Urinary tract

4.4.2013 | Dr. Jiri Trachtulec | jirik.tk@seznam.cz

I usually start with autopathy according to the following scheme:

  • First application – non-sterilised saliva, potency according to vitality
  • Second application – sterilised saliva, the same potency, one week later
  • Third application – sterilized saliva, double potency, in one week
  • Fourth application – breath + sterilized saliva, double potency, in two weeks
  • And I gradually increase. The last potency is not sterilized. After the expiry of autopathy bottle I wait and observe. However, the desired effect is not always achieved.

Man, 50 years. Returning problems with bladder, pressure in lower abdomen, frequent urinating, prostate (according to PSA) is probably not the cause. Urine contains some bacteria and leukocytes. Antibiotics help only temporarily and the problem returns. Other problems besides bad mood and tiredness are negligible.

We tried carefully with potency 80C and arrived at final potency 480C. This three-month sequence had helped to improve his mood, reduced tiredness, removed small problems of movement apparatus, however, the urinary tract had practically not reacted. After one month after the last application of autopathic preparation we tried the following procedure:

  • 5x urine + saliva non-sterilized 40C after 12 hours
  • 4x urine + saliva non-sterilized 80C after 12 hours

This sequence started improvement. The urinary tract started to improve already after third day, soon arrived reverse symptoms like muscle pain in the shoulder and the back of the neck.

This case led me to the conclusion that in such situation it may be good to return to frequent repetition of lower potencies. Also beneficial may be rehabilitation through use of urine at least in the cases with urinary tract. You may object that it could suffice to use saliva alone in lower potency. Perhaps, however, at the beginning of dealing with this case we have applied the potency 80 twice without results.



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