Inoperable, Incurable Canine Cancer

28.5.2021 | Ellen Lanham Dart D.H.M. |

Electra, a dog and a member of my household originally presented with symptoms seen in a urinary tract infection at age twelve years. Five days after her symptoms first appeared homeopathic treatment based on the symptoms had subdued the symptoms but vital force continued to weaken very rapidly so the decision was made to have an ultrasound of her bladder. The ultrasound revealed a massive tumor filling an estimated 1/3 of the organ cavity and beginning to block the urethra.  Given the course of this case I later realized the good fortune that I was in the room during the procedure, seeing the scan results in live time.  Needle biopsy and blood testing confirmed the diagnosis of TCC (transitional cell carcinoma).  I was told by the traditional veterinarian and my research further confirmed that this was considered an inoperable, untreatable, incurable cancer and that if very fortunate we might enjoy a few last weeks together.

As an experienced homeopath I knew the options were very limited.  Electra’s longtime remedy of arsenicum album no longer helped at all.  There was no well indicated traditional homeopathy remedy. Vital force was extremely low and sinking further quite rapidly, the dog was so weak we needed to carry her up and down the stairs.  Her will to live was clearly expressed and I wanted to help her fight, there was nowhere left to turn in terms of traditional homeopathy. I decided to try autopathy beginning with boiled saliva but no matter what ridiculous and creative methods I tried the dog would not drool, no saliva was available to potentize.  A breath preparation gave no results at any potency up to 10L.  At this time I was using autopathy with human patients, of saliva and/or breath.  I was unaware of the use of autopathy with any other body fluids, I don’t know that they were or were not yet being investigated.  However, a random comment from the veterinarian had caught my attention – that sometimes they could detect cancer cells in the urine.  I decided that there was nothing to lose and there would be no harm in experimenting with boiled urine in the hopes that the it would also contain boiled cancer cells. First urine of the morning was used, this considered the richest expression.

The first dose was of 1L boiled urine.  This was an exceptionally furry dog. Getting the preparation to her skin was near impossible.  I tried putting some of the autopathy preparation on her inner ear however even this was very furry and nothing happened.  With a glass dropper I squirted the fluid into her mouth.  The increase in her energy and festiveness was immediate.  There was no more blood in her urine or frequent need to urinate from that moment on.  These results lasted for less than a day so next day a potency of 3L boiled urine was given orally.  I have no idea of how much fluid was actually given at each application for she shook her head and some quantity of it always flew out. About ¼ inch in a small glass dropper was squirted into the mouth each time.

Over the next 26 months the urine preparation was given roughly twice a week, dosing rhythm determined by when symptoms began to reappear.  Potency was increased by 1L each time the preparation failed to hold for less than 3 – 4 days.  Given the initial low vital force of this dog I chose not to try and quickly move to a higher potency that would last a week but rather to dose more frequently and stay with a lower potency. After 9 months I began to mix the potency, saving some fluid every 30 seconds during the making.  Boiling was stopped at month 16, initially stopped due to my intuitive curiosity, an experiment that ended up working.  For the last three months of treatment the preparation was given at 21L mixed potency only once a month.  From the first dose onwards vitality, physical strength and joy in life continued to increase without pause or aggravation.

Twice during the last year of autopathy treatment I took a vacation. Asking someone else to capture dog urine and make this preparation was not realistic.  Having experimented in advance and knowing it worked, at least in this situation, I had Electra’s caregiver give a pre-prepared autopathy.  This consisted of my making the potency in the usual way a week in advance of use and making a medicating potency in a glass bottle, one drop Autopathy preparation to 10 drops unflavored vodka. As it was easier to get homeopathic pellets into the dog, I then used this mixture to medicate blank pellets which were given twice in a week’s time by the caregiver, in lieu of making fresh potency and with good enough result.

At month 26 the autopathy preparation began to deplete Electra’s energy so I stopped autopathy and had another ultrasound performed.  There was absolutely no tumor and a completely normal bladder.  The veterinarian was new to this case.  That there could have been a tumor at all was highly questioned and frankly not believed by him for, he explained, the reality is such a disease is incurable.  He concluded the test results must have been mixed up with a different dog.  Having fortunately been there during the original imaging and testing I knew to believe the reality my eyes had seen.

Electra went on to live for 28 more months after autopathy treatment, returning to responding well to arsenicum album.  Now an elderly dog her much loved mountain hikes were a little less spirited however her swims in alpine lakes just as enjoyable.  Her self-appointed job of keeping all of us apparently very disorganized members of her household in line was performed with its usual intensity and zest.

Three weeks before her death she began to slow in activity, slow in desire to eat, increase her time spent asleep.  As it was important to my professional interest to see this case through in a fully documented manner I had extensive blood testing done, every organ and system was very normal, no sign of cancer, just a modest bit of kidney under function which the traditional veterinarian told me was not something they would really pay attention to in any dog. During these last week’s Electra maintained a subdued but real interest in life and in fulfilling her duty of keeping us organized until her last morning when, fully present literally to the last exhale, she died unassisted and naturally, peacefully, at a healthy old age.

Ellen Lanham Dart D.H.M.

Lafayette, CO, USA

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