Lyme disease

30.8.2020 | Dr. Martina Kormundova |

51-year-old woman, stopped smoking at 45, obese – weighs 89 kg, previously worked as a clerk, now self-employed.

Personal anamnesis: common childhood diseases, in childhood frequent catarrh of the upper respiratory tract and angina, 2x otitis with paracentesis – a medical procedure of piercing the eardrum with subsequent extraction of pus (i.e. puncture) from the middle ear in case of otitis media, always treatment with PNC series, concluded with Pendepone.

At the age of 17 appendectomy with periappendiceal abscess, followed by adhesions – she underwent 4 laparoscopic gynecological operations to disrupt the adhesions, at the age of 48 hysterectomy for uterine myomatosis.

4 years ago – October 2016 – the lady was probably infected after being bitten by a tick with initial not very clear erythema migrans with a lighter area around the bite under the knee of the right leg. She had not responded to the faint spot on the leg at that time and had not been treated with antibiotics. After about 9 weeks, appearance of symptoms resembling signs of virus infection that disappeared again over time, followed by an asymptomatic period of about 2 years, when nothing remarkable happened. In January 2018 she suffered from a virus infection and developed great fatigue, muscle aches, pain and swelling of joints, gradually appearing and worsening neurological problems – memory disorders and impaired concentration, headaches. Diagnosed was Lyme disease and broad-spectrum ATBs were repeatedly administered over 1 year. Nine months ago, another attack of exacerbation – headaches, fatigue, feelings of exhaustion, poor concentration, depression, decreased work performance, night sweats, poor sleep, woke up in the morning like after a binge, sometimes abdominal pain without a cause, joint and hip pain, myalgia. She took nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins, antidepressants, went for massages and spa treatment without success.

She learned about autopathy about half a year ago, her first visit to me took place in October 2019.

She agreed with the combination of autopathy – an autopathy preparation (AP) Prana 5 once a week, starting with 3 l and after a week increasing by 1 l, and twice a week AP boiled breath + boiled saliva together from 2 l, increasing after a week. After 4 weeks she phoned me that she was incredibly relieved, she felt psychically great, she’d coughed the phlegm up, the depression subsided and she saw again in the distance the imaginary sign that all will be well and that she will recover. Joint and muscle pain improved only slightly, but she mainly noted the positive psychic relief.

From November to the end of the year, she underwent HBO (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) 16 times, when her vitality really increased.

In November, she increased AP Prana 5 to 7 l and this level suited her, for approx. 6 weeks, at the end of December she increased to 8 l … and she always has the feeling as if she would have taken another imaginary step up in her life.

Since November, she continued with AP boiled breath 6 l, 1-2 times a week, according to her feelings and she increased according to how she felt. In December 1-2x a week, 14 days, 8 l boiled breath and 14 days 10 l boiled breath.

During November and December, she was 4x at Diacom bioresonance and 2x at plasma generator, which she has been repeating whenever possible also in 2020.

Since January, she has been continuing with Prana 5, 8 l and is still keeping this level, saying that when she quickly increases the potency, she feels as if something is detaching her from the ground and she needs to be earthed. She has been applying Prana 5 once a week for up to 10 days, or as needed, in autopathy from boiled breath she is currently at 12 l.

In March 2020 she is to have additional blood tests and neurological examinations, and she has also negotiated for herself an MR. Doctors tell her that 3rd stage borreliosis is incurable and that she can only alleviate the course of the disease by medication.

Since January 2020, in addition to autopathy and the plasma generator, she has been undergoing once a week infusions with high-dose vitamin C 15 g and Glutathione 1200 mg, the neuroprotective Citicolin 1000 mg IV and vitamin complex Cernevit inj. 1 amp. IV – all infused, a total of 12 applications, supplemented with Colenter LD liposomal colostrum.

At present, the joint pain has almost disappeared, she sleeps well at night, feels tired but not exhausted in the evening, is free of abdominal pain and bloating, has lost 6 kg, her condition has objectively improved, she makes a balanced impression. She has headaches only after mental strain and notes increased resistance to infections in the flu and virus infection seasons.

From the paper presented at the February 2020 conference


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