Lyme disease

12.4.2019 | Filip Cehovsky |

Dear Mr. Cehovsky,

I took part in your seminar Autopathy I. in Litomysl. I am sorry to bother you, but I cannot otherwise. I feel enormous return of life force after the application of boiled saliva + breath, 6 l.  A huge swelling of about 22 in diameter from the Lyme disease had begun to change today and for the first time after twenty years I have slept deeply and without having to go to the toilet. Gradually, all problems with my body recede.  I perceive it, I feel it. I have been using the autopathy bottle since 23.7.2018, having started with 3l boiled saliva. All is progressing well, many thanks, I want to carry on, this method of yours is great.

I wish you good health!
With respect and sincere thanks!

Your pupil.


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