What can keep us from reaching 100 % health and how to tackle it

2.3.2016 | Jiri Cehovsky | jiri.cehovsky@alternativa.cz

Lecture presented at the VIII. Conference on Autopathy, 30. 1. 2016 in Prague 

There are many negative influences, which do not support joy, happiness and life, but their opposites. Some are well known, for example the chemical ones, others are not so well known, for example electromagnetic radiation and some are not known at all. Some of these hostile influences are even considered to be friendly, especially those, which lead to dependence. We can avoid some of them to a certain extent, but the most of them stay. Some are marginal, others significant.

Conference hallOn the first place amongst the hostile influences I would like to mention the materialistic school education and media environment, pretending that all people, besides strange and rare exceptions, are materialists. However, our intuition and experiences, as well as statistical findings, radically oppose it. One European study (1) states that 50% of people believe in spiritual vital force, prana, another study (2) says that 78% of students attending the last two years of secondary schools accept the existence of a spiritual sphere, 6% have a religious view about it and 72% acknowledge various independent forms of spirituality, also homeopathy is named here. There is also a mention that in this context, children usually think the same as their parents. However, the philosophy propagated by the state and the industries (media, health, business…) is materialism. It maintains that human being is only a material. That his consciousness and body are only a result of chemical processes, which can be influenced only by chemical substances. It follows that the maintenance of health and healing focuses only on the less important, the material, aspects of a person, as if nothing else existed. Exactly because of this error, there is a large growth of chronic illnesses. The illnesses are often our best advisors, who lead us to the discovery of truth and to a new perception of things.

Another important, but rarely reflected problem is that we consider what we perceive and see outside of our body as being external. However, everything that we observe, perceive, validate and see in the so-called outer world is always inside of our own consciousness. It is inside us. Consciousness is a creative process. We create our mind, our body and our world with our consciousness. We are the consciousness. When we create them ourselves, how is it then possible that our world and our body and mind are not flawless? How is it that they do not fulfil our expectations? The reason is that we create disharmoniously. We see only the material surface of things, so they taught it to us, and we often act this way. We see the colliding interests of individual persons and groups. Our own and those of the others, Ours and Theirs, good and bad. Conflicts, struggle of antitheses. We see the differences, but do not see that there is a common base in the fine-matter sphere. It is the symbol of the lotus flower – everything radiates from one place. When we turn our attention to the common base, to the Source, the antithesis and conflicts are reduced, harmony grows. How do we turn our attention to the fine-matter Source and improve our reception of information from it? The way that we tune to it is for example through autopathy. There are various techniques of how to reach the fine-matter sphere, tune ourselves to the music of the Source and thus obtain harmony. For this to happen, it has to be in resonance not only with the higher creative sphere, but also with the mind, the consciousness of people. Autopathy is a technique of our life experience, modest and very practical and effective, because it clearly resonates with our spirit, mind and body, a technique, to which also our eczemas, migraines, colds, depressions and our feelings succumb. Autopathy addresses the fine-matter sphere of a human being. A sphere, where our consciousness is situated, which is immortal and never ending, only in constant transformation. A sphere, in which the real domicile of each of us is situated. People do not die, but leave the body, when they no longer have a use for it.

In conclusion of this thought I would like to underline that the outer is in the reality the inner, the opposites cannot be separated, Yin and Yang are constantly turning in an undividable spiral and produce a binary code of our world, body and mind. And thank God, we know, how and with what we can direct it, so that we can feel better.

So that we can feel better

in context of autopathy, we have to do everything in a way, which corresponds to the inherent laws, which we observed in the course of its 13-year use, as it has been described in the book, the autopathic web and in the conference recordings. Mistakes, which we make, slow down our progress. In an extreme case, they can even stop us, for a while or for a long time. However, they also provide us with lessons. And we learn a lot exactly through those mistakes.

