My experience with autopathy in treatment of acute problems

27.10.2016 | Andrea Szabo |

For the past 5-6 years I have been using Autopathy regularly, mostly to prevent and shorten acute diseases and to prevent and minimize complications occurring therefrom.  At the same time, I must admit that I have not yet had impressive successes in curing chronic disease.

The prevention and treatment of acute diseases may sound of minor importance, but for one with a somewhat compromised immune system or a tendency for colds to affect the whole respiratory tract it can be very useful indeed.  (I have, for instance, since early childhood had a tendency for all colds and flus to extend to the lower respiratory system and cause tracheitis, bronchitis – sometimes even pneumonia. Others tend to get sinusitis out of each and every cold and runny nose. ) In my case, as a rule, all acute diseases have resulted in many weeks of coughing and a sense of ill being, until I knew Autopathy.

I am convinced that the prevention and mitigation of acute disease is not only important for those with a compromised immune system and a sensitivity of the respiratory tract, but also for the aged and for those suffering from a chronic disease, and with the help of Autopathy one can not only avoid the risk and side-effects of vaccinations like flu shots, but on the contrary, promote overall health.

My routine for using AP for stopping acute diseases or cutting them short has become the following:

At the onset of an acute respiratory disease, a cold or a flu, when a sore throat starts coming or some joints are becoming painful, when I feel a little unwell , maybe a little hot inside, or shivery, I start using AP with 1 l of water made out of boiled saliva and then hold the bottle for a minute between the eyebrows (6th  chakra) then for a minute on the 5th chakra on the neck.  Then I go back to the 6th chakra for another minute. I usually also put one drop of the AP water on that spot.

/I must say that, out of some misunderstanding, it has become by routine to hold the bottle on the 7th chakra above the head for a minute, at the end of each treatment.  Since I have repeatedly felt something happening during this, as if some energy flowing down over my head, some pulsations felt on both sides,  I decided not to stop this habit, even though it is not written down in the instructions this way./

I repeat this procedure once in every hour, when I feel an acute coming, until improvement sets in and symptoms disappear.  After the 1st dose I usually don’t feel much, but there is always a definite positive effect after the 2nd  dose.  To enhance the curative action, I usually give a 3rd dose also, after another hour, and I keep repeating this procedure until I feel the problem has disappeared.

When I feel a relapse and symptoms are appearing again, I again go to my AP bottle as soon as I can and give hourly doses as many times as I feel necessary.

This routine has invariably proved to be effective for me in stopping acute diseases from coming, when I was able to start AP treatment in time.  The sooner I can start AP, the better.  If administered at the very beginning, as long as symptoms are only slight, AP will stop the disease from coming altogether. It will literally reverse it.

If administered a little later, when symptoms have already set in and stabilized, it will cut short and mitigate the acute disease, and prevent complications like bronchitis or sinusitis, or diminish them greatly.

If I feel my chest is becoming sore during an acute, I use AP, this time also applying on the 4th chakra on the chest, and the cold will go back and remain in the nose.  Every time I feel the acute wants to spread, I administer AP and thereby I can reduce the spread and intensity of the acute disease by about 60-70% and keep it at bay.

AP has helped me in acute digestive troubles also.  Once I felt very nauseous with a summer stomach virus.  By the time I got home and was able to use AP the nausea was very strong.  Apparently the disease had already took hold of me so I could not reserve it, but after repeated AP treatments in the evening I developed a high fever in the night, and all the trouble was gone by the next day.  Vomiting did not occur at all; only a little weakness was left behind, which again had gone by the following day.

The preparation and dose I use to prevent and cut short acute disease is out of boiled saliva, with  1 l  of water each time, by slightly increasing quantities of water, going up to 1.5 l at the maximum.  Recently I started to make a preparation out of boiled breath and saliva, to cover both bacterial and viral infections, not knowing which I am facing at the moment.  But I must say that the boiled saliva method alone has proved to be effective enough, in each and every case thus far.

