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5.5.2014 | Jana Polokova | jana.polok@seznam.cz

A contribution from the 6th conference on autopathy, February 2014 – a personal case history


  • In childhood I suffered from frequent anginas – at the age of three I had a tonsillectomy surgery, until the age of eleven frequent disorders of the upper respiratory tract, inflammation of the nasopharynx.
  • At the age of eleven I have started with sport –athletics, from the age of sixteen at top level – a marked improvement of the immune system.
  • In 1983 – when I was twenty three, I had a spinal accident after having fallen down when walking downhill. This had led to the snapping off of the front edge of two vertebrae and a slipped disc. The physicians assessed the case wrongly and deduced my actual condition from an inborn defect of the lumbosacral transitional vertebrae. They omitted further medical care and trivialized the whole condition. Due to the strong pain from which I permanently suffered, I started to search for an alternative form of healing, for example, Mrs. Mojzis and subsequently other healers. My health condition caused the termination of my professional athletics career. The wish to continue with sport had led me, in spite of the pertaining problems, to cycling, where I did not feel my handicap so much.
  • In 1986 – one month after the Chernobyl accident, I have spent one week in Kiev in the bicycle peace tour Kiev, Prague, Montreal, New York.
  • In 1987/88 I had a disturbance of the immune system and was treated by physicians with Broncho-Vaxom and similar medicaments. Without result. I had increased temperatures, tiredness, bronchial inflammation, inflammation of the middle ear. I was forced to start a macrobiotic treatment. After one month my condition greatly improved and I could return to cycling, which I started to practice also on top level until my thirty second year in 1991.
  • From 1990 I began to have serious problems in the region of the lumbar spine – this started demonstrating itself by the weakening of my lower limbs – as a consequence of the accident in 1983.
  • In 1991 I had undergone the first surgery of the lumbar spine which had as a consequence strong neuropathic pains in the front part of the thighs. At this time also the first allergic reaction to analgesics appeared, later to all milk products.
  • From 1990 till 2000 I went through eleven surgeries of the lumbar spine. In these operations the physicians reinforced individual sections of the unstable lumbar spine, which deteriorated due to weakened bones. It was discovered years later that one of the reasons for these complications was malfunctioning of the kidneys. In 2000 I also had symptoms of epilepsy. The general health condition demanded long-term application of analgesics. This had led to my dependence on them, which, after some time, I decided to actively deal with.
  • In 2001 I started to study / and heal myself / according to Eastern medicine. I started to professionally practice computer kinesiology under the supervision of a professional trainer and also physicians who practiced this method. This resulted in a remission, I started to work again and returned to athletics, this time as a trainer.
  • In 2001 my marriage was dissolved. As a result I had to work ten hours a day to make my living. The increased work load resulted in a regression of the spinal disorder. It cracked again and became unstable in the area where it was previously surgically reinforced. I ended up in a wheelchair and had to undergo further surgeries.
  • A unique complication in my case was that in all surgeries inlays from my own body were used, which were absorbed in some months and disappeared.
  • In 2006 the reinforced area of the spine had deteriorated totally. That is why I was operated again – total reconstruction of the spine in 2008, followed by a stay in a rehabilitation clinic. After one year another adjustment surgery followed. This was followed by a slight improvement, which I supported by practicing Eastern medicine, craniosacral therapy, meditation and homeopathy.
  • In 2011 – a cracked disk in the neck, not diagnosed in time by the physicians. As a result I ended up in the wheelchair again and had to take strong opiates against the terrible pain.
  • From 2008 till 2012 I suffered from the following health problems – strong pain in the various parts of the back, strong pain in the lower limbs, pain in the upper limbs, migraines, insomnia, instable walking – paraparesis of the lower limbs, restriction of the sitting position after irritation of pain, constipation and intermittent depressions.


  • In 2012 I decided to use autopathy. The first year, because of my lack of knowledge, I have used non-heated saliva. I applied in the first month 1 litre every second day, subsequently three litres. A reaction was an increased headache, increased sweating, and a taste of metal on the tongue. The second month I applied 5 litres once a week. Here the reaction was an occasional strong anger, in the morning pain in the right heel of the foot (where a heel-calcar was treated 18 years ago), after three months the pain ceased. After six months I already used 10 litres once a week. At this time an examination had shown the necessity of a surgery of the disc in the neck spine. This was done without complications. Nevertheless, it was followed by the increased pain in the right upper limb and in the neck spine. The pain was activated by an affected disc below the replaced disc. However, I have continued with autopathy – 10 litres once a week, the headaches were reduced to one a month and the sweating ceased.
  • In April 2013 I took part in the professional training course in autopathy. I started to use boiled saliva – 3 litres every three days, then 6 litres. In July I continued with boiled breath – 4 and ½ litres almost every day. Subsequently I changed to 6 litres –  as a reaction I got the strongest migraine in my life – after 5 hours of furious pain I used autopathy from a plastic water bottle – 40x from the bottle cap. Within an hour a relief came. Signs of a starting migraine reappeared until the end of June about 3x – each time I used first-help autopathy from the plastic bottle. In June I have been using 6 litres heated breath, 3x a week.
  • In July I applied autopathy with heated breath, 9 litres each five days. My condition improved. I could start making walking tours, cycling after five years again, swimming. I managed to considerably reduce analgesics and my sleeping got better.
  • In August I continued with heated breath, 9 litres – on average once a week. To this I have added the application of prana – three times a month. My mood improved. I added the homeopathic remedy Lymphdrial, 6 drops three times a day. The pain ceased.
  • In September I applied autopathy with heated breath, 12 litres – the reaction was four days fever of 39,5 °C. I explain this reaction as a reverse symptom of angina without fever that I had in 2011. I continued with boiled breath, 12 litres once a week. Then I had a vacation in Jeseniky, where I did some tours and climbed the mountain Praded, etc.
  • In October I applied heated breath, 12 litres once a week – the reaction was a short-term pain in the lower limbs or along the nerve, but the pain of the upper limbs had almost disappeared.
  • In November I continued with the same application of autopathy and added Cytosan from the company Energy, which promotes supply of energy and the improvement of the general condition.
  • In December I used heated breath, 18 litres – the condition continues to improve.
  • Current condition: the pain in the lower limbs is weaker, the right upper limb is almost at null, Pain in the neck spine is almost none, migraine does not occur, insomnia had markedly improve, the back pain is only slight. Activities – walking, cycling, swimming, I returned to my work as a physiotherapist (for the time being only for my acquaintances), I continue in the study of craniosacral therapy, I can sit longer. I gradually reduce analgesics without any withdrawal symptoms. After seventeen spine surgeries I am returning to a normal life – thanks God.

Written 7.1.2014



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