A case full of mistakes: 12 years of monitoring an autopathic development

A young woman working in a responsible and psychically stressful and demanding profession. In the year 2004, during the summer heat period, she could not sleep in the night because of an irritating cough; she has been suffering since years from a spring allergy, onset of headaches and back pains after giving birth. At the consultation, I recommended to her AUTO saliva 6 l, once. After this, the headaches and the back pains stopped.

She came to me again after five years. She reports that she was fine for two years after applying autopathy. But then occasionally breathlessness returned, which she suppressed with a spray. Also after two years, the headaches returned. After this, she had frequent laryngitis, cough, angina, once a month mycosis before menses. All this she suppressed with pills. The spring allergies returned. Menses is now stronger and lasts the whole week, she feels tired afterwards, her head and back ache and she cannot think clearly, is “useless”. It starts already 3 days prior and ends 3 days after, it bothers her a lot at work and otherwise, that is why she came to me. I recommended AUTO 6 l breath (not boiled) 1x a month. The 6 l had proved to be very effective six years ago and so I suggested this dilution again. The mistake was that when two years after the application of autopathy her problems returned, she did not even think about the dear and tried autopathy, which her mother had introduced her to. It was only when her health, which had been ailing for further three years, began to influence her life and work that she showed up again after all. She would have preferred to improve her health through conventional means and be conventional, but she saw that it is not possible.

Follow-up consultation after two months. She says that she had made autopathy only once (mistake, recommended was repeated application), she sneezes a little in the morning, symptoms during menses have improved by half, no mycosis, her nose is no longer blocked – she just walked past a lime tree in blossom and nothing happened, in the past she would have had a sneezing fit. Dryness in the throat had stopped, the neck does not hurt anymore, headache only once and stopped by itself in the evening, which was unusual, and the pain was weaker. The physician apparently noticed a little while ago an enlargement of a thyroid gland (one cannot see it with the naked eye) and had sent the blood for a hormone test. The results have not arrived yet, other test results are in order. I suggested 6 l boiled breath (at that time a new method) once in 3 weeks.

She arrived to the next consultation in one year and four months – mistake, she should have contacted me after 3-4 months. Again she applied autopathy only once at the beginning, not repeatedly as recommended, which was also a mistake. The wish to be conventional was still very strong: use autopathy and forget it again. Later she told me that it was partially caused by the views of her partner, who does not understand autopathy and keeps mocking her, she prefers to apply autopathy when he is not at home. Nevertheless, after one application, she was well for over a year. However, two months ago a narrowing of the airways and with it light breathlessness appeared. This lasted three weeks, especially at night, she slept very badly. It was during the hot summer period, now in September it got better. However, she is very tired and has an increased need for sleep. Her ears are blocked. The suspicion for malfunctioning of the thyroid gland had not been confirmed the last time.

Further development during nine months, shortly summarised: dilution was increased from 6 to 9 and to 12 l boiled breath (BB), applied once. Discharge stopped immediately and back pains improved, disappearing later, breathlessness no longer returned. Blocked ears and tiredness stopped. Occasionally she gets herpes. She is considering stopping contraceptive pills, which she has been taking since a long time. In the recent time, she has been experiencing strange unquiet, nervousness. In this situation, I recommend increase of dilution to 13,5 l breath, without boiling. However, the unquiet and nervousness significantly increased. She is in permanent mental stress tension and does not know why (here I remind that she has a psychically demanding profession). Increase to 18 litres breath without boiling. She contacts me after one week this time, all bad news: due to anxieties, she stopped going to work. Her head keeps spinning. We have tried a homeopathic remedy with slight, but unsatisfactory improvement. I had to consider where a mistake could have happened: the problems started, when I needlessly increased the potency to 12 litres (we should not leave a potency, which has been functioning well, when we do it, it could be a mistake) and when boiling was stopped, which was without a doubt the main mistake. The anxiety was meanwhile joined by a permanent headache. Recommendation: 4,5 litre boiled breath (BB). She slept the whole of the next day, in the following two days the headache stopped and the anxiety disappeared very quickly. The unquiet appeared only a couple of times and only for a short while. In one week she went back to work, anxiety free, head is no longer spinning, short back pain. Without physical and psychic complaints.

