Resistance to “external” disharmonizing influences?

20.4.2020 | Krystof Cehovsky |

Man, 30 years of age, athlete. He asked me for initial consultation and setting of the dosage, then he changed to self-help. He turned to autopathy to get rid of migraines, which he got as a rule during and immediately after sports activity. He started with autopathy from boiled breath with potencies in the range of 4,5-7,5 liters and adjusted the dilution to his reactions to autopathy and his current condition. Half a year later, when we met at the gym, he told me that unfortunately he did not notice any improvement concerning the headaches during sports. What he noticed, however, was that he has not been ill with influenza, tonsillitis, etc. during the autumn-spring period as he used to be in the past. He also felt significant improvement in energy. He also told me that he had spoken with a colleague and had by the way learned from her that she has been doing autopathy for a long time and has also experienced that since she started with autopathy, she has no longer been acutely ill.

When I entered in the search field of the homeopathic software Homeo, where I usually keep records of consultations and controls, the words “has not been ill a long time” or similar wording, many concrete cases appeared. Here is one that, in terms of response to autopathy, well describes also other similar ones:
Man over 40, family father. He came to me five years ago with the medical diagnosis of couperose. It was a sudden and annoying reddening of the face in response to various causes. In addition, there was a weaker immunity and a tendency to infectious diseases. For a long time, he has been preparing autopathy from boiled breath and saliva. When we saw a favorable change in the couperose, I also learned how he reacted and on what levels. And so to boiled saliva and breath we added a combination with Prana 1. Clear positive changes in the skin problems occurred already in the first months of treatment and the condition remained the same for almost a year. The first time he visited me was in August. In his 3rd consultation in June of the following year he summarized his year with autopathy, noting that besides the improvement of his primary problem, he has since a long time been having a reduced need for sleep and also more energy. He said that he was not sick even once, which surprised him, before that he used to be sick several times a year.

I will add a current case that I have fresh in my memory: A young woman, for many years diagnosed with atopic eczema. After autopathy, the condition has been slowly but clearly improving and becoming less and less irritating. During the last follow-up control, which we always do over the phone, she told me that she was also really happy that she has not been ill the whole winter, which has usually been the case up to now.

In these cases, I wanted to draw attention to a phenomenon that is not so uncommon and seems to be a “side effect” in the treatment of chronic conditions: Autopathy can make us physically and mentally more resistant to external disharmonizing influences.


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