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26.7.2008 | Jiri Cehovsky |

Because I often recommend autopathy to my clients and have more than two years of experience with it, which is literally overwhelming, I assume that it is my duty to remind of it sometimes. I am doing it this time by presenting two cases of long-term chronic disorders. Both were previously healed homeopathically with good, but not permanent results. Although autopathy works in a similar way as a constitutional remedy – according to Herring’s laws, I have observed some patterns in the in the clients’ general development, which are slightly different. This will be dealt with in the first case.

Sturdily built 33 years old woman, mother of a 12 year old girl. She has periodontitis in an advanced stage. Her teeth are loose and they and the whole mouth hurt all the time. She feels it even in her sleep, she sleeps with clenched teeth or chatters with them. She used to sleep with her jaw strongly flexed.  She has difficulty with chewing, because it hurts her. Her teeth have no decay. When she was eighteen, she fell on her chin, the tooth number six began to protrude and was extracted. Then spaces began to develop between the teeth and the teeth became loose. First the teeth in the lower jaw, then in the upper one. All her back teeth were extracted because of an inflammation.  She has bad taste in her mouth, between the gum and the teeth pockets with inflammatory effusion develop. Just before this she had undergone a surgery, in which they cut and cleaned the gums – this was already the third operation of this kind. After this, her teeth started to permanently hurt and it continued two months until today. After the last surgery, also her jaw joint stiffened, the cheek swelled up, she could not open her mouth. Since then, her jaw joint dislocates now and again. The joint hurts. The doctor told her that the joint is all right. During the last medical intervention they have found microorganisms, and she was now asked to stay 10 days in the hospital, where she should receive infusions with antibiotics. After this, a new surgery is planned, where her jaw bone will be filed-down and a graft from cow-bone implanted. Her condition during the allopathic treatment continually worsens.

She also suffers from frequent headaches.

Her eyes are sensitive to light and ache. She had taken eye drops for a long time.

She must sleep 12 hours a day, otherwise she feels tired.

In the past she had repeated anginas, about once or twice a year, the last one a year ago.

Both her parent have periodontitis.

To start with I have recommended a homeopathic remedy in the potency of 1M, determined according to the total of her symptoms and her psychic condition. At the same time she decided not to undergo any further stomatological or other allopathic treatments, about which she was convinced that they do not help her.

After seven weeks of gradual improvement the headaches ceased, also the pain of the gums and joints, she no longer slept with clenched teeth.

Four months after the application of the remedy, she still has an ache in the jaw when chewing, although it has improved. A shape on the inside of her cheek that had to be operated in the past has reappeared– she is very worried. Since around 14 days she gets repeatedly headaches. I suggested to her this time to make an autopathic dilution from own saliva, and this via the flux vortex method using 5 litres water – approximately the potency C 200.

Control check-up after one further month. The headaches stopped immediately. The teeth are loose as before, but the teeth, the jaw and the joint do not hurt. The gums still slightly bleed, which is an old problem. The cheek no longer stiffens, even after yawning. She had a visitor at home, with a dog – in the past she had a slight allergy to dogs. Now the reaction was strong: burning eyes (old, reverse symptom) and a feeling in the throat as with angina. Since then she has permanent pain in the eyes, as if she had sand in them (old symptom).

Control check-up after three months. The old improvements continue, additionally her gums have stopped bleeding and hurting. Her eyes are watering now and again. She has rhinitis right now. She has hardly any reaction to dogs. The shape on the inside of the cheek that worried her so much had disappeared.

Control check-up after five months since the application of the autopathic dilution. Occasionally she has a headache, her eyes keep on watering and her teeth hurt again. I recognised a starting relapse. She prepared and used again an autopathic dilution from saliva in approximately the same potency.

Control check-up after further three months: the head and the teeth stopped hurting after the last application, but recently both problems are coming back. The eyes are not watering, only slightly in the morning and in the evening from tiredness, the gums do not bleed and teeth and the joint do not hurt. Because the deeper seated problem (headache) is coming back, while the more peripheral ones are remaining in a better condition up to now, I concluded that it is a starting relapse and recommended to double the quantity of the water used for dilution and to apply autopathy once more.

Control check-up after further two months: she calls me that she has an angina (old symptom) – namely swollen tonsils and a throat ache, but this time surprisingly without fever and tiredness so that she is able to go to work as usual. All chronic ailments cased – head, joint, teeth, gums, eyes are all right. She did not use the autopathic dilution that I suggested the last time, because before she got to preparing it, the problems started to disappear! She is therefore still under the influence of the last application.

It is by far not the only case of autopathy when after approximately two or three months after the application of autopathy some inner (not surface!) and previously improved symptoms get temporarily worse again, so that the organism can take a new breath and in the form of a kind of a spiral brings the whole system on a higher level of health. It is this, which is the autopathic specificity of the development, which I never observed in the use of homeopathic remedies, and which, as far as I know, has never been documented. It is not very frequent deviations from Herring’s laws, which are otherwise excellent guide in the autopathic process and show us when the application should be repeated. The above mentioned angina is then nothing else than a temporary reverse return of an old symptom on the way back through previous states of frequency, to a higher state of being on physical, psychic and spiritual level.