A lesson: BB should not had been exchanged for breath without boiling. In some very rare cases as this one it caused problems, detoxication was not completed. Moreover – we should not abandon the method of preparation, which had proved to be effective up to now and had led to improvement.

The next consultation after 9 months: In the autumn, she applied autopathy in single applications for small problems, which she remembers, 15 l BB and in 14 days 18 l BB. She does not have any complaints worth mentioning, sometimes herpes, but it heals quickly. During the last week, however, at the beginning of May, she has occasional throat tickling, her nose is blocked – signs of returning allergy? To repeat 18 l BB.

Consultation after 2 months. She did not take the recommended doses of AUTO, did not have any serious reason for it. Obviously, this was a mistake – she should have applied autopathy already with the occurrence of slight demonstrations of the allergy, not wait until it gets worse. At present she is bothered by allergic breathlessness, which she did not have at all during the previous year, it manifested itself 3x, always at night. AUTO 4,5 l BB, 1x in 3 days, alternate with boiled saliva (BS). After three weeks, transfer to 6 l. Consultation over the telephone in 2 months: the symptoms quickly retreated and in one and a half month, she is totally without complaints. Recommendation: alternate 9 litres BS with BB once in 14 days.

Consultation after 4 months: In December, after one month of application, she stopped because she was complaint-free. This continues. Advice: do not apply anymore.

In further 3 months: feels good, but if anything occurs, she should take 12 l BB applied once.

Two months later, in the year 2013, when she was completely healthy, I recommended to her in case of a recurrence of the anxiety to apply Prana 2, 3 l, once in 4 days and to notify me.

I did not see her for year and a half, then she calls me that since three weeks, she has been experiencing anxiety again. Before this, she was all right. She has pains in the cervical spine. She is going to work, but does not feel good. She still has an unused autopathy bottle from the last time, because she did not apply the autopathy at all and during the long period, when she felt well, she forgot my recommendation for what she should do should the problems return (mistake). First, I recommended 6 l BB, but no improvement, she takes a homeopathic remedy, followed by slight improvement, but the anxiety persists. In a couple of days I recommended Prana 5, according to the simple procedure in the article, starting with 1,5 l and adding 1,5 l, until change for the better occurs. However, she got to 4,5 l and did not observe any improvement. On the contrary, she has been feeling dizzy and has headaches. I asked her, what water has she been using. I learned that she has been using the cheapest drinking water. And this was a mistake! This kind of water has in several cases proved unsuitable for autopathy, because the bottles are filled from water mains and this water contains chlorine. I know from several people that they had made the same experience. I recommend using the more expensive spring water without additives.  Three days after the application things took significant turn for the better. Then it got a little worse again, she took 6 l, the mental condition got better for three days, after fourteen days increase to 7,5 litres Prana 5. Some of the old physical symptoms shortly occurred again, fluctuating improvement of the mental condition. Recommendation: repeat 7,5 litres in case of worsening of the mental condition. Then, if no improvement, increase by 1,5 l.

In two months she tells me that she last repeated 7,5 l Prana 5 a month and a half ago, since then it is good. She makes a calm and composed impression, laughs – she never looked so content before. It also should be added that she looks much younger than her forty years of age.

The last consultation after two and half months: she is content, did not have to apply anything. Not only does she master her demanding and stressing job, she also took on an extra work duty. She has been recommending autopathy to other people. My recommendation: repeat Prana 5, 7, 5 l only when necessary.

