A letter from a healer

15.1.2014 | Gabriela | gabriela@autopathy.info

Dear Mr Cehovsky,

I did not contact you a long time, but this does not mean that I did not work or did not have interesting cases. I was caught in the whirl of daily activity. Right now I have a virus infection, I am in bed, and so I have time and peace and quiet for all the things I wanted to do.  And at the same time I naturally also use autopathy and so I think that my illness will take about 3 days and of course without any medicaments or physicians. Since the last time, that is since the conference, which unbelievably charged me, I have tried absolutely everything. I have to say, it is a real hit, everything functions – water from the tap, chakras, combinations. I started to work more with my intuition. In acute states I started suggesting repeating autopathy in low potencies in short time intervals, for example after an hour, the results are absolutely amazing. In my case the fever was reduced from 39,5 to 37,5 within 5 hours after I had applied autopathy 3x and only stayed in bed without medicaments, which was great, and other symptoms – pain of the back, of the large joints, the head, malaise, were either non-existent or negligible, and this I consider to be the real hit.  Please excuse the words I use, but you have to understand that when through a simple spit, breath or holding of some glass flask over a particular part of the body one can achieve such results, then enthusiasm and euphoria are more than in place. I lead my clients even more towards respect of this method, I stress the importance of the intention with which the preparation of the dilution is approached, and I see, that I am doing well. I have made the connection between the preparation of the dilution and cooking and so I ask them, how a meal that was prepared with love, care and in a good mood will taste and how the same will taste when cooked by someone who is angry, swearing, hurrying and will cook only because he/she has to. What could you expect from a bottle, when you consider it to be only piece of glass and depreciate its power? What can the autopathic dilution do for you when you consider it to be some kind of water, possibly dirty from the spit and you do it only because I told you that it is good for you? I have an inexhaustible number of cured cases – acute and chronic, colds, angina, ulcerative angina, headaches, eczemas, unsleeping child, a whole scale of various pains from the thumb till recurring nodules, hair loss, depressions and, according to one client, also a warded off suicide. As I have already written, it is an unbelievable adventure, sometimes the effect comes with a delay, and this is mainly when I am sure enough which course it will take. The last such case was of a woman who came to me with headaches, pain in the knee, the ankle, having to use a walking stick. She used autopathy 4 weeks and the knee started to get better, she was euphoric, almost went crazy with joy that she can bend the knee without pain. But then the headache got worse and so we applied autopathy 3x in one day. The headache got better, after a month she called me that she can walk without the stick, but that the headache is worse. I recommended again to repeat the application 3x a day and now I am waiting. As she does not contact me, she is probably ok.

I am writing only briefly because you are very busy. I want you to know that your work lives in your pupils and we pass it with love and respect onto others, it improves the quality of life of our clients, and I also think that it makes better people also of us, the healers. Every day I look at my clients and I am grateful that I can do work that I love with all my heart. I am grateful for all the things that I had the chance to learn, for all my teachers who brought me further in life and shared with me all their knowledge and you are amongst them.

I wish you wonderful days filled with good things and kind people.

With love
Petra Beckova

PS: I cannot leave this out. In the summer I was with my daughter in Turkey. Everyone packed with them huge amounts of medicaments – for diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, vaginal problems, headache… I think it would fill the whole page. I brought with me 1 bottle. When on the 2nd day my daughter got a tummy ache, I gave her 3x in succession 2 l, 2 l and 3 l – in a single day, in the morning, midday, evening, and already in the morning of the following day it was OK. For me I made now and again an SOS from a bottle cap. Almost all women had vaginal problems, and now and again diarrhoea and vomiting. The two of us had nothing. A small thing that made my vacation more enjoyable.


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