Such a short experience, such a big change

7.2.2019 | Zdenka Brozkova |

My report is perhaps premature, because my experience is still limited and new. I would only like to point out two things: 1) after boiled breath I have slept from the first night onwards as I have not slept since years, and in the morning I felt really well and 2) after Prana 5, things became clear to me and I have finally quit one of my three jobs.

If you are interested and have enough time, you can read below as it was from the beginning: I watched videos with Jiri Cehovsky on YouTube and have bought all three of his books. Then I bought four bottles and waited until someone becomes ill, to make it all worthwhile.

Two days before the New Year’s Eve, on the 29th of December, I was babysitting my granddaughter Anicka and we have spent wonderful afternoon and evening together. By this I want to say that there was no stress or aggravation present. At about eleven o’clock we were in bed and could not fall asleep, there was always something more to talk about and I started to get a terrible headache. I attempted to reduce the pain by analgesics, I had only Algifen drops and I gradually took about one centimeter of it from the bottle, but it did not help and the pain kept on increasing, so that in the end I was glad that I had been able to dial the number of the emergency services and had been able to discuss with the contact person what will be with my granddaughter if the ambulance takes me away. I was reassured that the ambulance can take us both to the hospital and that my granddaughter can wait there until her parents can come to pick her up. And this also happened: both of us were taken to the hospital in Krc. My granddaughter was collected by my daughter and my son-in-law and they started to examine me. To rule out a vascular event, they had made a CT scan of the brain and had not found any signs of it. On the next day, a young woman doctor had attempted for the first time a lumbar puncture between the lumbar vertebrae, stubbing at the bone, but not succeeding. Day after that, on New Year’s Eve, another doctor had tried the same, but also without success. I have then given in to my emotions and wanted to cancel my agreement to the lumbar puncture. Fortunately, then came an older doctor, who persuaded me to go ahead with it, because when the puncture is successful and the tests of cerebrospinal fluid are negative, they can release me from the hospital on the next day: and his puncture was finally successful. The laboratory tests have shown absence of blood in the cerebrospinal fluid, cerebral bleed could thus be ruled out and they could release me. On the 1st of January I went home. I was relieved. I could not sleep in the hospital, because at night there was more unrest then during the day. At night the other patients snored or talked or even shouted in their sleep, new patients were brought in, as also I have been brought…, and when finally, just before dawn, when one fell asleep from exhaustion, the nurse came to take blood, to measure temperature, etc.

I have not been a patient since several years. I am a medical doctor and usually see the medical efforts from another angle. Although it had been recommended in the medical release report that I should have physical and psychic rest, on the next day, the 2nd of January, I had to come again to collect the sick note and deliver it to my family doctor. I have described to her what had happened, how in the hospital they have given me intravenously various mixtures of analgesics, till my head was spinning, and how they reduced the pain. Although they could not ascertain the cause for this headache, they excluded vascular episode and a cerebral bleed. She asked me until when do I want the sick leave to be valid and I told her until the Friday, the 11th of January – so until here classical school medicine.

Still on the 1st of January, on the first day of the New Year, I took out an autopathy bottle and tried it for the first time. I made my first autopathic preparation from boiled breath. During the following days I studied intensively all the books I had bought and on Saturday, the 5th of January I decided to add Prana 5, in another bottle. I even found at home some protective masks. Already on the 2nd of January I woke up after an amazing night when I have not had any spasms in my legs, went only 1x to the toilet and what was the most important: I was without any pains and completely fit in the morning, so that I could pick up my sick leave note by car. On Sunday the 6th of January, after the Prana 5, I woke up as if with another head, and suddenly it was clear to me that all the terrible pains were from exhaustion, that the solution is not to do three jobs at my age, that two are enough, that I have to quit one of the jobs and that this headache was a warning. Still on the Sunday I was considering which one of the jobs I should quit: the greatest stress is in my job at the clinic ESET, where I do the most interesting work and I have always been proud about working there. However, in the last two years, I have been doing work that younger people should be doing, recently also outreach work, and the stress is the greatest here, and that is why I should leave there. My other daughter came to visit me with my younger grandchildren, we discussed it all and she took my job termination letter including the sick leave notes with her to post them for me. How simple the world suddenly became! I was walking around my apartment from one thing to another and felt to be in another world. Several years, perhaps ten years, I have not been ill, I have not taken any medicaments. I was always at work, or I babysat the grandchildren and in my apartment I only watered the plants and hurried somewhere else. Suddenly all wheels stopped. I started to think somewhat slower, more profoundly and objectively.

On the Friday, the 11th of January, my family doctor had terminated my sick leave and I took the train to Bratislava to take part in the already long paid-for courses: on Saturday Autopathy I. and on Sunday Autopathy II. I cannot describe, how important these courses were for me. As if the Source somewhere high above me had given me in my old age the gift of a new life! At the end, on Sunday, I was sorry that this previously only sensed world had come to an end. We have exchanged addresses with several women and I regretted that in the morning I have missed the chance to tell something about my beginnings with autopathy. Later in my hotel room I started writing this text….as if to say good-bye to the autopathy course, or to say good-bye to the speakers? So many changes, so many revisions…I am a medical doctor changing her world view, as Jiri Cehovsky says, own “beliefs“, and I have decided to join the others, more experienced ones, who are helping him. For the time being, I have been healing successfully only myself, but it unfolds and organizes itself. And I feel so well and calm, like when I was twenty and I only started studying medicine. I am glad that there is Jiri Cehovsky and that he courageously does that what he has been doing, and sometimes I have the feeling that he and autopathy is my dream come true…


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