Summary: We make occasional mistakes. Mistakes in autopathy cannot do harm. They only mean that at a given time, autopathy does not bring the maximum of its possibilities. However, when we learn from the mistakes, they became incentives for development, which helps us to move the borders of our knowledge about functioning of autopathy further. It is not difficult to remove the mistakes. Important is to recognize and to correct them. To the case mentioned above I should add that instead of spending the last 12 years with breathlessness and later with anxieties, the most of this time she was healthy, only with single and short symptom demonstrations, ceasing after autopathy. Considering that one third of our fellow citizens suffer from allergies, it is surely a good news. The second good news: the older this woman gets the healthier and better looking she becomes. The third good news: we should not be afraid of making mistakes. When we recognize them, correction follows. And the fourth good news: there is a book “Get Well with Autopathy”, currently the 6th edition. It gathers experiences and explains how to proceed, so that the mistakes can be kept to minimum.

Further possible mistakes:

Impatience and continuous change of strategy, potency, intervals of application, the method of preparation, without waiting adequate time (weeks) for evaluation of the reaction in healing processes of chronic disorders.

Concentration on one problem, rather than on the observation of the complete development of body and mind.

Inconsistency. Autopathy improved the condition, but one forgets about it, although the inner disharmony had not been completely removed.

Not keeping notes about the development. In self-healing or about clients. In almost all cases, where records are kept over a longer period, we encounter a situation that in continuing treatment, for example after an increase in dilution or a change in method of preparation, the expected improved effectiveness does not arrive, on the contrary, it can decrease (e.g. the case of the woman above). It is then often necessary to look back at which potency and which method of preparation were more successful in the past. The return to the proved, to that, which had been effective for this person in the past, but was prematurely abandoned, starts up or restarts further positive development. Without notes, this return will not be possible. Likewise, notes, which are kept incorrectly, increase insecurities about how to proceed with the case. Very important is to note not only negative aspects, pathology, what is not in order, but also positive feelings and events, periods without disorders and it is exactly this, which shows us where (in which potency and method of preparation) autopathy had the most intensive impact.

It is appropriate that notes are made also by the healed person. This way he or she can be sure of having them at hand and can change to self-healing at any time and, most importantly, he or she can note own observations and feelings at a time when they take place, which makes authentic and undistorted view of things possible when looking back at the case.

When the advantages of having the illness outweigh the disadvantages, healing is more difficult and can have its limits. Illnesses do not bring only disadvantages, but can provide also not negligible advantages. Some people create for themselves an image and a social standing of an ill person: ‘Because of my illnesses I cannot do anything and therefore you cannot want anything from me, on the contrary, you have to be considerate to me, much more than to a healthy person.’ In the current society, which can be very inconsiderate to a person´s feelings, it is often the only way to get consideration. We see this for example in small children, who are given to a crèche because their mothers are working. Some of the more social children like it even, but others cannot cope with it well. The only way, how to win the mother for oneself, is illness. And so soon after the arrival in the crèche, the child gets ill. The mother stays at home, reads it fairy stories, is nice to it and generally gives it more attention than usual, demonstrates emotions that are more positive. As soon as the child gets healthy, it has to go back to the crèche. And so there is only one thing to do: get ill again. Of course, autopathy helped also in such situations to improve the health, however… there is a permanent tendency to the decreased effectiveness of any form of healing, which we sometimes have to deal with, for example by more frequent preventive repetition of the potency and the method of application, which had healed the acute condition. Once in 14 days, once a month etc. and this also when the child is currently healthy. Purely as a prevention. The advantages of an illness as a maintaining factor can of course also apply to adults. When a chronically ill person is healed, it is from a general social viewpoint a fully unexpected thing and so they find themselves in a new situation – when they were ill, other people were considerate to them and could not demand much from them, nor did they expect a lot. And this changes now. Albeit for the better, but for some it is a step into unknown and sometimes into a lesser comfort than before. Important is also the change from the viewpoint of self-perception, for example as a victim: ‘I am the one, who always had to accept injustices, humiliation and undervaluation, I suffered in my life many unjust traumas and for this reason my nervous system is malfunctioning, and my body, particularly through faults of other people, is in a terrible state…’ When this changes and the body and the mind start to recover, suddenly a problem arises – who am I actually, what do I want, what could others want from me… a journey into unknown. With the retreat of the chronic dissonance, a free space for self-realisation appears. Individual persons deal with it in various ways. People, who have the tendency to work too much, immediately take on additional tasks. People, who have the tendency to travel, travel more. People with a tendency to rest, rest more. People with a tendency to meditate, meditate more. Sometimes they start to meditate, although they did not have any tendency to it before. People, who identified themselves too much with the illness, and did not have, for example because of the illness, enough positive interests, can stop the treatment in order to stop the change in the status. They will have to develop positive relationship to the world and to their body. Only then can they build on it and this can be a longer process.

