Thyroid gland, psychic condition, dizziness

31.5.2013 | Pavlina Svobodova |

I would like to share with you one of the successes of healing with autopathy. It is a case of a friend’s daughter. I will describe everything from the beginning for a better overview of the healing procedure.

She is 16 years old now. She was prematurely born (the turn of 7th and 8th month). From her 2nd till her 7th year she suffered from recurring persistent cough, so that she choked, vomited and because of the cough often could not eat or sleep. None of the usual medicines for cough worked, even injections. Almost always the solution was antibiotics, because nothing else worked. However, the doctors usually could not find on her other signs of illness and so she was in treatment by allergologist, she was examined at immunology (identified was a weaker immunity), ruled out was cystic fibrosis and also asthma.

Except for allergy to dust, mites, pollen and fungus, nothing unusual concerning the cause of the cough was identified. For the cough that got continually worse she received cortisone (Ecobec inhaler), after three days of its use the cough moistened, she started to expectorate and in 14 days the cough passed. Towards the end of this period she also got Wobenzym. Approximately from her 7th year  the acute cough passed (she got only cough with colds), but she got runny nose with thick green discharge for which she took the cortisone spray Nasonex and it passed in 3 days. She had this problem until she was 15 when we started with autopathy.

Around 8-9 years of age she had approximately 2x angina and one of them she got under control without antibiotics with the help of oyster mushroom and Wobenzym. When she was 10 years old she had a scarlet fever streptococcus – she had a slight pain in the throat and swollen tonsils – she got Pendepon. From her 13th year onwards, after she had a grazed skin on the nose after a heavy cold, eczema under and around the nose remained until now. From her 14th year she had painful menstruation, often dizziness, low blood pressure that leads even to vomiting and a loss of orientation, sometimes she is sensitive to smells (probably hormonal changes). During routine eye examination a high eye pressure of 30 was measured, they are concerned about glaucoma and she must be frequently examined (from birth, the left eye is weaker with impairment of a distance vision, but it is not enough for wearing glasses). Changing moods – states of sadness and then she laughs and does not even know why. A year ago, just as we started with autopathy, during a routine examination the pediatrician did not like the thyroid gland and recommended visit at endocrinology. The tests showed bad hormone levels and other symptoms that indicated autoimmune disorder of the thyroid gland – starting chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland that also her mother has. She got Euthyrox 25, 1x daily. She is afraid of failure in the school, even of a simple written test, and also when she has to handle some formalities.  She has difficulties in getting to know other people, is melancholic and a pessimist, is quiet and keeps to herself, she cannot say no, loves animals and if she could, she would save the whole world from all evil.

A year ago we started with boiled saliva and gradually changed to boiled breath, because she said that it does her good. From potency from 1,5 l we slowly progressed to 8 minutes flow with boiled breath that we practiced once a month from the beginning of January 2013 to 19th of April 2013.  In this period we got gradually rid of the dizziness, high eye pressure, psychical condition improved, she is no longer anxious about everything, in the half yearly examination at endocrinology were her thyroid gland tests totally normal (she confessed that she did not take the medicines regularly, but only once or twice a week, so almost not at all), she had 3x her runny nose and approximately twice she had 2-3 days a sore throat that passed in one week at the latest. Eczema around the nose is by half better than before autopathy and now it does not improve nor gets worse, sometimes it gets redder and then returns to its improved state. Because in January 2013 the development stopped, on the 20th of April 2013 we increased autopathic dilution to 9 minutes flow with breath (still boiled). 27th of April, that is one week later, she got menstruation with a terrible stomach ache. We repeated the autopathic dilution 9 minutes flow with boiled breath and the stomach stopped aching and she did not take any pain killers also in the following days (she always had to take Brufen 3x a day for the period of 4 days). Her psychic condition is good and the improved problems do not return anymore.

I would like to add that although I practice autopathy only about a year and a half, I have with it only and only positive experiences and good results. I learned about autopathy per chance and I have to admit that at the beginning I did not trust it very much. Today I am really happy that I overcame the initial mistrust. It really was and is worth it and I try to propagate autopathy further. Sometimes I say to myself, what would with me and my family be, if there were no autopathy.



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