Menopause complaints

18.11.2018 | Jiri Cehovsky |

Menopause is usually a difficult period of life for a woman, when she often experiences various ailments and health disorders, from the psychic to the physical. I have often seen this in my practice, where various methods and strategies of autopathy and its action upon the fine-matter, the life force that is able to correct these problems, have helped.

Here one of the cases:

With the commencement of the menopause, the woman’s health condition started to get worse. She had much to do at work then. Her joints and her head had hurt, her temperature was always increased. She had undergone several medical examinations, but nothing of importance was found. Hormone therapy had helped, but only for a short time. Physical and psychic problems continue. The headache is now permanent. It starts in the morning and continues the whole day. Another problem is a back ache, mainly in the area of the neck and the lumbar spine. She also has a pain in the knee and had to stop practicing sports already a long time ago. The physicians have suggested a surgical replacement of the joint, damaged through arthrosis. The knee swells up. She feels pain in the arch of foot, mainly in the night. She feels pain also in the lower abdomen, found were bacteria and yeasts. This has been going on for three years. She often suffers from pain in the deep lymph nodes of the throat. Her sight got worse. She does not sleep well, suffers from sleep deprivation. She can fall asleep, but wakes up at three in the morning an cannot sleep again.
The advice had been: Preparation from the 7th Chakra (Prana 3), apply to all Chakras downwards, the first time also to the 7th Chakra, once a week or more frequently based on feelings.

Follow-up control in three weeks:
She has been applying autopathy from Prana 3 with 3 liters once a week. Following the first and the second application, each time there has been a pause for a day, but on the following day stronger headache arrived again. Nevertheless, in the past, she had a headache permanently, now there is a pause for one day, thus a small shift.

Recommendation: To apply the preparation from the 7th Chakra not only in the downward direction to all lower ones, but subsequently also in the upwards direction and end on the 6th Chakra (Prana 5). Once a week.

Follow-up control in one month:
Immediately after the first application she has been mainly without headaches, procedure according to Praha 5 had thus proved to be significantly more effective. The headache appears only in the morning and then it „loosens up“. On some days it pervades in a slight form, on some days it is absent. The lumbar spine is slightly improved. Other complaints continue, with the change that although it sometimes takes time, before she falls asleep, she no longer wakes up before the morning.

Recommendation: Prana 5, 6 l, should she not feel any larger change in the next few days, she will transfer to a preparation from boiled saliva (BS), 6 l, in one week’s time 9 l, in another week 12 l, and further on with 12 l. Should she, after the application, feel a significantly positive change, she can wait and apply no longer regularly, but only when she decides that she needs it, that is, when the development stops or worsening takes place.

Follow-up control in another 2 months:
She changed to 6 l and increased once a week to 9 l and 12 l and continued with 12 l once a week. The morning headaches occur only rarely, during the day not at all – the headache is largely gone (it used to be permanent before). The knee does not hurt at all during the day, even after skiing, she was in the mountains skiing for one week, it demonstrates itself only in the night, when she shifts her position, it stops (before autopathy knee surgery was suggested, and it stopped her from doing sports). The neck and the lumbar spine hurt after work on computer. Pain in the lower abdomen, several years old, has not returned for a month. Discharge was reduced. She has been sleeping without waking up recently and falls asleep quickly, the insomnia disappeared.
Recommendation: Autopathic preparation from boiled breath (BB), once in 14 days.

Follow-up control in further 3 months:
For a long time it was excellent, but not long ago the headaches and back pains got worse, the pain in the lower abdomen started to appear again, a week ago also the knee pain and even the pain in the lower abdomen. She has been sleeping badly again. We call this “relapse”. Already removed and improved complaints return again. The effect of the previous dose of autopathy is no longer effective and has to be changed.
Recommendation: Prana 5 without application to the 7th Chakra, once a week 3x, possibly increase by 1,5 l, always when it ceases to function. When the feeling is good, postpone further applications and wait until suitable time, perhaps when some of the improved complaints start getting worse again.

Follow-up control in further 3 months:
She stayed with 9 l Prana 5, once a week. Occurrence of an occasional headache, always associated with external stress situations. When it occurred, it was only for a short time after waking, then no longer. However, no headaches at all in the last week. Mainly free of back pains, only after sitting a long time, but it can be immediately exercised away. The knee pain stopped, she is doing sports, several of them, but during sport activities she “feels” the knee sometimes. Occasional pressure in the lower abdomen, the laboratory tests were negative (before this bacteria and yeasts were found). Also the ache in the arch of foot had stopped. The lymph nodes in her throat are perfectly fine since a long time. She is thus basically healthy and without limitations her previous condition caused her.
Recommendation: Prana 5, 10,5 l, once in 14 days.

Of course, the final word is always the client’s. During my counselling, the client had learned how to observe her feelings and how to respond to them with the autopathic preparation. If she reads the book about the autopathic self-help, Autopathy Handbook – Enhancing Our Life Force or visits one of the courses on autopathy and will be consistent, she can keep healthy.

In this case the journey from multiple complaints to health had lasted one year, and this with significant improvements right from the start of her tuning.

It should definitely be remembered that very useful for the menopause complaints can especially be autopathic preparations from boiled breath and from information from the 7th Chakra Prana 5 and their combination.


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