I would like to give you two cases from the recent past, which are well documented and in which I was able to cure my father in a very short time:

CASE No. 1

84-year old male patient with acute cold and cough – (January 2016)

Acute cold began at the beginning of Christmas with some sneezing and runny nose, and some dry cough, which over a period of a few days became  intense, tormenting and paroxysmal.  No expectoration at all, only dry, intense, teasing and tormenting paroxysmal cough, aggravated in a warm room, and ameliorated in the cold open air, aggravated in the evening and at night.

Some homeopathic remedies were given without an effect. Both single remedies and complex cough remedies were tried. Than herbal expectorants were given, again with no effect.  In the end Fluimucil expectorant powder was given, but the result was again next to nothing. This went on for over a week.

On New Year’s Day the cough became unbearable and the patient said he was feeling worse. He coughed the whole night through.  I suspected pneumonia coming and decided to start autopathic treatment without delay.

The patient started feeling better on the second day of treatment.  (We began treatment in the evening, and he reported feeling better at noon of the next day, that is after the 3rd dose of AP.) The treatment also helped him sleep a lot, which was also curative, and which was not possible before AP treatment, because of the cough.

The cough was practically gone after 4 days of treatment, but I decided to continue with some doses, one in the morning and one before bedtime, to make the cure lasting.  I finished off treatment with one dose of higher potency, made out of 2 litres of water.  By this time the patient felt cured, back to normal health.

The details of the treatment:

1st day: 1 l water (AP40, I believe) from boiled breath given once, in the evening before sleep

2nd  day: 1 l water 4 times a day:     8 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

3rd  day:  1 l water 3 times a day:     8 a.m., 2 p.m., and 10 p.m.

4th  day: : 1 l water 3 times a day:     8 a.m., 2 p.m., and 10 p.m.

5th  day: : 1 l water 3 times a day:     8 a.m., 2 p.m., and 10 p.m.

6th day:  1 l water 2 times a day:       8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

7th day:  1 l water 2 times a day:       8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

8th day:  2 l water one time, before bedtime

Each dose was prepared out of boiled breath and was administered on the 6th chakra (middle of forehead – between eyebrows), then 5th chakra (middle of neck-throat area), then 4th  chakra (between nipples), then back on 5th chakra, 6th chakra, and finally on the 7th chakra above the head.  On each chakra the AP bottle was held for 1 minute.  So the preparation was not following any of the official routine preparations, it was a mixed preparation. Not all the chakras were used, only the ones I felt most corresponding to the disease.

CASE No. 2

84-year old male patient with acute indigestion, colic and diarrhea – (September 2016)

Acute colicky pain in intestines and diarrheic stools began in the night. Patient had very intense tormenting colicky pains all night, no sleep. Intestines were rumbling all the time. He had a great desire for fresh air.

The pain was somewhat better the next day, but towards noon it was increasing again.  Meanwhile, he had several more diarrheic stools, nausea and no appetite at all.  Pulsatilla and Nux-vomica (homeopathic remedies) were given without any visible effect.  I decided not to lose any more time but start autopathic treatment right away.

This time the preparations were made from boiled breath and saliva, starting on the 6th chakra, going down through all the chakras and coming back, finishing on the 7th chakra above the head. The AP bottle was held for a little more than 30 seconds on each chakra, and for 1 minute on the 7th chakra.

1st day:  5 doses of  1 l water (AP40)  –  9 a.m., 12 a.m., 4 p.m., 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.

2nd day:  2 doses of 1 l water –  6 a.m., 12 noon

3rd day: 1 dose of 1 l water at 10 p.m. before sleep

4rd day: 1 dose of 1 l water at 10 p.m. before sleep

The patient was feeling significantly better on the 2nd day of treatment, so I went down to two doses only.  He had no more diarrhea and began to eat some things.  I continued to give some more doses to enhance the curative effect , so I gave one dose only on the last two days.  By that time patient said he was feeling “excellent”.  He was restored to normal health.

Here in this case I started using AP earlier in the case, before the disease could go very deep and take hold of the patient firmly, so a cure was achieved in a much  shorter time.


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