Progressive improvement, patience of the treated person is of key importance

9.7.2019 | Krystof Cehovsky |

This is a case of a 41 years old man, living on the east coast of the US. All communication was taking place, and still is, via email. He approached me a quarter of a year ago and in an introductory letter described his health difficulties. He wrote, among other things, that he leads an orderly family life, has a wife and children, and is doing business in the catering industry. He discovered autopathy some time ago at and began with preparation from Prana. However, he proceeded quite chaotically. He increased and reduced the dilution of the preparation, the dosage was disordered and when he did not feel an improvement that lasted at least a few days he did not know what to do next.

He described his condition: The last two years insomnia due to negative thoughts, fears and anxieties. The condition escalated to a permanent state, when he slept only 3-5 hours per night, was exhausted and sleepy during the day. This had negative effect on his family life as well as his profession. The last 15 years joint pain, diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis, with aches alternating in the thoracic and lumbar spine, shoulders, elbows, fingers and toes. Bronchitis for the last 6 years, cough attacks 1x a month, lasting a week.

I recommended to him the following:
14 days boiled breath, 1x in two days of 3 l water
14 days boiled breath, 1x for two days 4, 5 l water

Consultation in 1 month:
He reported that in the first week he felt short-term relief from the spinal pains. Otherwise he did not observe anything. He also told me that after the transition to 4, 5 l, remarkable change was in the psyche, sleep, and energy. He wrote that there was no problem at all with sleep in the most recent days.

My recommendation: Continue with 4 5 l boiled breath, 1x in 2 days.

Consultation in 2 months:
Sleep still very good. The cough appeared only for 4 days and its intensity was 50% weaker than the long-term average. He estimates the joints to be 20% better, i.e. slight improvement over the original condition.

My recommendation: To continue with the 4,5 l and, if necessary, to contact me in case of stagnation of the current improved condition, or a worsening.

We can clearly see here that patience in autopathy bears fruit. Within a quarter of a year, all health problems improved, and this in the sequence of improvement according to the Hering’s Laws of Cure. I know from my consulting practice that this client’s positive development is not final, and that with patience some of his problems will be tuned in time.


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