15.3.2013 | Zbysek Nadenik | zbysek.nadenik@gmail.com

Dear Mr. Cehovsky,
I must confess that I am enthusiastic about the “discovery” of autopathy. I took autopathic preparation on 27. April 2005 and my state of health improved (I know of course that it may be too early for validation and that soon worsening may arrive). From the year 2001 I had a persistant cough (mainly evening, morning and in the night and so I did not sleep, starting asthma, allergy to animals, pollen, etc.). Although in the last year it got a little better (homeopathy, herbal medicines and diet supplements), now I feel strong improvement. Mainly in that in the evening my bronchial tubens do not rattle, I can breathe normally and I sleep through the night.

I thank you,
Dagmar B Beroun


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