Review of the English version of the book Get Well with Autopathy

15.7.2012 | Filip Cehovsky |

A detailed review of the English version of J.Cehovsky’s book Get Well with Autopathy was published in the July edition of the most read American online magazine about homeopathy It is written by the well known homeopath and chief editor of the magazine Alan Schmukler. The author familiarises with the content of the book and expresses his positive impression, he puts the method in a homeopathic context and amongst other things he also says: ‘If the physician’s highest calling is to make sick people healthy, to heal as it is termed, then we should allow ourselves as many healing tools as possible. I for one, shall add autopathy to my repertoire.’


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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