My encounter with autopathy

9.3.2021 | Iveta Jurcova |

My experience with autopathy goes back to 2014. Before I first tried pouring water over the cap of a plastic bottle, I had encountered several alternative approaches that help to “return to health” or to harmonize health. I use the term return to health intentionally, because when we look at our families, how many of us feel really healthy and in harmony? That is, in harmony mainly with the own inner self.

First of all, I want to say that I did not suffer from any extra-serious symptoms, but during my life the ailments accumulated. After the first use of autopathy with the bottle cap some 15 times (Korsakov), I was literally amazed. It was mainly reflected in the psyche, the rush of joy and energy. I don’t remember exactly how long I practiced the cap method, but the main thing was, it worked. I started reading all the information, first on the Internet, then I bought the book by Mr. Cehovsky. Then I’d already visited the consultant Mr. Miklus and at the same time bought an autopathy bottle.

I started using saliva, dilution 1.5 liters. Then later I started boiling the saliva. I don’t remember the whole chronology exactly because I didn’t write it down. I know that swelling of one of my fingers gradually ceased, I don’t even know what I had it from (probably arthritis), I was probably at the doctor’s with it before, who gave me an injection, but it didn’t help. Then I had digestive problems, I could not digest and it was accompanied by stomach pain. After the application, when I was at about 6 l boiled saliva, my stomach ached intensely and then it started to improve. Always after autopathy: alternating pain and improvement. The improvement intervals were getting longer. Now I eat everything, my digestion functions well. Pain occurs now and again, always after using autopathy.

Furthermore, the disappearance of migraines. I used to have very unpleasant ones, with the so-called aura and visual field loss.

My knee that I’d twisted during skiing (old injury) was completely healed after further applications. But there were times, when I could not get on my feet for a week. Other cleansing reactions that occurred were fever up to 39°C, sore throat for a week, three days without a voice – I knew that this was a vocal cord healing, because I suffered as a child from various forms of angina and as a teacher from frequent voice loss. This is how also old responses to eczema, from which I suffered as a child, reappeared and I gradually went through a continually improving state of health. These reverse reactions lasted only a short time, sometimes only one day, and I knew that I was ascending on the path to harmony. I also went through mental symptoms, it was crying, anger, and sadness. Another diagnosis, accidentally diagnosed, was hypothyroidism (decreased thyroid function), for which I take Euthyrox. I still take it, but slowly I try to stop taking it because the tests are fine and I feel OK. I went through several stages of dilution from 1.5 l to 50 l, I alternated boiled saliva and boiled breath and now I’m on Prana 2-5, 40 l.

Son – diagnosed with allergy to medical drugs, he cannot take any, had a reaction to Paralene, Theraflu, Ampicillin. Apparently, it is from childhood after a vaccination, when there was the first reaction – rash, reddening of the skin. I usually apply autopathy when he has temperatures, coughs, virus infections – improved conditions. He also had problems digesting milk – lactose intolerance. I see an improvement in him, his digestion and also his psychic balance, he is an active athlete.

Granddaughter, 6 years old – in the past problems with passing stool. We used boiled saliva starting with 6 l, going up to 21 l, then she stopped improving, so we reduced to 18 l when her reaction was the best and the problems were completely eliminated.

In conclusion, I can say that I feel very relaxed, well and happy. I cannot see, nor do I want to imagine, my life without autopathy anymore. All this thanks to Mr. Jiri Cehovsky, whom I got to know, went through all his courses and met pleasant people.

Presented at the Autopathy 2021 Internet conference.



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