Striving for happiness

29.10.2019 | Jiri Cehovsky |

When we are unhappy, we think that the others, whether close to us or distant, those around us, on Facebook or on another planet, are much better off and do not know what it is like to be unhappy. This may or may not be true, but objective truth is of no importance. It is the personal truth that matters, regardless of whether the cause of the unhappiness is a small thing, nothing, or a really big problem. “Subjective” truth is always true. Our feelings are that, which is fundamental in life and even determines how the world around us appears.

When people are unhappy and seek help, they are most often assured that things are not nearly as bad. And that makes matters even worse. Or they get an explanation that the unhappy thinking arises from the lack of some chemical substance in the brain and that they should take it in the form of pills. Or they see a product on the street, or in the TV or the Internet, and think that their unhappy feelings will disappear when they own it, but when they have it and they see that it is only an ordinary thing, the happiness rapidly disappears.

Most of the time, when we feel unhappy, we move in a spellbound circle. Any action or thing that we hoped would bring us happiness, removes it even further from us. And this raises the question of where does the widespread sense of disaster in our well-nourished and materially more or less secured society comes from? There is an answer.

It came as a great surprise not only to me, but also to the participants of the autopathy conferences and to the autopathy consultants, when we heard from many people how, sometimes immediately, sometimes in two hours and sometimes in two days after the application of autopathy, their unhappy feeling inconspicuously disappeared or started to disappear. Autopathy does nothing else but to tune our (off-key) organism to a better reception of prana, life force. The life force is an information flow, an inflow of a subtle information field that determines our feelings and organizes everything that we include in the terms “man” or “life”. Unfortunately, they forgot to tell us at school that it exists at all. But no matter, there is a way to convince ourselves about it and to convince others.

Our experience with autopathy is repeatable and accessible. Once we have succeeded in establishing a good connection with the subtle information sphere, things will start developing differently (although this may not be a simple process). Therefore, it is autopathy that indirectly answers the question “why are people unhappy”. We are multidimensional beings. Our feet stand on Earth and in the matter, but with our life force we reach the life-giving subtle and higher information sphere. If we deny this sphere and start moving away from it, it does not lead to anything good. But we can re-connect to it and it does not even take much time nor effort.

Tell this to others, who are still chasing happiness and do not succeed in catching it.

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