Autopathy – harmony from own saliva II.

14.4.2008 | Jiri Cehovsky |

The article series was published in the magazine Medunka in 2006.

In the last issue I have spoken about autopathy (a new branch of homeopathy with an old tradition) that can remove disharmonies from our body and mind. Also the chronic, deeply settled ones, which afflicted us many years. This happens in that homeopathically diluted own saliva, which we use in the autopathic process, can on the principle of resonance tune our fine matter organising spiritual centre, which the founder of homeopathy called “dynamis”. It returns it its original, healthy melody, which then slowly, but visibly, penetrates the whole organism.

Autopathy, in contrast with many other methods of alternative healing, even homeopathy, is very simple:

  • Because it is our inner fine matter organisation system that is being healed, which connects us to the Universe and is shared by the whole organism, no diagnosis is needed. Autopathy corresponds fully to Hahnemann’s statement “I do not heal illnesses, but people”.
  • In autopathy, in contrast to homeopathy, we do not have to search in a complicated and difficult way for the exactly resonating remedy. We carry it with us all the time in our mouth, although in its raw and thus ineffective way.
  • We do not need to decide, which of the approaches to healing we should give preference to – autopathy can be used as a supplementary method to any other method.
  • We are not dependent on anyone, because we can make the autopathic dilution easily in the bathroom at home.
  • Autopathy is not time-consuming. We prepare and use the dilution only once in several months. It does not contain any active chemical substances, only fine matter information.

Because of this simplicity, this method is particularly suitable for self-healing and healing at home or for healers’ self-help.

However, for the successful use of autopathy some knowledge is a prerequisite. This is based on classical homeopathy. It consists mainly of determining the level of the dilution (called potency) for each individual case and of observation of the development with the goal of providing at the right moment the subsequent homeopathic remedy, and this in the correct potency. We should not forget that autopathy is a gradual process, not a sudden change. It is a life journey.

The potency of the saliva is given, as in the case of the Korsakov’s dilution (see previous article from the series), in the same way is in homeopathy, by the number of the emptied vessels – 40x filled and emptied is 40c, 80x is 80C. In the case of the autopathy bottle (AB), which functions on the basis of the whirling flow-through principle, the use of one litre of water corresponds to the homeopathic potency of 40C, two litres 80C, three litres 120C, etc.

The correct determination of the potency is important for the achievement of the fine matter level on which dissonance arises. This means – not lower or higher.

The potency, the level of the homeopathic dilution, is determined at the beginning according to the vitality of the organism. The lower the vitality, the lower the potency. At the same time we take the personality types into consideration, not the names of the illnesses.

1 litre (AB), resp. 40C – for persons with very weak vitality. With a long history of serious or very serious health problems, chronic diseases, surgeries, large intake of medicaments. With serious malfunctions of the inner organs – now or in the history of the individual. These are usually persons aged 60 years or older. Also all chronically ill persons older than 70 years, as well as persons of all ages, who have serious structural changes in important organs (e.g. kidneys, heart…) caused by illness, transplantation, serious surgery, etc.

2 litres (AB), resp. 80C – for people of middle and younger age with a weak vitality, with a history of serious chronic illnesses of inner organs, medication and surgeries. The same for persons who are not seriously ill, aged between 60 and 70 years.

3 litres (AB), resp. 120C – for people of middle vitality, of middle and younger age, with a long history of chronic diseases, medication and/or lighter surgeries.

5 litres (AB), resp. 200 C for active persons of sufficient vitality, till 55 years of age, who have and have had in their history only lighter and more superficial (not life-threatening) chronic diseases. This is the most frequently recommended level of dilution at the beginning of an autopathic application.

For the dilution we use ordinary spring drinking water, not sparkling and without a higher content of minerals. In the case that we use the autopathy bottle (which are more than 90% of the cases in my practice), we proceed with the preparation according to the simple instructions enclosed with the AB.

The rest of the water at the end of the dilution is held in the mouth for a while before swallowing. After the use of autopathy no food or drink should be taken for another quarter of an hour.

Already one application has the ability of influencing our fine matter organisation system for many months and sometime even years. One preparation and one application lasting months or years? Unusual, but nothing new. Also in the classical homeopathy we give one globule for many months and it proved to be effective. In the fine matter space, time flows differently than in our visible material one.

And so it only remains for us to observe that which takes place in ourselves or in our clients. It is here that our knowledge can be applied the most. We have to be able to recognise the effect of the so called Hering’s Law of Cure, known from homeopathy. This can help us in spite of the usual daily fluctuation in the condition of a person, to ascertain (sometimes together with medical tests), if our general health condition improves in the long-term, or if the positive development had ceased and needs to be reinformed by a new application. But about this in the next issue.

And a small exercise in logic for the end – consider: At the beginning of the age of Aquarius, a spiritual holistic healing method appears, in which only clean drinking water is used as the healing agent…



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