Slipped disc – a treatment over distance

27.6.2014 | Marie Tajslova |

Contribution from the 6th conference on autopathy, February 2014

 Greetings to all present. My name is Marie Tajslova and my occupation is the healing of the spirit, but because the body and the spirit are connected, I also heal the body. Since six years, I start each treatment with a parallel application of autopathy. It is of great help and it always leads the right way. Today I want to share with you an experience with healing of an accident injury.

A woman, 52 years old, had suffered an injury while clearing snow – slipped disc, the medical report speaks of functional blockage of the L5/S1 segment. The woman, whom I know very well, was until this time a sworn opponent to autopathy. She had strong pains and was hospitalized at the neurology department of the local hospital. She was given painkillers through the drip. CT and magnetic resonance examinations have shown damage to such a degree that surgery would be the only solution. After ten days in a hospital she suffered an allergic reaction to the medicaments, and so hospitalization followed without them. The case developed without the classical autopathic control check-up and kontact took place mainly on the telephone and with the help of SMS sent by the client.

The following table describes the development of the treatment: 

Date Client’s messages Comment Doses of AD (autopathic dilution)
23.2.2012 SMS Please cast a spell on my leg, it hurts so much I had learned from the client’s son what happened and that she is in a hospital
5.3.2012 SMS Now I know what purgatory is. My faith leaves me, the pain does not cease. When they stopped to give her painkillers, she had such strong pain that my moment came – I visited her in the hospital, brought her an autopathy bottle and applied AD, recommending that she should prepare it herself as long as her health condition allows it. Recommended 3x daily C 10 Korsakow’s method, from non-heated breath (NB).
6..3.2012 SMS I am going home on my own request. I was dismissed from the hospital. She told me on the telephone that she has the courage to cure herself at home and to continue applying AD
7.3.2012 SMS The pain disables my brain, but I have the feeling that I can cope with it. I was optimistic about the effect of AD after this message – the woman does not give up. Recommended to continue with applications of AD – 3x a day, C 20 (Korsakow) from NB.
14.3.2012 I have not had any messages since some time and so I called her – she told me that she feels “a hair” better every day. Recommended – 2x a day C40 (Korsakow) NB
19.3.2012 SMS Today I can for the first time sit down without any large pain.
21.3.2012 SMS One month after the accident the improvement started.
28.3.2012 Per telephone I have found a private therapist for rehabilitation, where I will go every day – it will take me the whole day – the distance there about 500 m, one hour of slow exercises, and then 500 m back home – still a superhuman achievement for me. I am discovering the magic of movement. Recommended: Autopathy bottle (AB) – 1,5, l weekly, NB selected because she only agreed to use non-boiled breath, and does not like other methods.
3.4.2012 SMS An examination had shown improvement, surgery is not necessary.
11.4.2012 SMS Today I had strong pain again, not everything is won. Recommended – 1x a week 2 l NB (in case of pains 2x a week).
14.4.2012 SMS Today I woke up and felt a change. I have almost no pain. I walked almost 1 km to the forest and it was OK. It is incredible feeling.
26.4.2012 SMS 2 months after the accident – I feel marvellous, super, many thanks. I assumed that the recommended doses fulfils its task and we shall not change it.
4.5.2012 SMS I am looking for work. I do not want to return to my old job before the accident. But there are no positions on the horizon, I am searching, but nothing. The leg does not change, I can walk slowly, but not fast. A reduction arrived. The time came for a more detailed talk needed for further application of autopathy. Besides childhood illnesses she had never longer illnesses, she never took medicaments over longer periods. Since early childhood she practices sport, volleyball, mountain climbing, skink, bicycling. The last few years she used to cycle daily 20 to work, each way. Two years ago, a non-malignant tumour was removed from her ovaries. She is a closed person, very sensitive to things happening around her, which she holds back in her. Rights from the beginning I had the impression that the strong pain of the back and leg, were not the main illness. Now I came to the conclusion that there is a psychic problem and have increased the dose – 3 l NB.
12.5.2012 SMS Since the last application of AD everything opens to me more and is clearer.
30.5.2012 SMS I start a new job on 1.6.2012, I must complete the changes. So here again the back is not the problem, he problem is to make the change in her life! In spite of this the back still aches and she makes exercises every day.
14.6.2012 SMS What is with AD – should I increase? I am slowly starting to ride the bike again. She makes own intuitive request – I agree. Recommended 5 l NB.
17.7.2012 SMS I am planning to leave my job, but I am slowly loosing trust in me. AB 4 minutes/flow through /8 l) NB.
14.8.2012 SMS I am jobless. I managed to give the notice. But I did not manage to find other work. Recommended – 6 min/flow though (12 l) NB
21.9.2012 SMS I am thinking that this year was a year of great humility for me. I think that I have almost forgotten even how to laugh. Recommended to increase to 8 min/flow through (16 l) NB
I have not heard a long time form her.
3.2.1013 SMS I have the feeling that the world collapses under my feet, I don’t even want to exercise. Recommended new AB – 10 min/flow though (20 l) NB
15.2. SMS I will leave for a month to the Far East, I am full of life. It could be seen that the higher dose of AD worked, and that she will manage the full month. She came back and told me on the telephone that she has many plans and also believes to find work soon – this she found within a month. No change in application AD.
15.8.2013 SMS I have a throat ache and am tired since almost a month, but I cycle and by back does not hurt anymore. Here a turn arrived in my assessment. We have probably managed to bring the psyche in order a bit and time came to focus on the body. I guessed a purification of the immune system (which could be connected with the tumour operation) Recommended new AB, reduced potency to 4 min/flow through NB – repeated in 14 days, control check-up when problems occur or after 2 months
20.9.2013 SMS Everything hurts me, the individual parts of my body pass the pain to each other in stages. Recommended – 6 min/flow through NB
15.11.2013 SMS The body is probably already exchanged. It did hurt, but now it is fine. I figured that the purification came to an end. Recommended increasing again to, 10 min/flow though NB
19.12.2013 SMS Everything OK. The new job is fine. Perhaps it will not be necessary, but I will order a new bottle as a prevention for stupidity. I breathed out and guessed that at this moment the case is closed, without psychic or physical ailments.
When she comes again I will certainly recommend AD from prana to her.

Jiri Cehovsky, a discussion note:

Significant lowering of the potency 18.8.2013 had brought about the subsequent lowering of the effect of the dilution. In the following increase to 6 and 10 minutes flow through (12 and 20 litres), recovery and reduction of disorders arrived. The lesson from this report about this effective healing is: Not changing potency, which had previously proved to be effective and especially not decreasing it. As Mrs Tajslova in this case, I have ascertained it many times.  


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