When the good mood is absent

1.11.2017 | Marcela Bertokova | marbert@seznam.cz


A woman, 60 years old, came to me with strong depressions from which she has been suffering since about five years. She has been taking antidepressant drugs and has been visiting psychiatric consultancy, she whines a lot, cannot sleep at night, has red eyes, frequent headaches, and does not know what to do with her life. I recommended to her Prana 5, 1,5 litres, once in three days. Immediately after that she phoned me that it seems impossible, but that she slept the whole night, feels much better and is very thankful. She came to my consultancy two months later smiling and told me happily that every time after having used autopathy she has been feeling great. She is on Prana 5, 3 litres. I recommended to her to slowly increase by 1,5 litres and after one month to take a new bottle. She arrived four months later beaming and told me how much energy she has. Her eyes were better, she even stopped smoking and has been enjoying life. I explained to her how important it is now to start with cleansing, in spite of her feeling better. Recommendations: To alternate boiled saliva till 12 litres, eventually to have a new bottle at hand for Prana 5. The next follow-up control should take place in half a year, or earlier if needed. She arrived in half a year, however, with depressions again, she had put on 10 kg in weight, eyes were red again and she also had several reverse symptoms from her youth. The woman had not used autopathy the whole 6 months, because she was feeling well. Then she had to solve some family problems (her sons) and I think this was the reason for the return of the depressions. She immediately took up autopathy again where she stopped it. She felt quickly better and everything developed well. Today she knows that the clever fine matter energy cannot be fooled that easily and has always a bottle at hand just in case. She has enough zest to give it away and recommends this method also to others.

When the mother is in a good mood

A woman, 35 years of age, complains of general exhaustion, has been often waking up at night and not getting enough sleep (has a small child), she suffers from heartburn, complains about her carpals, screams at her child and does not have herself under control. About a year ago she got an eczema on her face and also stomach problems.

The first application of autopathy took place in September 2016, when I recommended boiled saliva with 3 litres every second day, then 4,5 litres 2x a week and 6 litres 1x a week and to change her diet by reducing foods aggravating acidity. In December she had generally more energy, but stronger heartburn, stomach problems continued (she visited a physician, hyperacidity), eczema remained the same, her hands continued tingling, she was sleeping better at night, but was still discontent and cried during the consultation.

She got a new bottle, the first two weeks she made Prana 5 1,5 litres and with the same bottle she continued parallel with boiled saliva and breath until 12 litres once a week. In April 2017 she came to me satisfied and without any larger complaints, she no longer screamed at her child, has been sleeping through the night, she no longer complained about her stomach, but occasionally about the heartburn. The eczema was gone and she totally forgot about the tingling in hands. She was in a good mood and kept smiling. She wants to continue and has a new autopathy bottle ready, looks forward to Prana 5 1,5 depending on need and intuition. In July she no longer uses autopathy, is happy and complaint-free. I want to stress the big influence that a loving mother can have on her child, when she is in a good mood.




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