A case with questions

A woman aged around 60 comes to me at the end of May. She has polyneuropathy, strange feelings in the legs, she has difficulties with walking, can walk one kilometre at the most and is dragging her left leg behind her. However, her physician says that the right leg is worse. She has recurring rosacea on the face in the autumn and in the spring and she always takes antibiotics. She has pains in the joints, hands, elbows, knees, her head and back hurt, has diabetes and has been injecting insulin since 20 years now 4x a day. Her blood sugar levels are increased to around 10 mmol but sometimes even 15 mmol. She has diabetes since 30 years. A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and blood vessels on her legs started to be obstructed. She had undergone a surgery with three bypasses. Half a year ago, she had a brain stroke, could not speak, could not write her signature, was hospitalized. Since then she has been experiencing speech difficulties. She has been taking 10 kinds of medicaments long-term and further medicaments occasionally for acute problems. I recommended to her 1,5 l BB once in two days, 3 weeks, followed by an increase to 2 l 14 days, then 3 l once a week.

Since then she came to me for two consultations, each time approximately after month and a half. During the first one she said that the pains in the joints of the hand disappeared, she can walk much better, does not have pains in the back, before this she had to straighten herself after sitting, which had been painful, but this does not happen anymore. A marked change in the polyneuropathy – before using autopathy, she felt it over the knee as a tight stocking, now it moved under the knee, according to the Hering’s Law of Cure from above downwards. Before autopathy, her left leg gave way in the hip joint when standing up, in 14 days from the beginning of the application of autopathy this disappeared. To continue 2 l BB once a week, alternatively increase to 3 till 3,5 l if the effect lessens.

The second consultation:  before the end of a three-month period of using the autopathy bottle, some of the already removed symptoms began to return – the joints started hurting again and the leg did not bend so easily anymore. However, as soon as she replaced the autopathy bottle with a new one it began to get quickly better. She also increased the quantity of water to 3.5 l and reduced the interval to every second day. She is feeling very well. No speech impairment.

The last consultation took place in November over the telephone. I called her out of curiosity, exactly half a year after the beginning of the therapy with autopathy. She does not have any problems, the usual rosacea disappeared in the autumn, improvement from the previous consultations continues, tiredness is gone. She continues taking the ten kinds of medicaments per day, as before autopathy. The healing of the serious condition after the stroke and many other ailments took therefore less than half a year! The case presents several questions:

–        How is it possible that it went so quickly? And this with the large intake of chemical drugs? Possible answer: Inner condition of the body and the mind, karma, merits.

–        How is it possible that she never came again, although more than a year went by? One of the possible answers: She searches now how to psychically and socially deal with the radical improvement of her health condition. How to reduce psychological and social identification with the illness.

