Treatment of diabetes in a child

20.11.2011 | Ing. Jana Kosova |

Dear friends,

I have been thinking for a long time, which case I should present here. I have experience with treating the most of the lighter health problems, such as frequent anginas, pre-menstrual syndrome, skin allergies, aching veins, etc. But you probably have these experiences too. Some of the cases develop almost „miraculously“, like in a text book, but unfortunately other are lengthy and complicated. I think that it is related to the condition of the client’s karma, with his, let us say, philosophical „world view“ and with his related understanding of „rehabilitation of the state of health“. Someone just needs his pill, someone even needs his illness. I see particularly good results when treating children.

What do I want to talk about? About the treatment of diabetes.
Work is somewhat easier with diabetes type II – which is not a case of irreversible physical condition. I saw amazing changes in diabetes of type II – from the state of injecting insulin 5x a day to a fully normalized state from glycogenic point of view.

A worse situation is in the case of diabetes type I, with irreversible damage of the patient’s body – autoimmune damage of cells of the pancreas, which produces insulin (i.e. beta cells). In spite of this knowledge, I took a 2 year old boy – Fanda, as my patient. His mother came to me hoping for help in his, respectively theirs, difficult situation. She was very rational in the sense that she did not expect a new pancreas for her boy, but she accepted the explanation of my preliminary plan for the possible help:

– minimization of health ailments (which get worse and complicate the development of diabetes)
– slowing down (in ideal case stopping) the dying out of further beta cells
– vitalization of the boy – which, however, was not necessary in this case as Fanda turned out to be a cheerful child, full of vitality

Boy, 2 years of age – born in September 2007
Diagnosis: diabetes type I.

  • diabetes diagnosed on 6. 1. 2010
  • other information about the boy’s state of health and his general condition:
  • diabetes obviously started after a strong virus infection accompanied by rush in the face, on the hands and legs (perhaps children’s 5th disease?), which lasted about 10 days, the boy took it badly and did not want to walk afterwards (he wanted to be carried – perhaps pain in the joints?) – the diabetes manifestations were strong thirst and frequent urination (glycaemia was 36)
  • in 6 months children’s 6th disease (rush on the body)
  • in 8 months  small-pox
  • several virus infections
  • 1x laryngitis
  • sleeps well
  • is happy, optimistic
  • is lively, but not wild
  • is adaptable, disciplined in eating, forthcoming in blood tests for glycaemia and in insulin injections
  • in the words of his mother: „he is a little sun“
  • sometimes he is angry, but not extremely
  • wants to do everything himself (hysterical, when someone does something „instead of him“)
  • likes rituals
  • is slim, has loose stomach muscles – has to do physical therapy
  • other blood tests are good
  • at the beginning of the autopathic treatment he usually got injections 3x a day– slow as well as fast acting insulin in the morning and in the evening, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes before lunch; at the time of our first consultation he got injections at least 2x a day
  • autopathically treated from 7.4.2010 – 3 l 1x a week from saliva
  • after one week he got fever – Dr. “did not find anything”, the day after this the fever stopped
  • after 14 days from 1 application markedly increased blood sugar levels
  • slight increase in the quantity of insulin
  • 1st follow-up consultation 19.5.2010 assessment: the boy went through a homeopathic worsening – recommended autopathic dilution with heating, but they have a technical, resp. time problem – therefore they save the morning saliva in alcohol and apply autopathy a little later – still 3 l 1x a week, they will also test acidity
  • autopathic dilution from alcohol applied 4x with gradual increase of potency from 1 to 3 l, after this autopathic dilution without alcohol
  • acidity = 6,3
  • at the end of May improvement of glycaemia
  • the family had intestinal virus infection – the manifestation in the boy was light one with diarrhoea without fever – after the infection, glycaemia worsens
  • 2nd follow-up consultation  28.6.2010 – recommended last application from l. bottle 4,5 l (increase of potency due to frequent fluctuation of glycaemia), they got 2. autopathy bottle “as first aid”, recommended kitchen soda in the morning on empty stomach (measuring of acidity after 14 days).
  • over the holidays they did not apply autopathy – “it was not possible and not absolutely necessary”
  • during the holidays he was healthy, the sugar in acceptable levels with occasional fluctuation + as well as –
  • acidity improved
  • 3rd follow-up consultation 7.9.2010 – recommended on empty stomach in the morning water with lemon and autopathic dilution heated (2. autopathy bottle):8.9. – 1,5 l
    9.9. – 3 l
    10.9. – 4,5 l
    13.9. – 6l
  •  After  this, interval 14 days (continue at least 2x with heating)
  • From the time of starting with heating, completely without insulin in the afternoon!!
  •  8.10. in the late morning hypoglycaemia of medium strength – hospital – vomiting – glucose drip until the next day – irritation of glycaemia
  • after this, stabilisation of sugar, in the evening totally without slow insulin
  • 4th follow-up consultation 20.10.2010- recommended 7l (due to the mentioned reactions – the mother is afraid of a new episode) after 14 days
  • from 14.12. 3. Autopathy bottle still 7l after 14 days
  • 17.12. check-up at diabetes clinic –evening insulin (slow and fast) stopped
  • only occasionally (on higher levels of glycaemia) they inject in the afternoon or before lunch or before evening meal
  • they usually inject once a day (in the morning)
  • 5th follow-up consultation 25.1.2011 – recommended 9l 1x a month, from April “break” (the mother wanted to try this
  • they get autopathy bottle „for the cupboard“


The boy is currently totally without slow insulin for the night, mostly also without fast one in the evening, this means that he mainly gets insulin only once a day!
The boy tolerates fluctuation of glycaemia into higher levels well, he does not suffer. Although the mother says that this has two sides – she has to watch him more, because the problem is no longer so easily seen, but at the same time she is conscious of the fact that Fanda’s wellbeing and feelings are of prior importance. And not in the last place – the boy is not ill.

And this is the whole detailed record of this case. I will be happy to answer your questions.


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