will know after I give birth. Overall I feel lighter (despite the large tummy) and in a better mood. The results of urine tests as well as pH and glucoses are better. I think that the mycosis had even gone the first week, but I simply continued so that it would not come back.”

This is the case of a woman diagnosed with schizophrenia. She suffered from anxiety, fear, she sensed the changes in her perception, she was void of energy, felt uncertainty, things were meaningless, and there were states of panic. Her condition improved somewhat after the autopathic potencies from three, four and a half, and six liters. The states of panic became less frequent, once a week, and they were milder. Then we moved to a preparation from 7.5 liters, The System of Application 193 vodka (spirit) and saliva, once a week. After this she began to sweat a great deal, in the morning regularly her stool was runny – a cleansing reaction. She wrote to me: “Last week I began to feel much better, vitality, zest to do things, energy.” No panic attacks or changed perception, fear or tiredness were mentioned.

As far as reaction to sterilised preparation goes, the very fast action is conspicuous. Things start to change significantly as soon as the obstruction to treatment has been removed.

More recently I have been recommending a simplified system of application. According to criteria described in my books, that is, according to vitality, I estimate individually appropriate potency. I recommend preparation through heating or with alcohol and application in weekly intervals. In some cases 3 repetitions were enough, followed by a change to pure saliva or breath. When symptoms of parasitosis persist, we continue in application of potency from sterilized material, until it disappears. It is possible in such a case to gradually increase the potency. It is also possible to insert between applications from pure saliva or saliva the above described methods of preparation and then continue with application as before, or, when improvement takes place, to stop the application.

More cases

A man, about fifty. He writes to me: “My current state – general exhaustion, permanent, like chronic fatigue syndrome, worsening inability to do anything, strong sweating with the smallest exertion, quick to get out of breath, constantly hungry, therefore I’m overeating, gaining weight, I snore, I’m not rested after sleep, I have a stuffy nose continuously, I suffer from flatulence and have mycosis on my feet.” These are the classical symptoms of candidiasis, as if taken from a textbook. Recommendation: Repeat autopathy from heated saliva – 3x from one liter daily, then 3x from two liters daily, every morning according to the instructions, after this from three liters every second day for one week, increase to four liters once a week, and after a month send in a report. His e-mail report after ending the cycle of treatment: “I finished the cycle on Sunday a week ago, according to the instructions, ending it on four liters. Throughout the entire time I felt marvelous.” The chronic problems obviously quickly disappeared. Only for a short time he had some back pains, which is an old, reverse symptom.

An elderly man with prostate cancer, the tumor has reached the bladder. He’s had chemotherapy and irradiation and he is on medication. About a month and a half after I had recommended daily application of autopathic preparation from one liter (autopathic bottle), saliva/alcohol, he said that the pain during urinating had significantly decreased and it had gone away altogether when urinating at night. The markers of cancer have improved, in the course of a single month they have More Cases 195 decreased forty times, psychologically he is feeling better and he has more energy. After this we moved onto making the preparation with heating. The markers dropped further, to 0,020, entirely within norm, he is energetic and in good mood. The prostate gland, which was enlarged before treatment, is now its normal size. The tumor according to the recently undergone testing (CT, MR), is undetectable.

A man around fifty. After a bout of bronchitis, for a year and a half he has suffered from a chronic cough and he is using corticoid medication. He coughs, and it gets worse when moving from cold to warm air. When the difference in temperature is greater, he gets headaches. His face is swollen. There is eczema on his hips. The doctors, after running the tests, told him he has asthma. Recommendation: 3x in succession daily autopathic preparation saliva/alcohol from 3 liters, after that a clear preparation from breath once a forthright. Check-up in five weeks: He did all as agreed upon, except that three weeks after commencing the treatment he once again made the preparation from saliva and alcohol, then he returned to preparations from breath. The cough had gone, the main problem had been cured. For the first few days the cough got worse – there was a curative crisis. The sensitivity to changes in temperature is almost gone. The eczema has significantly improved. Most importantly: He says that he feels like he did thirty years ago, when he was twenty!

I have of course many similar experiences with this new autopathic method. What they have in common is the rapid improvement of the condition with notable changes for the better. Tests confirm withdrawal of microorganisms that are hindering healing. Things take the obvious direction that in the future I will recommend this clean-up method to almost everyone at the beginning of autopathic treatment, and especially those who suffer from any kind of autoimmune illnesses. And also to those, in whom the process of autopathic improvement slowed down or stopped without a particular reason. Because autopathy is in the first place a self-healing method, it is surely appropriate to repeat the preparation made with the above-described method at least 3x at the beginning, in the frame of a cleansing, before switching to diluting pure breath (instructions here) or saliva.

I would appreciate it if you would share your experiences with me.



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