Healed from twenty years of discomfort

29.9.2020 | Vladimir Galba | vladiga12@gmail.com

I knew this woman (age 43) from courses with a different focus. She was slim, well-kept, didn’t know much about autopathy, but she knew I am working with it.

The client’s statement 11/29/2013:

Right shoulder pain – started 1,5 years ago, prickly, when sitting at the computer, all the time.  Intensity of pain alternates, but every day present.

Tingling in the right side of the body – for about 20 years. In the evening, when she is resting. The right hand and the right leg go numb and then she gets cramps in them. Since around the time when her daughter was born (22 years ago).

Bladder and urinary tract – when she drinks, she has to go to the toilet. Frequent urination. Since about 20 years. She urinates more frequently during the full moon.

Stomach – aching, sensitive stomach. When she eats fruit or drinks coffee, she gets cramps in her stomach. Over 10 years. Sometimes often and sometimes rarely.

Her wish: To be pain-free. And to be without numbness and cramps every night like in the last 20 years.

The procedure of AP preparation had been explained and demonstrated. Recommended dosage: BB (breath with boiling) – potency 3 liters, every second day.

Consultation after one month:

The client could not come to me, so we made consultation over the phone and adjusted the dosage to potency of 4 liters every second day, BB.

Consultation after two and a half months:

There were individual symptoms. She contracted the flu and after increasing the potency to 4 liters, the course of the illness has changed. The flu had lighter and shorter course than before.

Pain in the right shoulder – it stopped; she does not feel it anymore.

The tingling in the right half of the body completely receded.

She had cramps only twice, the intensity was weaker and it lasted a short time. It did not return until yesterday, after two and a half months.

Knees – they are fine, they no longer hurt.

Bladder – frequent need to pass urine subsided after about a week. No difficulties with urinating at all and no frequent urination. However, yesterday it returned / 4.2.2014 / in the same intensity as it used to be before.

Stomach – everything is fine. The pain occurred only twice and there is no problem.

She used to feel chilly – now it improved.

A summary of the condition after two and a half months: The client experienced significant improvement in all symptoms. It is surprising that symptoms, which persisted for 20 years, subsided after two months of autopathy and no longer caused the client such problems. However, just yesterday there was a relapse, the return of the problems, in two symptoms: the abdominal cramps and frequent urination. Therefore, I recommended replacing the autopathy bottle now, after two and a half months of using it.

Recommended dosage: Prana No.5 – potency 2 liters, every second day, 3 times in a row, then (in the same autopathy bottle) BB – potency 7 liters every third day. Potency change – increase from 4 l to 7 l.

Consultation after four months:

The back and the right side – she had three cramps and now it is fine.

Bladder – it is fine, there is no pain and she no longer urinates so frequently.

Stomach – fine, even after eating.

There is no more tingling in the body. When it appeared at all, then in a small intensity.

Vitality is good.

Evaluation after four months – health problems have subsided.

Recommended dosage: BB – potency 10 liters once a week.

Consultation after six months (12.06.2014):

All problems that previously persisted for up to 20 years were resolved in 6 months and the client no longer experiences any of the problems she previously suffered with. She will stop the therapy after the autopathic bottle had expired.

This woman’s story may seem boring to read, but one needs to realize the power of autopathy information. Not only the symptoms disappeared, but also the emotional and social handicap that the client had experienced before. For the past 6 years she has been feeling fine. Autopathy can change inner processes that have not been in harmony for 20 years.



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