My 9 year old son’s atopic eczema

15.3.2013 | Zbysek Nadenik |

Hello Mr. Cehovsky.

After a long time I finally decided to share my experiences in your website. But first of all to thank autopathy for everyhing. After I have read to book, I have immediately potenced the saliva of my 9 year old boy that had a very bad atopic eczema. I don’t even have to say that he could not get rid of it. After the application he hada strong reaction, worsening, the day after and after that only improvement. All this happended before the yes of my non-beliving husband. The eczema disappeared, the whole health condition improved, the boy put on weight.
This only shortly. I am a great supporter of alternative healing. Homeopatic remedies have somehow die not suit him. Autopathy was the solution.

I hold my thumbs for you and wish you much creative energy.
With best regards, Miriam P Trencin


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