In further six months: after the symptoms of angina quickly passed, she does not have any other problems, which would be worth a mention (we see each other sometimes). She feels and looks well.

The following case shows that autopathy provides a realistic hope for cure and for living a full life also to people, whose general life perspective is unfavourable due to long-term, the so called incurable ailments.

A very slim, pale young woman, about 20 years old, we shall call her Christine. Since around seven months she has been suffering from watery stool accompanied by strong flatulence, the last four months with the presence of blood. Since the four months she is at home on sick leave. She informs me that colonoscopy had shown an inflammation (she is not sure if of the large or the small intestine, the latter is more probable) in the length of 40 cm, the adjoining section is red in colour. The stool is watery, passed approximately 6x in the day and 4x at night, it is accompanied by gas, and so it is difficult for her to leave the flat. Strong tiredness. The condition gradually worsens. She takes a number of medicaments. The diagnosis is ulcerous colitis, one of my doctor-acquaintances had expressed the opinion that it could be Crohn’s disease, in such cases the inflamed sections are usually surgically removed, which temporarily improves the condition but without permanent cure.

About a month after the application of a homeopathic remedy in then potency 1 M, she got fever over 39°C lasting the whole week, she was under medical supervision. After one further month I learn that she passes stool 2x a day, normally formed. She looks healthy, has red cheeks. She is in a good mood, such as she did not have a long time, she is not tired. She is no longer nervous, which bothered her in the last months. After this I have not heard from her for one year, and as I have learned later, except for the last month she was symptom free.

One year after the last control check-up one of her relatives called me: since one month, Christine has diarrhoea again, with blood in it. The last 4 days she has been having a fever, 40°C.  The physician told her that it is a flu and gave her antibiotics. Before this telephone call, she took a homeopathic remedy, which helped her one year ago.

After further 3 days they call me that the fever continues and fluctuates till 40°C. She is very weak and passes stool 8x a day and 4x at night. She is very tired, she has a headache and her extremities hurt. It seems probable that the homeopathic remedy had already lost its influence (the patient changed). On the top of it, due to the fever and the diarrhoea, she is strongly dehydrated, which can only be resolved by infusions, no longer by mere drinking. I advised them to ask their physician to order hospitalization.

A month after having been released from the hospital, the number of passing stool had decreased, but still some blood was present. Additionally, Christine gets a strange back pain. She says that she is otherwise happy because everybody is nice to her when she is ill. Because improvement took place after all and she took the medicament that had helped her a year ago, I decided to wait and not recommend anything at present.

One month later, when the condition slowly improved, a strong manifestation of new symptoms occurred: crippling, wandering pains, which moved from knee, or hip, a shoulder or a collar bone… accompanied by fever. Her relatives said that they weep over her suffering. She went to a medical examination, but the condition continued unchanged. I recommended autopathic dilution from own saliva, using 3 litres water – thus potency of approx. C 120. I have discovered that in the harmony bottle, which was used in this as well as the previous case, the potency of C40 is obtained from a dilution with 1 litre water.

The stool frequency reduced itself immediately to two times a day and none in the night. Fever and pain in the hip joint returned. She got appetite for food. In the hospital they diagnosed a deficiency of red blood cells and she received three times blood transfusion.

Three weeks after the application of the autopathic dilution she reports that she is in good spirits and does not have the wandering pain anymore.

Two and a half month after the application of the autopathic dilution she says that things are good, but not perfect. She gained 10 kg, from fifty she got to sixty – before this she was unhealthily thin (she is tall). Since three weeks she does not take any medicine, only iron tablets. She is in a good mood, her friends tell her that she is laughing all the time. Now and again she travels abroad, for which she never had the energy before. Stool still 2x, normally formed, not at night, without blood. She still feels her hip joint a little.

Five months after the application of the autopathic dilution: she weighs 66 kg, firm stool, normally formed, once a day. All this time without medicaments. She has a slight cold, she was skiing in the mountains for a week. The last week she was at rectoscopy, they told her that it looks good, nothing diagnosed. She also had a blood test that was normal.

Eight months went by. Christine comes for a consultation and says that since the last appointment she did not have any problems. She also says that since a year she has been taking hormonal contraceptives. Surprisingly it did not influence her general development in any negative way. With her and her relatives we have agreed that should any, even slight, problems occur, they will contact me immediately. These could namely announce a relapse and an autopathic dilution should be applied again to prevent a deeper setback. Further three months went by and I did not hear from her. Her friends tell me that she looks absolutely healthy. If I am counting correctly, one application of an autopathic dilution in a not very high potency has been having effect for sixteen months.


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