A middle-aged woman with Lyme disease

3.5.2010 | PaedDr. Miriam Pirselova | myriam@zoznam.sk

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In November 2008 a woman came to me who had various problems. She mentioned Lyme disease as being the most serious one. She had a difficult life, her husband died when her children were still small. She tries to help everybody, cannot say no. She has pain in the back. Is coughing almost all the time. It interrupts her speech also during our talk.
She has inner nervousness – is bothered by frequent urination. She has problems all the time with relatives who live in her house. Thy make her nervous.

I suggested application of dilution from 6 l 1x a week.

1st control check-up

She reports, that her cough ceased slightly and the nervousness completely. She feels that she can stand up for her opinions, defend her views. Many things resolved themselves. She says that autopathy helped her very much.

We have increased to 12 litres.

2nd control check-up

Is not nervous, frequent urination passed, her back aches now and again. The blood tests for Lyme disease are still positive and levels bad. She does not take any medicaments, because she does not want to. She also said this to her physician. She feels very well and wants to continue with autopathy.

We have increased to 1M 1x a month.

3rd check-up control

She feels still very well, also her back got better, she no longer suffers for others. According to her words, she feels 100% better. She always looks forward to making the autopathic dilution and wants to continue.

She tries 2 M 1x a month.

Next control check-up, takes place practically one year after starting autopathy. Looks marvellous. Had a blood test made. The Lyme disease test is 50% better. Cough did not return, nor the nervousness. She started going to work again and is satisfied there.

A day after the application of autopathy she tends to cry after which she feels good. High dilutions are good for her. She still wants to continue with autopathy.


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