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17.9.2016 | Krystof Cehovsky |

Published in the magazine Bylinky revue 9/2015

Autopathy is a way to health, a holistic approach developed from classical homeopathy, which positively stimulates the human organism.  It is a new method, whose principles were already applied in the past and which uses homoeopathically prepared information contained in saliva, breath or prana of the person concerned. When potentiated by being diluted with water to a fine-matter state, this information stimulates and revitalizes on the principle of fine creative energy, called in homeopathy the Vital Force, in Chinese medicine Chi and in the Indian tradition Prana. The results of six conferences about autopathy and the work of hundreds of trained consultants demonstrate its exceptional effectiveness, even in cases, where after years of previous unsatisfactory treatment, the persons were losing hope or have considered their disorders to be incurable. The autopathic dilution can be prepared by anyone at home according to simple instructions.

Autopathy has proved to be effective for people who have been suffering for example with the following long-term complaints:

Atopic eczema, allergies, migraines, joint and back pains, depressions, fears and anxieties, insomnia, auto-immune diseases, tendency to recurrent infectious diseases, thyroid gland disorders, diabetes, bronchial asthma, autism, chronic malady, chronic intestinal inflammation, post-incident and post-surgery conditions, psycho-spiritual crises, burnout syndrome and many other long-term, or recurring problems of the body and the mind.


It is a holistic method, which utilizes highly diluted substances stemming from the body of the patient who should be positively influenced. We know from homeopathy, used in the Czech Republic by 60 percent of the population, that when the patients’ long term problems demonstrate similarities to poisoning by some concrete mineral or herb, he is given this substance in the form of highly diluted homeopathic remedy, which frequently completely resolves the long-term problem. The advantage of autopathy is that the complex search for the correct homeopathic remedy, of which there are descriptions of many thousands in the materia medicas and the repertoires, is redundant here. It is therefore often a matter of luck to find a really competent homeopath, who can select from this quantity exactly the one and only constitutional (holistic) remedy, which harmonizes the patient as a whole and subsequently heals all the disorders of the body and the mind. In contrast to homeopathy, in autopathy we always know the correct remedies – these are the products of our body: saliva, particles in breath, sweat, stool, etc., from which the autopathic dilution (AD) is made.

Another method of autopathy is dilution from prana, from the area of the 7th chakra, a chakra external to the body, located about 20 cm above the top of the head in line with the spine. While this form of AD stimulates primarily the psyche of the healed person, AD from saliva had proved to be the most effective in inflammations, AD from breath particles in auto-immune disorders, AD from stool in intestinal conditions, etc. However, each of these methods heals at the same time the whole of the person. 

These substances, which contain information about our inner disturbed condition, our diseases, are prepared by the persons at home in a special vessel called Autopathy Bottle, while adhering to strict, but easy to implement rules of preparation. The substances are diluted with water to arrive at fine-matter level using a procedure known from homeopathy. To achieve the best healing effect, if is necessary to find the optimal level of the dilution and to select the most appropriate method, which corresponds with the condition of the person to be healed. When a person comes to my practice with problems of the joints, I will probably advise him or her to make an autopathic dilution from breath. When the primary problem is for example Crohn’s disease, AD from stool will surely be appropriate. 

It is essential to find such a dilution level, which starts to resonate with our vital force. When we succeed in finding the optimal water quantity to be poured through the bottle, then the clients often tell about miracles – disappearance of chronic disorders which were present dozens of years, arrival of floods of energy accompanied by psychic resistance against stress. Often, however, the condition is complex and when selecting the potency (the level of dilution), it is necessary to observe the patient’s condition according to the Herring’s laws, which we know from homeopathy. Sometimes detoxification reactions of the organism take place, they demonstrate themselves by slightly increased temperatures, diarrhoea, discharges – signs of the toxins leaving the body. Sometimes the so called reverse symptoms or a homeopathic worsening arrive, or other situations, which we have to assess correctly and take steps with the goal of returning the health.

Autopathy was developed as a self-healing method, so that the persons can help themselves in their home environment, without the necessity of visiting a therapist. The only prerequisite is studying the basics about the method from the book Get Well with Autopathy (the 6th edition was published in February, which contains also the newest procedures). However, it has to be pointed out that when in doubt, for example about the selection of the correct method for treating a child, everyone has the possibility of contacting his nearest professional consultant in autopathy, who can be found at the autopathy website, in the section Map of Consultants and to consult with him or her the case, especially when the case had not been developing as expected. Consulting a professional is also appropriate in all serious illnesses, particularly at the beginning of the treatment.

There are currently over three hundred consultants listed in the website, also outside of the Czech Republic, in countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia and the USA. These people have taken part in the lectures about autopathy organized in the whole of the Czech Republic always at the weekends several times a month. The dates of the courses and further details are in the website Diverse participants take part in the courses: students of various disciplines at universities, medical doctors, homeopaths, family fathers or mothers, who want to help people close to them through self-help without having to take chemical or hormonal medicaments, which only „suppress“ the problems deeper into the organism, so that they may became chronic.

These people are aware that the cause of the illness originates in disturbance of the vital force or the ill person. When the vital force is out of tune, outer influences can cause eczemas, allergies, bacterial illnesses and all other illnesses, which are so widely spread today. When, after the application of the autopathic dilution, our vital force had been tuned through the resonance process to the good, healthy vibrations, we are able to resist further illnesses and to deal with the existing ones.

How autopathy came to being

Autopathy continues to develop, new techniques and procedures are added continually since the year 2002, when my father Jiri Cehovsky had discovered this method and documented it.  Jiri Cehovsky is one of the leading Czech homeopaths, long-term President of the Homeopathic Society, the founder of the Homeopathic Academy in Prague, where he also teaches and is also the author of a number of specialized publications. When studying homeopathic literature, he noticed several brief mentions of situations, when homeopaths, who had not been successful in finding in the materia medica the appropriate constitutional remedies, have found effective the use of highly diluted pathological substances from the patient’s body (e.g. puss, sweat), which after the application healed the disorder to which they were related. My father was the first, who had the idea to systematise this line of work and to widely practice it. At first, he observed the effects and the processes of this form of healing on himself, his relatives and friends and later also in his busy consultancy practice. Important for the introduction of the method into the practical work was the development of the vessel for making the dilutions, so that people could produce them at home. Thus the Autopathy Bottle was developed. It can be used for quick preparations of high potencies, obtained by vortex flux dilutions.

In our family we have never used antibiotics, suppressing drugs, etc. When I was a child, I remember that when someone from the family had some health problem, my father gave them a homeopathic remedy and in a day or two the illness was gone. When he started to experiment with autopathy, I was in the puberty. Once I had a fever accompanied by cough and rhinitis. He came to my room and in his hand he held a strange vessel wrapped in plastic.  He told me to spit into it, to pour water from the tap through it and to drink what will remain in the round chamber on the bottom of the vessel. He ended his instructions by saying that it will heal me – I looked at him for a while as if he had gone mad and whether what he had said to me was meant seriously. When I came to the conclusion that he was really serious, I went and made the dilution according to his instructions. To my dismay I was fit to go to school on the next day. Since then I have the greatest trust in the healing potential of autopathy and now and again, when I have some problems, I prepare an autopathic dilution and all is well again for a while. 

All this had led to my taking up autopathy professionally as a consultant some years ago. People who come to me suffer with a large variety of health complaints, which we can alleviate or even completely heal with the aid of our method. Sometime the healing takes place after the first application of autopathy, sometime it takes weeks or even months, before we find the correct doses, and various factors play a role here. In many of the cases I give supplementary advice concerning diet or life style, where the core of the problem can often be found.


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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