–        Does she continue with autopathy? Answer: Who knows? Most likely yes. I have recommended to her during our last talk to increase in case of a reduced effect to 4,5 l BB and it is possible that she has been continuing with it. Because she does not have any complaints, there is no need for consultation. Moreover, her daughter had completed a course on autopathy and has perhaps been consulting her, which would be logical. However, I think that the psychical and social coming to terms with such a quick change is not easy. And this not only for her, but also for the physicians, who had been confronted with this unexpected transformation. Will they respond with a change in their approach to the case? Or will after this half a year autopathic episode everything go back to the original state? It is a pity that I cannot and probably never will be able to answer these questions. It is good when the client continues to visit his consultant for a while after his problems had been resolved. The tendency to the illness may not have been removed yet and it is good to continue, perhaps in a little higher potency and extended intervals.

I have to say that I have sometimes encountered a situation, when the person after a successful therapy turned away from autopathy and this exactly for the reason that for them the adaptation to the new, healthier or healthy status was very difficult. This was partially apparent in the previous case of the young woman, who needed three years before she came back to autopathy when symptoms returned.

The gained freedom means that one has to decide between several possibilities, it has thus certain expectations on a person, which were not there before. Responsibility comes into foreground: I alone am responsible for what is happening to me. And to the people around me! I remember a case, when one young and professionally very successful woman had healed her allergies, strong eczema, migraines and a number of other ailments and was for a number of years a very satisfied client. However, then she told me that she is disconcerted, because her sister got a serious chronic disease. I asked her, if she had ever mentioned autopathy to her. She replied that she never mentioned autopathy to anyone. She moved in business environment and thought that no one would understand it. Then she never came again. She probably stopped with autopathy. It was a case of rejection of responsibility. She had refused to take on responsibility for the condition of her sister in that she would recommend autopathy to her. She probably resolved the conflict of conscience by leaving autopathy. Many of us are not used to this freedom of significantly influencing our life and the lives of others and it presents a certain challenge to us. Some people do not realize that helping others means helping also oneself. The Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung nicely expressed it when he said that the one who heals others heals also himself. We are all connected, whether we realize it or not. Thus, when we consciously refuse or conceal a possible help to someone near us, even if because we think that he or she would not accept it, we can refuse with it helping ourselves.

Short memory. I have also met with cases, when people had been cured from chronic ailments, but after a while forgot about autopathy. I remember a telephone call, where one women called me that seven years ago she visited me with chronic cough and the cough stopped and now she asked, which homeopathic remedy I had recommended to her then, because now after seven years the cough starts again. I looked into my records and I found her and I found that the chronic cough disappeared after one doses of autopathy. When I told her, she could not remember at first what I am talking about… And then she sighed disappointed: ‘Yes, this …this autopathy…it is a pity. I had hoped that you could recommend some medicament to me.’

Finally, we have to ask, if a lasting 100% health is at all possible and if anyone can achieve such a state of health. According to the WHO definition, health is not only the absence of an illness, but also a state of physical and psychological wellbeing. Therefore, a state, which is extremely rare in today’s world. It is surely impossible to maintain it permanently, because everything changes all the time. Nothing is permanent. Life has a cycle of birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age and the decline of the body and the social ego. Consciousness transforms itself, but it continues. As for example the Buddhists say, we cannot escape from this birth cycle if certain rather difficult inner conditions had not been fulfilled. Nevertheless, in spite of negative influences, we can achieve a condition in which the symptoms, situated in chronically ill persons deep inside and causing much suffering, relocate themselves more to the surface with markedly smaller suffering and with periods without ailments lasting markedly longer and we have many cases, when the people removed their chronic ailments completely and achieved with autopathy long periods, years, without any pathological symptoms. Also wellbeing, for many people of today a totally unknown concept, can be achieved for a while, for months and years. We have also had this experience. Principally, this is not only influenced by autopathy, but also by the inner hidden state of the mind and the body – the karma. The complete attitude to life, based on the knowledge of its changeability and transience.

100% health is an ideal, which we can come close to, but whose reaching lies beyond the borders of that, which we call healing.

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Sweet surprise at the end of the conference. Thanks.


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(2) http://medialib.kam.cz/download/ruzne/zprava_vyzkumu_buh_ano_cirkev_ne.pdf




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