Not taking teeth seriously is not advisable

15.12.2020 | Tomas Volfschutz |

I am writing this very short and simple case history primarily as a warning should you encounter a similar medical condition in a client or a loved one, so that you do not underestimate it and approach it with the utmost care and responsibility.

I have a friend who is a physician. He once asked me for help with a health problem – on the left side of his neck under his lower jaw a big lump developed. The lump as big as a child’s fist was as hard as a stone. Probably a lymph node. He then told me that before this he had a toothache for which he took antibiotics and the ache had stopped.

I immediately put him on autopathy, boiled breath, I recommended 4.5 liters, but he rounded it up to two whole bottles of water, which made 4 liters. Frequency once a day. At the same time, I strongly advised him to immediately visit his dentist, because this condition is very serious and can be life-threatening, so it is too risky to leave everything to autopathy.

Just by chance, about 2 weeks earlier, I had a preventive dental examination.  There was nothing wrong found and so I talked with my dentist for a while. I asked her about the death of musician Dusan Vancura from the Spiritual Quintet that was very much discussed in the media at that time. He had a purulent abscess under one of his teeth, but thanks to the lockdown could not get to the dentist and subsequently because of this “triviality” he died.

I said, ‘That’s so strange to me, because he literally had to be crazy with pain, how could he stand it not going to the dentist!’ And the dentist explained to me, ‘No, it’s not. It only hurts in the beginning, then it stops hurting and it seems to have improved. But you still have the place terribly swollen. And if not dealt with in time, it can really be life-threatening.’

‘And how is it dealt with?’

‘Well, I’ve seen it twice in my practice. I immediately sent both patients to the hospital, where they cut it and you wouldn’t believe what for disgusting stuff will pour out of it. Well, and that tooth has to be extracted.’

The physician friend started doing autopathy. As soon as he started with it, the tooth began to hurt again, despite the ending course of antibiotics. By Thursday, it already hurt so much that he took a day off on Friday and had spent the weekend in terrible pain when he was unable to do anything at all. Fortunately, this crisis lasted exactly as I had predicted, until Monday, when he woke up almost pain-free in the morning. On Wednesday he went to the dentist (about a week after we started with autopathy), who only stated that there was something under the tooth, that there is a damaged root, and that he would recommend extracting the tooth in the future.

We continued with autopathy, increasing to 6 liters boiled breath every other day. Over the next 2 weeks, the swollen node shrank, and since all other health problems (digestion, etc.) were corrected, there was no need to continue with autopathy. We ended with a single application of breath without boiling 7.5 liters.

And so, the physician and his tooth were saved, although he had a really unpleasant extended weekend.

I hope that this story presents a clear warning – if you come across something like this, never risk a treatment without the supervision of a doctor / dentist – although it does not seem so at all, in these cases it is really a matter of life and death and if anything goes wrong, the consequences are very serious.


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