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15.3.2013 | Zbysek Nadenik |

Good day,

I would like to thank you for your books about homeopathy and also about autopathy. I am 23 years old and have very good experiences with homeopathy. From early age I was interested also in spiritual directions and searched for my own way, which I have found in Buddhism and mysticism. To practice it was difficult though, it required much preparatory psychological work and tidying up, also due to my difficult childhood – and also due to my excessive sensitivity, I have collected many traumas (I am best characterized by the psychology of the remedy Nat-muriaticum) ;o) and so I tried and tried and everything was difficult…I searched for help in all sorts of directions, psychotherapy, essence, kinesiology and finally in homeopathy that was the only thing that brought improvement. But a breakthrough was reading the book Autopathy, a Homeopathic Journey to Harmony and the purchase of the autopathic bottle. I started with the potency of 200, 1000 followed. Some physical cleaning takes still place, etc. but the most important for me are changes kin psychic and mental areas. I got rid of much ballast, I went through a strong crises, in which I lived through almost all my negative emotions and behavior patterns, but it did not take long, approximately 4 days, I tried to work with the given feelings – be aware of them and accept them. The result is excellent; I feel as newborn, I am happy and fulfilled, the meditation is better than ever before, I don’t have problems with contacts with people, away is anxiety, etc. I think that autopathy is a great tool for spiritual growth and health, it helped me much. Sincere thanks and I wish you much success in your work and the dissemination of homeopathy and autopathy!!!

Do well,
let all beings be happy,





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