She was just sitting at home waiting to die – a case of serious asthma, headaches, spinal and joint pains

28.4.2019 | Sofia Mattei |

A contribution from the Conference on Autopathy 2019

I would like to share with you one important case from my practice as a healer. With the permission of the client of course. In my practice I use primarily energy healing combined with massage and diagnosis of the health condition with the aid of devices Oberon System Quantum and Aureola S and the subsequent correction of the identified problems. Since the last year also autopathy.

About five years ago a very ill woman came to me for the first time, 57 years old. She has heavy asthma, has been for 30 years on cortisone and breathing machines, without which she cannot be anymore. She also suffers from frequent and strong headaches, for which she also takes medicines. To this we add long-term spinal pains (especially the neck), pain in the hips and knees, inflammations in various parts of the body, varicose veins, heart palpitations, swollen legs, enlarged thyroid gland, feeling of pressure under the ribs. No wonder that also her psychic condition is very bad. She tends towards resignation. She says that she is just sitting at home waiting to die. Besides this, she is also very nervous and restless. The regular visits at hospitals and local physicians do not help to calm her down either, each time she is literally unnerved. Each time she gets a mountain of drugs, but her condition is getting worse all the time.

She started visiting me regularly, because she sees that it makes sense and that she feels much better afterwards. At each of her visits I remove a huge amount of energy trash from her, relax her back and spine in the neck area, so that she can turn her head again. She literally limps when she comes to me, is totally without energy, she has to frequently stop and rest even on the level ground. When she leaves me, she is as good as new, but at the next visit all is as before. However, only until the time, when I had discovered autopathy. I told her straight that if this does not help her, then nothing will.

I have given her her first autopathy bottle and we agreed that I will prepare the first dilution for her, so that she can see the process. In her confused psychic state, she was afraid of getting it wrong. I recommended to her a dilution from 1 l boiled breath daily. I was curious, what effect the first doses will have on her, because she was in a pitiful state indeed. I prepared the dilution exactly according to the instructions and applied it to her third eye. That, what happened to her immediately afterwards, had exceeded all my expectations. She became lively, straightened her posture, became radiant, and suddenly she had the will to live. Miracle! With joy she started with her healing. For the first time in her life she does something for herself and does not rely on the physicians. I informed her that it will be a long process because for 30 years her condition was so miserable. In three weeks, she arrived for the follow-up consultation and a massage and I could only wonder. She literally flew into my practice, full of energy, but immediately she started to complain that she has problems with breathing and that it probably does not work. She may have expected a miracle. I started to discuss with her all her previous health problems and we ascertained that many of them are receding or had even completely stopped. We have tried to increase the potency to 1,5 l boiled breath every second day, but there was no improvement. The woman went back to her tested 1 l boiled breath 1x a day and continued with it until the beginning of December, when she increased the potency again to the 1,5 l boiled breath every second day. And it works. Now, 7.1., she was here for a follow-up control and a massage and I did not recognize her. She was still taking the drugs prescribed to her in the hospital, but has been using the breathing machine only minimally. Other complaints were gradually ceasing, the pains of the movement system disappeared completely, headache appears only occasionally. The thyroid gland is in norm. The check-ups in the hospital show normal results of blood tests. She no longer has to stop and rest when taking a walk. Furthermore, she can walk all the steps to the 2nd floor without stopping. Before this she paused on the 2nd step from the bottom. But the most marked is the difference in her life energy and psychic condition. She is calm and full of energy, enjoys life and the progress that she made. Luckily for her, she had enough stamina and discipline to experience this on her own skin. Many people might have given up after some weeks, but not her. On 23.4. it has been exactly a year, when she had made her first dilution. I am very happy about it. It is for me a great motivation for my further work, when I see, how one can help people, who are so very ill. Also thanks to autopathy.


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