Autopathy – harmony from own saliva V.

12.2.2009 | Jiri Cehovsky |

The article series was published in the magazine Medunka in 2006.

In the previous articles of this series about this new and at the same time ancient method called autopathy, we have dealt with the basics of its philosophy and techniques. Today we will present a few short descriptions of cases of healing of chronic (long-term and through usual methods incurable) disorders from my own practical work as a healer. I did not select any exemplary cases (for example I have also such when the persons have recovered from a coma), these are normal cases. In all of them the autopathy bottle was used and I always state the number of litres used for the dilution and potencising of own saliva in the given case. All cases demonstrate that it is the whole person that is being healed and not only the main symptom. I also show that the potencising via the whirling method brings fundamental qualitative progress and results, perhaps unattainable before.

Woman, 43 years old. Eczema from the childhood, when it was very strong. Now only slight. Chronic constipation. Headaches before menstruation. AD (autopathic dilution) 5 litres. During the first follow-up consultation in two months she says that all other symptoms are gone, but eczema is still slightly present. After a while also her husband comes for a consultation as a novice to autopathic treatment. He says about his wife that she has no complaints since a long time. She did not come for a new check-up, because there was nothing more to say.

An acquaintance of mine lives since a long time in a Buddhist monastery at Sri Lanka. He knows me as a homeopath and knows about my new method. He wrote to me that he has a teacher, a monk who is very advanced in wisdom, who from the time when he was treated with quinine against malaria suffers from fierce headaches. He asked me to send him several autopathy bottles, which I have done. About a year later his brother told me that he got a message from Sri Lanka that the dilution had helped the monk a lot. Later I received a letter from my acquaintance (who is also a monk), in which he confirms that his teacher’s migraines are gone since a long time and that he himself, strengthened by autopathy, deals successfully with the perils of the tropic climate. I would like to allow myself a small joke: kundika (a Buddhist vessel for vortex flux dilution) returns to a place from where it originates.

Man, 33 year old. The last two and a half months he has been badly sleeping. He wakes often and sleeps in total only about 3-4- hours per night. Sometimes he takes sleeping pills. At the same time he has difficulties in concentrating and is tired. Immediately after AD 9 litres his sleep returns to normal. During the first month after the application he had woken up at night only once and this because of noise outside of the house. He is no longer tired and his concentration is good.

Woman, 38 years old. She is two months pregnant. She vomits several times a day and feels sick in the stomach. She had similar problems during her first pregnancy 17 years ago. AD 6 litres. The vomiting and the sickness passed immediately, for a short time a mournful mood appeared, an old (now reverse) symptom, which she suffered from now and again. She felt somewhat sick in the car several times, which she suffered from when she was a child. The sickness in the car passed after a short time. She gave birth to a healthy child, which was already 7 months old when its mother came for the follow-up consultation. The mother is surprised by the baby’s perfect health, the first child (17 years ago) was not totally problem free like this one. Also her health is very good.

Boy, 4 years old. He has been suffering from reoccurring cough, lasting always at least one week in the month, and this the whole year. The physicians/allergologists have informed the mother that the boy has an allergic asthma. AD 6 litres. Follow-up consultation after six months. He is practically without cough and other symptoms since several months. After a recent test the allergologists stated that he no longer suffers from allergy.

Woman, 50 years old. Since 10 years she has blocked nose, she breathes only through her mouth. At night she takes drops, these however do not free the nose completely. She sleeps badly. She suffers from watery eyes. Tests show that her thyroid gland functions only to 15% and is swollen, enlarged. She takes artificial hormones. CT scan showed a cyst on her left kidney. Joints on her hands hurt. AD 6 litres. 3 weeks after the application both kidneys got slightly worse – she felt them. The watery eyes and the joint pains completely ceased, while the blocked nose continued. I recommended trying stopping the nose drops for a couple of days. Two days after stopping the drops, the nose was free. Half a year after the application she went to a follow-up consultation of her thyroid gland. They told her that it returned to a normal size. The blood tests have shown normal, 100% function of the gland. The nose is still free. Her kidneys, as well as the whole of her, rejoice about the unknown good health.

Woman, 24 years old. She says that she comes to me because of a small lump behind the ear and because she would like to be less jealous. She did not say more in the first consultation. AD 6 l. Follow-up consultation after three months. She noted many changes for the better in problems, which she did not mention the first time. Already since six months she had heard badly on one ear, this disappeared. Since the beginning of her menstruation, she always had strong pains and took painkillers. The last two menstruations were pain free. Also stomach pains, which regularly returned even outside of menses, ceased now. She has much more energy. Her sleep is better. She is less jealous. The lump behind the ear remains the same. Year and a half after the application of AD the improvements continued and she reported also improvement of communication with people. She did not mention the lump behind the ear.

I have many similar cases and I described fifty of them in my two books about autopathy. One of these cases was of a woman, who, on the occasion of a discussion about autopathy, told me that she suffered from strong and persistent tiredness following chemotherapy. After she had made herself an autopathic dilution according to instructions published in the first part of our article series, the tiredness ceased. Sometimes it is this easy, at least at the beginning. Later it is necessary to use detailed knowledge of the matter and a better device for the preparation of the dilution. Autopathy is not simple at all, as it may seem at first sight to someone who is not familiar with it. It is a way to health and harmony, and also a journey through life, on which, as a rule, the traveller needs a guide who is knowledgeable of the matter, and where he/she has to overcome oneself, which is often difficult and in some individual cases even impossible. Autopathy is a method, which may not be for everybody, but only for people, who are karmically ripe for it.

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