How to be happy?

21.10.2013 | Jiri Cehovsky |

Printed in the magazine New Regena 9/2013

Our civilization is burdened by a malady which brings us much suffering: we think too much. We live in a virtual world of thoughts, phantasies, yearnings and fears and are not aware enough of the present moment, which is often far from being as bad as we imagine.

A woman just turned 50 came to me for consultation. She is very unhappy. She has to think all the time about a relationship that finished already years ago. She was happy in it. Since her partner had left her, she suffers. She has to work a lot so that she does not have to think about it. She has to prove to everybody that she is happy and useful. But she feels lonely. She does not know how it is to feel relaxed. She serves her daughter and her grandchildren, they think that she likes doing it, but she is unhappy as she does not have a life of her own. She has pain in the ear area, painful gallbladder, her hair falls out, her eye twitches, she has headaches, she has fungus on nails and cramps in the legs. She cannot drive a car because she is afraid. Everything is lost. She cries often, also while she tells me about it. But according to the doctors she is healthy. I recommended autopathy from prana to her. This is made so that a small amount of water is poured into the autopathy bottle, the bottle is held on the height of the 7th chakra, which is about 20 cm above the head, and the so obtained information is homeopathically diluted and is applied to the 6th chakra and again to the 7th chakra so that it is also healed a little. The 7th chakra connects us with the higher levels of the universe and so it should also be fit. She should repeat autopathy once a week and gradually increase dilution, in other words the amount of water, which in homeopathy we call “potency”. She started with three liters and should repeat each dilution 2x, then increase by one and a half liter.

She visited me again in one month. She laughed a lot and told me that the sadness retreated a lot. She can relax now. The cramps in her legs got better and also her gallbladder, in the last 14 days she did not know about it at all. Better got also flatulence and constipation and the fear of driving a car had disappeared. But the main thing is that from the beginning of her using autopathy from prana (she got to a potency of 7 and ½ l) she has the feeling that her brain was “taken out of her head”. She does not think so much. We talked about this for a while and came to the conclusion that it was exactly the excessive and superfluous pondering that was her main problem. When her pondering decreased, also her suffering decreased. But otherwise she can carry out her job (she has an intellectual profession) as effectively as before.  For example, the purpose of Buddhist meditation is to get rid of all thoughts – and not everybody can do this. Often people, who went through autopathic healing, noted that things, which happened around them, or which they themselves had done, started to take place somehow automatically, without the great mental effort that they required before.

Especially in the last year, when besides information from saliva and breath I use in autopathy also information from the seventh chakra, many people have told me that they are happy again. That they experience feelings like in childhood again. That things seem to be simple again. One client, a woman medical doctor, uses autopathy for her healing since approximately three years. Even before she had crossed-over to preparation from prana, she got rid of toxoplasmosis, which her colleagues have never seen before. And a whole row of physical problems and psychic tendencies improved. But then a conflict with a nurse in her practice came that seemed to be totally irredeemable. The working relationship got extremely and irreversibly worse, she did not know what to do and feelings of indeterminateness and anxiety got hold of her.  Because she felt so bad, she asked my advice. My advice was: make a preparation from prana, dilute with 12 l. After one month she came for a consultation. She said that soon after the application the anxiety fell away. She suddenly saw that the conflict was petty and could be easily solved. She did not dismiss the nurse as she planned before and good working relationship was renewed. Furthermore, she told me: I am happy. How many people can tell you this nowadays? After three months she came for another follow-up consultation. She did not take anything since the last time. She just came to tell me that she continues to be happy.

I have an impression that the excessive thinking to which we are led from the first school class onwards and whose victims we become, is only a cheap replacement for something more important. It should replace our good connection with the Universe. All intelligence is in the fine matter sphere and flows into us quite naturally, as long as the connection is good. Did we invent our body containing billions of cells? Or did we invent our partner or our children? Yes, in the school they taught us that we think with our brains. But it is not the truth. Recorded is a case of an Oxford student in whom during routine examination it was found that due to influence of hydrocephalus he has hardly any brain. In spite of this he successfully studied. There are many scientifically recorded cases of persons who recovered after clinical death and reported that after the encephalograph had shown the discontinuance of brain activity, their thought got clear and had left the body. We are all kind of rays streaming from the Universal mind. As long as we have a good connection, we feel good, everything happens naturally and to our advantage. We have a feeling of belonging. When the connection breaks down, we feel bad, isolated, pushed into the corner and in addition we get ill. To get well again, we have to restore the connection and this can be done with the aid of autopathy. How does it happen? According to which theory does it function? How can ordinary water heal? Superfluous questions. Reason is not enough to deal with it, its possibilities are very limited. Look around you, how many rational people are deeply unhappy. And remember when you were happy. It was exactly at those moments when you did not need reason and thinking at all.


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