The case of an overworked middle-aged man

10.2.2021 | Vladislava Bilkova |

The paper was presented at the Internet Conference on Autopathy 2021

A middle-aged man, very hardworking, does not know how to rest. He has a physically demanding job and also likes to work physically in his free time. He ignored the body’s warning signals. In the autumn of 2015, he developed problems such as muscle stiffness, frequent urination, palpitations, high blood pressure, hand tremors, constant whistling sound in both ears, back pain, pain in temples, in the abdomen. The doctor prescribed all sorts of medication, but the condition did not improve, quite the contrary. Other symptoms joined: people bothered him, he could not go out alone, he suffered from loneliness when at home. If he stayed home alone, with the family out shopping even for a short while, his condition worsened greatly.

It took him a long time to admit psychic problems (anxiety-symptoms: fear and not knowing why, not being able to sleep, losing weight in spite of eating as usual – he did not change his eating style, could not drive a car, go out alone, go shopping, see a doctor, use public transport – everything was a problem for him). The doctors-psychiatrists were fully booked and so he had to wait half a year for an appointment.

Before Christmas 2015, he started with autopathy with 0.5 l BSB (boiled saliva and breath) every day + craniosacral therapy treatment at home – he was not able to go there. His condition was getting continually worse (fear, insomnia, hand tremors, muscle hardening, high blood pressure), it was not clear, whether the deterioration was caused by autopathy or the cranio-treatment. Therefore, he gradually increased to 1.5 l BSB every second day and terminated the cranio-treatment. His condition began to improve – he slept better, his hands did not shake so much. After an increase to 3 l every 3 days he felt a little better, especially in the evening, he was able to go shopping, but did not feel good in large open spaces. Large space bothered him – fear, whistling in his ears, the same as before. Then he changed to 4.5 liters of BSB weekly, in February slight improvement, headache only sometimes, thigh cramps stopped, hands did not shake, he started driving a car and used public transport again, extended his walks outside – ‘I survived it’. He used this potency the whole year. The main turning point came when he started trying to ride a bike again, he felt more confident. Later, he gradually increased by 0.5 l, the overall condition improved, the trembling of the hands returned occasionally, the whistling in the ears had stopped. At a potency of 7.5 l he had the best feeling of calm and thus of physical well-being, and this is also the current potency.

In the spring of 2016, he received medication for anxiety and started a job. He was bothered by heights, sometimes the fear was so strong that he had to leave work and go home. It took about another half year for his condition to stabilize a little. He is now taking medication, but in much smaller amounts than originally.

After two years, in 2017, he successfully tried also autopathy from Prana. He started with potency of 3 l, which had an excellent effect on his psyche. He gradually increased, going up to 6 l, which currently suits him. He prepares autopathy from Prana by holding the bottle over his head, then pouring water through it and passing the bottle back only to the 7th Chakra (he does not apply it to his forehead) and this preparation suits him. Once a week, he prepares autopathy from Prana 6 l, when the bottle expires, then BSB 7.5 l (covid-time).

He is very grateful to autopathy, without it he would have probably ended up with a disability pension.


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