I wish you a wonderful summer – without diving glasses

4.10.2017 | Pavlina Karpetova | karpetova1@seznam.cz

Allow me to share with you my happiness about the successful tuning of my son’s organism. He is 14 years old now and since he was small, has been treated only with homeopathic remedies. Last year, however, he got some kind of (what we think was) an allergy, which demonstrated itself only outdoors in a way that as soon as he went out into the sunshine, immediately his eyes started to water, he kept on sneezing and had terrible itching and burning. We do not visit allergology and so our way had led in the first place to a homeopath. However, all magic globules and acupuncture had an effect only for a short while. Although we felt sorry for him, we joked about it and kept telling him that when he will go into the garden again, he should put on diving glasses. We were making fun, but could not leave it this way.

In August we started with autopathy, initially every second day, the 1st week boiled saliva, the 2nd week non-boiled breath, then we shortened the intervals to 2x a week and then went gradually back to 1x a week, later we increased the quantity of water according to the condition. One could say that it was better, no longer so arduous, but he continued to be bothered by it, although no longer so frequently and so much. The summer came to an end and with it also this allergy. Nevertheless, we continued with autopathy, but only a dilution from non-boiled breath (which, as he himself noticed, did him the most good). This year we have been waiting already since June if this troublesome allergy starts again, but now we have August and this year neither allergy nor diving glasses took place. Everything is absolutely in order. No watering eyes, no burning, itching, absolutely nothing. He loves autopathy and takes it as part of his life and although I would describe him rather a slacker in its application, at the first sign of discomfort he hurries with the bottle to the bathroom.

I wish you a wonderful summer – without diving glasses


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