Autopathy – harmony from own saliva I.

5.1.2008 | Jiri Cehovsky |

The article series was published in the magazine Medunka in the year 2006.

Own urine can heal. We know this since a long time. Urinotherapy is not an unknown method, it has a thousand year old tradition. Various books were published on this subject. Also own blood can serve as a healing substance – auto-vaccines are used by physicians in the treatment of allergies since decades and many ill people tried it with success. But own saliva? This is a new thing. How can saliva heal, when I have it in the mouth my whole life and swallow it all the time together with food and drink and otherwise?

The thing is that own saliva heals only then, when it is strongly diluted by a homeopathic procedure and the so called potentised.  Homeopathy knows many natural substances, which in thneir raw state do not have any healing effect, but after the homeopathic preparation gain strong healing properties. For example kitchen salt, gold, iron, platinum, milk from various animals…. Homeopathy develops and so new materials of this type are found all the time. One of these is saliva. It was discovered that homeopathically potentised preparation made from own saliva of the healed person can significantly heal or even completely cure chronic, or repeated, disorders like hay fever, eczemas, menstrual pain, insomnia, tiredness, back and joint pain, tendency to recurrent infections, infertility…etc. In short, disorders, which accompany many people of today and with which one usually has to come to terms somehow.

How can saliva positively influence joints, brain, skin, intestines and other parts of the organism? It does not influence it directly. In homeopathy we have a nice theory about the way that the potentised materials, homeopathic remedies, bring about healing. Because they are potentised to a fine-matter (from the materialistic point of view immaterial) level, they can influence the fine-matter organisational principle in a person. This principle, called by Heinemann, the founder of homeopathy, “dynamis” or “vital force”, organises our physical and psychic system in such a way so that it can function in a harmonic, healthy way. When the organising function of the “dynamis” is disturbed, illness develops. Illness is a malfunction of the self-organising function. When this organising function is good, she stops the disturbing influences that arrive from the outside (viruses, bacteria, stress, chemical substances from the air, etc.) and these cannot cause any problems, or only small ones. When, however, this inner function is weak or disturbed, it gives in and illness arrives. When we strengthen the inner system, the illness starts to recede and in time disappears completely. And this applies also to chronic disorders, which we may have already several years. However, it remains to be explained, through which mechanism the highly diluted homeopathically potentised own saliva strengthens the inner self-organising principle. Here we take the help of modern science (which has otherwise still problems with explaining homeopathy). It says that everything that we see, hear, and touch and what we perceive, are vibrations. Also matter consists of particular vibrations, and every matter of different ones. Also “dynamis” is a vibration system, a kind of inner fine melody that forms our body and mind. When this individual melody changes and its vibrations cease, a malfunction, disharmony appear. We begin to suffer. It is no longer us, we are ill. The potentised own saliva can on the basis of fine-matter resonance return our original healthy (and now lost) inner melody –and with it also a harmony of the body and the mind.

What was said here is not a pure theory, but something, which was completely taken over from praxis. When we use potencies saliva, we feel a difference, which in time increasingly demonstrates itself and can be well perceived by ourselves, as well as by our environment. Not only will eczema in a child that bothered him for years start to get better and in a few weeks or months disappear totally, but the child starts to be happier, regular flu and colds also stop, as do headaches. Life quality improves. Disharmony is gradually replaced by harmony. In the longer course of time also those problems pass, with which a person unsuccessfully battled since many years, for example insomnia, chronic tiredness, sadness, pains of the back, joints, ovaries, disturbances of the immune system…etc. I frequently observe in my clients also an increased effectiveness in the way they act, increased success… but enough. Too much paper praise will probably not help this thing very much.

We will make a small test. You can find out still today, if the homeopathically diluted saliva can have a noticeable effect. If autopathy, this is the name of this special branch of homeopathy, really brings about changes. In my praxis as a healer I recommend to my clients a special device for the preparation of potentised saliva, which I call the autopathy bottle. In it I can prepare at home in a simple way my potentised autopathic dilution. But it is also possible to prepare a dilution of a lower level in a way that is accessible to everybody. When I started with this new method four years ago, I used to suggest something very simple, a method of homeopathic dilution that is called Korsakov’s and whose principle is commonly used for the production of homeopathic remedies. The procedure you take is the following: 1) Write on a piece of paper what bothers you. Every little ache, patches on the skin, negative feelings. You note subjective perceptions, not diagnosis. 2) You clean your teeth with a brush without a toothpaste. From then on you do not put anything in the mouth. 3) In two hours you take an unused bottle of ordinary drinking water (no sparkling or mineral water), which usually has a plastic cap. You go to the bathroom, no one else should be there besides you. 4) Spit out and then spit into the plastic cap, which serves as a small vessel now. 5) Fill it with water with a slight overflow. 6) Pour out and fill again with a slight overflow over the edge, fill and pour out…etc. You do this 15x. Drops on the walls of the cap transfer fine-matter information. 7) Pour the last doses in your mouth and wait a little before swallowing. This is all. 8) In one month (not earlier), you return to your piece of paper and compare every written negative feeling and ache with the present condition. You write down the changes. They can be only small and temporary in the beginning. Note that this is not an instruction to how to heal oneself, it is only an experiment. Autopathy is a gradual, usually complex process, which in the case of long-term and established disorders can take a considerable time, even years, and it has its own rules, based on classical homeopathy. It requires specific knowledge. The application of autopathy has to be repeated from time to time, and this not haphazardly, but at an exactly planned times and in exactly specified potency (level of dilution), and this according to exact rules, which are largely derived from classical homeopathy. There are advanced tools for the home preparation of autopathic dilutions. There are also specially trained healers. We will speak about these mysteries in the next issue of Medunka. Meanwhile, I wish you good luck in your first steps on the long journey, which can persuade you that that there is something on autopathy after all.



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